In one of history’s most colossal blunders, overcome with excitement to tell the world a story it has been brewing for over a decade, the New York Times prematurely ejaculates the fictional saga that Hitler has “killed 6 million Jews.”

By publishing the story for the first time on January 8, 1945, they provide the world with proof (not evidence, proof) that the Holocaust story was made up BEFORE the Allied forces ever arrived at the German internment camps, and that the story originated with the MEDIA, not the MILITARY. 
Although the evidence disproving the Holocaust fairytale is mountainous, nothing is needed other than a clipping from the queen of the Zionist press, the “Gray Lady” New York Times.   
(Without even taking into consideration the hundreds of times ‘6 million Jews’ were said to be in jeopardy from 1850 to 1944 in the press.)

Furthermore, the Times article cites…wait for it: 
The Jewish Daily Forward, a publication so openly Communist, busts of Marx and Engels are engraved above the entrance to the building.   
The mistake was nearly impossible to notice at the time. During the chaos of war, a flood of  news (propaganda) was coming in from Europe daily, far more than anyone could effectively process. 
Why should anyone catch this little hole in the story?  
But in hindsight, perhaps this  detail could be the one thing that awakens even the blindest followers of the Left.  
The Allies arrive at the Auschwitz camp 3 weeks later on January 27, 1945. Other camps are found 3 and 4 months later.
But the 6 million dead count was already in on January 8th. And many other times before that dating back to 1869.
**(Several stories appearing in smaller local U.S. newspapers as early as August 1944 claiming that 6 million Jews were already murdered, including the Toledo Blade, Pittsburgh Press, the Springfield Republican, and the Youngstown Vindicator. The Times story was the first in a major national paper.)
Important to note: None of the stories about gas chambers or death camps had been fabricated yet.  All of the news reports in the early weeks of 1945 proclaimed that these Jews had simply died as a “result of the war.”    The gas chamber stories are made up later. 

In a 2006 speech, Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman famously states:
“The Holocaust is a successful historical fiction.” 


After typhus outbreaks in the German internment camps, campers have their heads shaved to prevent the spread of the disease, which can be deadly and is spread by head lice.  Clothes are placed in rooms and doused with Zyklon B to kill the lice.  (Later the press will tell the world the pest control spray was actually gas used to kill the campers in “gas chambers”.) 
Because the Allied have been bombing medical facilities and factories across Germany, the disease kills thousands in the camps. According to the Red Cross, who was present throughout the war, over 270,000 Jews die in the camps during the war from various causes. According to the Germans who are meticulous in their record keeping, the number is 282,077.


A memo from the British Royal Air Force’s Air historical Branch quotes Prime Minister Winston Churchill as stating:

“I do not want to receive any suggestions how we can destroy militarily important targets in Dresden’s hinterland, I want to get suggestions how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden.”

The city of Dresden is then firebombed mercilessly, with the intent to kill the large numbers of civilian war refugees who have fled there. It is not a military target and Germany is already defeated.  It is simply genocide of innocent civilians, more than half a million men, women and children who had nothing to do with the war and many of whom had tried to prevent it. 
Incredibly, over just a 2 day period, roughly 4,000 tons of incendiary and high explosive bombs are dropped over Dresden, most directly onto the city center. 
Dresden had been a  cultural icon, frequented by tourists from all over Europe. 
The city is almost completely destroyed.   
The attacks on the innocent population are so horrific, Roosevelt and Churchill even begin to lose support from the left.  
Temperatures on the ground during the height of the bombing Dresden reach nearly 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. 
Estimates of the number of civilians killed range from 200,000 to 400,000.
(The Zionist press reports only 25,000 are killed.)
Based on the population in the city at the time, and the rubble left afterward, the numbers approaching 400,000 appear to be the most credible.
There was no battle taking place, the citizens had no means of defense, and the targets are civilians, making this one of the largest mass murders in world history. 
To amuse themselves, the Zionists order the incineration of the city and its people on Ash Wednesday.

 Survivor Victor Gregg, author of Dresden: A Survivor’s Story recalls the nightmare he lived through:

