“Just have the courage to state the truth openly and without embarrassment.
It will introduce doubt into the soul of the person listening. Folly seeks flight when exposed to the air of doubt.
You have no idea what can often be achieved by means of a single word.”

                                                                                                                                                                         -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The problems faced by America and other nations around the world are extremely easy to solve. 

The challenge is in awakening the people to what is being done to them. 
This is more difficult and can only be accomplished by individual initiative and action. 
In a world of mass censorship, rapidly approaching totalitarian rule and consolidation of media in the hands of a few, indivdual initiative is more important than ever.  
Putting an end to the Zionist plot for world government requires removing the foundational elements of it.  

Spiritual problems can not be solved with political solutions.   
The attacks on all nations and establishment of world government are spiritual in nature.   
The underlying purpose is the establishment of a single world religion.   
This is why this plan continues unfolding generation after generation, no matter who comes and goes.
Those working to build it are simply useful idiots, being used and discarded. Even those at the highest levels, who imagine they will obtain limitless power, will in the end receive nothing and their reward will be death.  There are many sites which explain the truth what is but very few properly define the problem, the spiritual nature of it, the Satanic inspiration which has kept it alive for so many centuries
God protects nations who want his protections, and leaves those who don’t to fend for themselves.  
This story is repeated countless times in the Bible. Nations who follow God are protected.  Inevitably, they grow prosperous and gradually turn away from what brought them peace and prosperity.  Destruction quickly follows.   The story is told and retold countless times, with the hope that the reader can finally understand it.  Follow simple and basic rules, which prevent crime, corruption and societal moral decay.

If spiritual restoration occurs, then political restoration will have a chance of success. But God warned against voluntarily subjecting yourself to rule by humans, all of whom are corrupt and are sinners. (1 Samuel 8:11-18)
America must return to God. It was founded by people seeking freedom of worship, but has been corrupted by the same forces those people were fleeing from.

Once that happens, there are many things which can be done to remove the foundations of the political system for world governance:

Do not continue to participate in sham elections.  
Communists are being installed across the world, against the will of the voters, using sham elections. These fake elections involve non-voters (non-citizens) being counted as voters, ballots from non-voters being mailed in, and voting machines with results that can be edited prior to submission.
Immediately physically destroy all voting machines, and later ban them.
It has been demonstrated many times that the machines can be easily hacked and votes changed, and more importantly, that final results can be remotely edited prior to submission.  When you vote on a machine, you forfeit your right to vote. 

Dont ask for permission from your local jurisdiction. Gather large groups of people and go and physhically destroy the machines. The Zionist press has recently made it clear that they are strongly in favor of property destruction in political protests for civil rights, so you should face no backlash from the press or the Marxist politcians.
No right is more central to a free republic than voting.  

During an emergency, passengers on an airplane are instructed to place their oxygen mask on first, before helping their children.  This is the most urgent of all the issues the nation faces. 
Nothing else matters more for the moment than restoring elections to the United States.   
The rapid rise of the totalitarian Marxist state in the 21st century has not been a result of betrayal by elected leaders, but of the installation of traitors into important positions of power, through the use of voting machines.

If the 2020 Presidential election is held on voting machines and by mail, the United States will cease to exist very soon after.  War with China and possibly Russia will be eminent, the Constitution will be suspended temporarily, (permanently) and the food supplies to most of the country will be cut off.   The U.S. will become a 3rd world country and the mass depopulation program will be enacted that the Zionists have openly declared and worked so hard to prepare. 
Part of the reason for the COVID hoax is to prevent an election from being held, (and to prevent campigning and debating) and create an excuse for a sham election “by mail.”

If the right to vote is restored there are many steps that can be taken to stop the Zionist onslaught.  The overthrow of hundreds of nations in the past 2 centuries serves as a guide.
Mandatory voter ID, in person. No absentee voting, except active military. 
If you can’t make it to the polls to vote, you can’t make it to the polls to vote.
Absentee ballots are the second largest method of vote fraud.   Whatever the supposed merits of absentee voting were, they are far outweighed by the vote fraud potential.
If voting is permitted without ID, there is no need for an election at all.
You need an ID for a fishing license, or to buy a drink.  You need ID to vote in elections. Anyone opposing this, or claiming certain races or religions are too stupid to obtain an ID, is under mind control.
The results of allowing vote-by-mail fraud have been demonstrated.   Many Congressional seats were given to Marxists in 2018 using this method.
No more delayed election results.  Results are turned in the night of the election.  
Any failure to deliver final results by midnight on election results in the immediate and permanent removal of the election supervisor.
Countless Marxists have been installed in offices, by a method which involves a mysterious “failure” to complete the vote count on an election night where the Marxist loses the popular vote, followed by extensive unexplained “delays,” and the mysterious appearance of boxes of ballots for days or weeks, until just enough votes have appeared to push the Marxist past its opponent.
Anyone opposing securing the integrity of elections is an enemy of the state. Period. They will reveal themselves when you try to fix these flaws in the system.

