This site will be attacked and censored as antisemitic, racist, and the usual misdirection tactics.  Nothing could be further from the truth. This site is created by a group of anti-Zionist Jewish Americans who originally became aware of the Zionist global plot when it was openly discussed in a group where those discussing it, were apparently unaware that non-conspirators were present.  

We are seeking to raise awareness in the United States and worldwide about the Zionist International order, which is currently working to eradicate global Christianity, along with all individual rights and freedoms, and all borders and nationality, to be replaced with a single, global centralized government. The origins of this plan can be found In The Bible, which is the reason for the attacks on all Christians, they are the only ones who can stop it.  The purpose of creating this content is to promote unity, among all races, against their common enemy.

The identities of the creators of the site are left confidential, because of the Marxist tactic of attacking the messenger, rather than the message, which always prevents discussion of issues that actually matter. The Zionists should be forced to address the mountains of evidence against them without changing the subject.