Ban or severely restrict banking for profit.
Banking is a utility.  Credit Unions and non-profits can handle banking services.
User fees can cover banking costs.
Banking for profit is organized crime.   
When people voluntarily trade items of value, each side profits.
But when people do business with for-profit banks, wealth is exctacted from the pool, while nothing of value is returned. 
This creates an imbalance which must be corrected somehwere down the line by short-changing someone who has contributed something of value, so that the non-producing bank can be paid.  
This is the reason for the rich always getting richer and the poor getting poorer.
Its not a fact of life, its a fact of banking-for-profit.
Many people falsely assume they have to do business with banks.  
Remove all your money from banks, never do business with a for-profit bank again, and only use credit unions and non-profits. 
Ban international banking. 
Banking for profit is organized crime in the first place.  Who benefits from allowing banks to do business across borders?   How can any person who is profiting by extracting wealth from multiple countries have any loyalty to any one country.
Answer: They can’t. And they don’t.  Stop allowing internationalists to extract the wealth from any (every)society.  Let these people get real jobs and contribute to civilization.  
Allowing foreign banking ensures the destruction of your country.   All trade with nations which allow foreign banks to operate within their country should be cut off.  By refusing to trade with these countries awareness is raised on the importance of this issues for all nations.

Ban government from borrowing money.
Anything government can not afford to do, is not the job of government.  
It is immoral and criminal for government to sign its taxpayers onto government debts.
The money is always siphoned off by bureaucrats and never reaches the “intended” recipients anyway.   Borrowing money also allows government to conceal its mistakes rather than correct them.  Thomas Jefferson admitted that a mistake was made when the Constitution was drafted: 
“I wish it were possible to obtain a single amendment to our constitution…I mean an additional article, taking from the federal government the power of borrowing.”

Ban central banking and fixing (rigging) of interest rates.
Free market interest rates would mean money would be hard to borrow during tough times when it is scarce.  
Government rigged interest rates create debt bubbles and never ending boom and bust cycles.  
End the Federal Reserve.  Control of the money supply is not the job of private corporations posing as government bureaus.

Indict all the members of the Federal Reserve board on racketeering and treason charges.
The Federal Reserve has been running the biggest scam in the history of the world.
They owe a lot of money to a lot of people.  The personal property, real estate and bank accounts of every member should be seized.

Eliminate the CIA, NSA and FISA courts.
This goes without saying. No secret police force, secret courts, or domectic spy agencies. Terrorism is not a threat, nearly all acts of terrorism in the past 2 centuries have been Zionist false flag attacks. 

Four year term limits for Congress. 
Everyone in Congress who has already been there longer than 4 years is dismissed.
Mark Twain: “Politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” 
Even good people are soon corrupted.   
Sending new representatives often, helps ensure the people are the ones actually being represented, instead of the corporate interests who wine, dine, bribe, and blackmail Congresspersons.
Polls have shown over 95% public support for this. The public receives no benefit from having the same people in Congressional seats over long periods of time. 

Ban foreign ownership of real estate.
How do U.S. citizens benefit from foreigners owning property in the U.S.? Many countries do not permit this, because it is stupid.    Many foreigners own dozens of U.S. homes while millions of Americans live on the streets.  This has been a major driving factor in pricing Americans out of their own neighborhoods, cities and states. 
End all immigration until national debt is eliminated. 
It is insanity to bring in more people, when the country is $26 trillion in debt, and a million citizens are homeless.
Deport all illegal immigrants, and ban anyone who enters the country illegally from eligibilty for citizenship.  Those under mind control will of course say, this is racist, because they programmed to respond this way.  When the debt is paid off and immigration is restored, use only a merit based system.  
Ban Federal Foreign Aid.
The Federal government has no business whatsoever sending taxpayer money to foreign governments. If taxpayers wish to prop up foreign governments, they can send the money directly.
Amend the Constitution to ban all treaties. 
End all foreign entanglements, end all trade deals, end all sanctions. All men are created equal.  Lead by example
Non-aggression prinicple. 
No more war. No more initiating the use of force to solve minor disputes. 3-year olds are able to learn this principle.  If all countries agreed to the non-aggression principle, then the first to propose aggression would be declaring themselves the enemy of humanity.
The U.S. could exercise leadership by committing to non-aggression and inviting others to do the same.   While the rulers of some nations would not appreciate this, the populations of every single nation on earth would readily agree to it.
The stated reasons for nearly every war are absurd, because the wars were deliberately created to generate war profits and to destabilize countries and steal their natural resources.
Issue formal apologies to all countries affected by US involvement in WW1 and 2, and all the countless regime change wars.
Even though most of the U.S. population was opposed to all of these wars, they failed to stop them and hundreds of millions died.  
Eliminate the Department of Education, and ban the Federal Government from involvement or interference in education in any way.
The Federal Government consists of temporarily elected officials.  It has no qualifications or justification for involving itself in the education of citizens in any way.   Each state or municipality can handle education the way its citizens desire, and everyone can watch as the best ideas work and the worst fail.  Over time it can be improved and refined.  Federal involvement allows for massive corruption and guarantees the cost will always rise as the quality declines.

Eliminate the Federal minimum wage.
Let states decide on this matter and the best and worst methods will soon become apparent. 

Ban the Federal government from involvement in housing.
They told you 50 years ago they would make housing more accessible and affordable by tinkering in the market and showing you how it’s done.
As all government programs do, it has accomplished the exact opposite, and housing has never been less affordable or accessible, mostly due to government programs creating fake demand, which causes prices to skyrocket.
The result has been enormous, unpayable debt for middle class people and no access at all to the housing market for those below middle class.

Ban lobbying by foreign governments.  
Goes without saying.  How do U.S. citizens benefit from foreign governments, through groups such as AIPAC, lobbying the U.S. government to act on their behalf?    
Ban U.S. companies from extracting natural resources from foreign countries, and foreign companies from extracting U.S. natural resources.
Resources in any land are God-given means of sustaining the people of that land.   
The concept of international business itself is questionable. While there could be a good argument that a producer of a quality product should have the right to sell it across borders, there is no justifiable argument that natural resources should be extracted from any nation by foreign entities.
Ban or severely restrict the charging of interest.
Charging interest has been illegal in far more times and places in history than it has been legal.
Borrowing at interest ensures that today will better than tomorrow.   
Sacrificing tomorrow in exchange for today is a foolish and immoral way to live.
While a total ban may not be necessary, avoiding debt at all costs is good practice. 
The money to repay interest does not exist.  It must be printed, inflated into existence, devaluing the currency and stealing wealth from the population and transferring it to the bank.
A person today might wake up in a house that they are paying interest on and get dressed in clothes purchased on a card with interest, get in a car they are making interest payments on, buy a cup of coffee on a card with interest,
go to work at a job they secured by borrowing money at interest, to get an degree which “qualified” them for the job in the first place, and come home exhausted and write a check to pay 1/3 to 1/2 of what they just earned in taxes, with much of the tax going toward interest payments on money that was borrowed by the government on their behalf, without their permission. 
And then go to sleep and do it all again the next day. 
It is slavery any way you look at it. But this is slavery 2.0 – its voluntary slavery.
The old method of forced slavery resulted in a very short life expectancy, and eventual revolt. Not anymore.
It is called interest because the lender has an interest in what you do from now on. 
Ban or severely restrict abortion.
The enormous global abortion industry has roots in ritual child sacrifice. This is why the aborted children and their body parts are harvested and sold on the black market.  End this Satanic ritual.   The top global funders of this mega-industry are some of the same Zionist leaders obsessed with global depopulation and global government- the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Warren Buffett’s foundation, and The Rockefeller Foundation.
End all taxpayer funding for abortion. If taxpaying individuals wants to donate to the abortion industry, they can send the money directly.
Dismantle the tech and media monopolies.
The internet allows anyone to share information in real time. The methods by which “mainstream” news is disseminated are outdated, unnecessary, cumbersome.  Anyone can be a “journalist” using a phone.  May the best information win.  All-out war on competition is currently taking place, as the tech-media monstrosity relentlessly strangles competition by censoring all information outside of their strict and narrow paradigm.  In the meantime boycott all of these companies.    
Ban internet censorship.
Free speech does not exist without internet free speech.  No platform which allows public speech, may delete or remove public speech under any circumstances.
End the college hoax.
Instead of scamming children into taking out a large mortgage to obtain a piece of paper that “qualifies” them to request employment in government or with international corporations, teach them to run their own businesses and create products and services which are useful to society. 
A trade school revolution is needed, so children can be taught skills that society had demonstrated a need for, instead of being radicalized to hate everything and everyone, leaving them disoriented, useless and ostracized.   Of course these kids are dying their hair purple and green and throwing objects. No likes them, wants them or needs them.  No more federal funding for colleges.    If a student advised by someone experienced, placed the same time and effort into starting a business venture or working in a certain industry 4 years, that they spend on college, they would be light years ahead of a student graduating college, but with significant money in savings, instead of deep in debt with a mortgage but no home and no job.

A fool and his rights are soon parted.
Americans have spent many decades focused on lesuire and indulgence and failing to tend to important matters. Meanwhile, their enemies were at work around the clock.
Now it is time to get back to work. There is a moral obligation to work to protect and defend what was provided to you as a gift, an inheritance from people who fought bravely against the same enemies you now face.
Fear no one but God.  Who cares what anyone thinks of you.
The time for caring what people under total mind control think is over.
If the world doesn’t know who the enemy of humanity is is they can’t do anything other than keep fighting each other while all rights and property are stripped away.
(Please do not do stupid things like running around blaming “the Jews” or posting undirected sloppy attacks on social media.)
One: it’s not the Jews. 
Two: that won’t work.
It’s the Zionists.
All of humanity is under attack by a very small and powerful group. 

Individual, personal initiative is the solution to combat this tyranny.   The system works because individuals imagine things such as voting or standing around waiting will fix things.  Individual rights are what is under attack and individual initiative is the solution.   There are no group rights. When you give up your individual rights to subordinate them for the group, these rights are never regained and the whole group loses them.
EVERY SINGLE PERSON must take decisive action.  
If you think there is still time, or that someone else will fax things, you are mistaken.
Time has run out, and it is up to you personally to take action.  

Not only your fellow Americans, but the rest of the world is counting on YOU personally, to do everything in your power to spread this information to the largest audience possible.   This means spreading the truth to as many people as possible as quickly as possible.  Breaking the mind control spell is the key to freeing people.

You have a moral obligation to oppose tyranny.  There comes a time when doing nothing is an action in itself.
Be creative. Find ways to do it. Share this site.  Share it with people in influential positions who have a large audience. Share it with military and police.  The time is fast approaching when the military will be told that you are a terrorist and must be apprehended. The police and military will turn on their own people if they are under mind control.
We have seen this demonstrated many times. 
The purpose of this site is to make this information easy to share quickly.
Download the PDF’s of this site, so that when it is censored, the information can still be shared quickly.
Post the links to these pages on every comment section, online discussion and every social media platform.  People are everywhere having dead-end discussions about solutions which have no chance, because they are not aware they are under attack from an organized enemy.
Use the tactics against them that they have been using against you for decades.  Post banners over the freeway.  
Post yard signs in high visibility locations.  
Place stickers everywhere.  Place flyers everywhere.
Get the information out By Any Means Necessary. 
Time is very short and your enemies are very organized and sophisticated.    
Everyone is already aware of what is happening, but they don’t know how or why. 
How and Why can put a stop to it.  They can only fight back when they know who is attacking.
If you don’t want to share this site, then come up with something better and share that.
The spell America is under can be broken.
Just because all the other nations fell easily, the past does not equal the future. What you do now determines the future.
The United States of America is not those countries.
And it will not fall without a fight.
They picked the fight, not you. It’s up to you to fight back.  
Use their own methods against them. 
Organize. Subvert. Be relentless. Attack the way they attack you.     

And Opt Out – do not participate in the debt slavery system.  
Logout.    Don’t take on debt.  Don’t buy their products.
End the mindless materialism.
Don’t buy their poisoned food and medications.
Stop allowing sham elections to be held in your cities.
Stop complying with their illegal orders.
It’s easy to know which orders to ignore: Any orders that infringe on individual rights. 
These rulers appear to be powerful but they are more like the Wizard of Oz.  Old men behind a curtain. 
Their plans only work by submission.   They only work through mind control.
Once people stop submitting, it all falls apart.
Never submit and never comply with any of it.
Never give an inch. Never bow. Never kneel. Never back down. Never compromise yourself or your beliefs.  
All they want is submission.   They are powerless without it.
“The devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”  (Matthew 4:9)

Sell your soul and you can have whatever you want, but you must submit.  You can look around and see all the submissive soul sellers betraying themselves, their people, their families, their country and betraying God so they can buy a little piece of the action.

Fight like every day you’re life depends because it does.  
But you are in a fight for your life, whether you want it or not.

Fear nothing and act boldly.
They are far more scared of you than you are of them.
Your fear gives them power.
Your power gives them fear. 
“..They feared the people.” (Luke 2:22)