“After a short period of silence, a wave of pathfinders started to drop target flares. We saw them through a glass cupola: filling the sky with blinding light, they floated to Earth, dripping burning phosphorus on to the streets and houses….
As if in slow motion, the inmates of the prison began to realise they were trapped. (The guards had locked the doors and scampered.)
Then, the throb of hundreds of heavy bombers began to fill the air, getting nearer and louder by the second. The prisoners were banging on the doors and crying to be let out. I crouched beside a wall, as low as I could.
The flares were still falling when the initial stream flew over, dropping thousands of incendiaries along with the first bombs. A string would hit the ground in succession – like a drum roll – and the sky changed from a bright white to a dull red that danced before dying. 
The screaming of those who were being burned alive was added to the cries of those not yet hit.
There was no need for flares to lead the second wave of bombers to their target, as the whole city had become a gigantic torch. It must have been visible to the pilots from a hundred miles away. Dresden had no defences, no anti-aircraft guns, no searchlights, nothing.
As the never-ending stream passed over, about four incendiaries burst through our glass roof, breaking it into fragments and shredding the luckless men beneath. The phosphorus clung to the bodies of the injured, turning them into human torches, but it was impossible to extinguish the flames and their screaming was added to the other cries. 
We found people who had been caught out in the open and were still alive. By fixing bits of wood to our picks and shovels, we constructed stretchers and bore them away. But after about two hours, we headed back to the railway, where we discovered reinforcements and a food wagon had somehow been shunted in from God knows where.
Then the sirens started their terrible wailing again and the people gathered in small bunches, as if to shield each other from the onslaught.
The planes were thousands of feet up, but you could see their outlines reflected in the glow. And as their bombs fell, we realised this raid was nothing like the first. The new bombs were so big that you could see them in the sky. Even the incendiaries were different – not metre-long sticks, but four-ton objects that exploded on the ground, incinerating anything within a radius of 200ft – and raining down with these came more blockbusters, 10-tonners this time…
We could feel the terrible heat, our bodies shook as the ground vibrated. And as if this was not enough, another terror was making its presence felt: not really what you would call a wind; rather, the air being drawn in to feed the inferno was like a solid object, so great was its force. 
Everything was in flames, even the roads, which were burning rivers of bubbling and hissing tar. Huge fragments of material flew through the air, sucked into the vortex. We could see people being torn from whatever they were hanging on to and drawn into the ever-deepening red glow less than 200 yards away.
A small group tried to reach us by crossing what had once been a road, only to get themselves stuck in a bubbling mass of molten tar. One by one, they sank to the ground through sheer exhaustion and then died in a pyre of smoke and flame. People of all shapes, sizes and ages were slowly sucked into the vortex, then suddenly whisked into the pillars of smoke and fire, their hair and clothing alight.
And, as if the Devil himself had decided their torments were insufficient, above the wind’s howl and the inferno’s roar came the interminable, agonised screams of the victims being roasted alive.  
…We found the victims’ bodies, usually shrivelled to half their normal size or worse. (Children under the age of three or four had simply melted.) But most looked like they had died peacefully, through lack of oxygen, losing consciousness in the process.  
We dragged their remains into the open, where they were examined for identifying marks and then piled up to await cremation.  Some of the corpses were so brittle that they crumbled into clouds of ash and dried flesh. Yet so methodical were the Germans that we were ordered to stuff any identifiable parts of these corpses into sacks. 
…When we broke through and found four women and two small girls alive, we cheered ourselves hoarse. We all felt like heroes – there were no enemies, no hatred, just a sense of fulfilment. But sadly, this was a solitary event, as we learned the next day.
Trudging through streets where sheets of flame were still shooting up 100ft, we came to the door of a communal shelter, which took all afternoon to prise open. With the first inch or so, there was a hissing sound and the surrounding dust was sucked into the opening. Then, as the gap widened, a terrible smell hit us – and slowly the horror inside became visible.
There were no real, complete bodies, only bones and scorched articles of clothing matted together on the floor and stuck together by a sort of jelly. There was no flesh visible, just a glutinous mass of solidified fat and bones, inches thick, on the floor. Now we understood what we might find in the city-centre shelters…”

Thousands of families are incinerated by American made bombs to make way for the Zionist world government. 

Dresden before the arrival of communism, and after.


Hitler writes:

“It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests.
I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enough always to disregard, for responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be placed on me. Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America.
Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its henchmen.
 Only three days before the outbreak of the German-Polish war I proposed a solution of the German-Polish problem to the British Ambassador in Berlin – international control as in the case of the Saar. This offer, too, cannot be lied away. It was only rejected because the ruling clique in England wanted war, partly for commercial reasons and partly because it was influenced by the propaganda put out by international Jewry.  I have left no one in doubt that if the people of Europe are once more treated as mere blocks of shares in the hands of these international money and finance conspirators, then the sole responsibility for the massacre must be borne by the true culprits: the Jews. Nor have I left anyone in doubt that this time millions of European children of Aryan descent will starve to death, millions of men will die in battle, and hundreds of thousands of women and children will be burned or bombed to death in our cities without the true culprits being held to account….
Above all, I enjoin the government and the people to uphold the race laws to the limit and to resist mercilessly the poisoner of all nations, international Jewry.

…I do not wish to fall into the hands of an enemy who requires a new spectacle organized by the Jews for the amusement of their hysterical masses. I have decided therefore to remain in Berlin and there of my own free will to choose death at the moment when I believe the position of the Fuehrer and Chancellor itself can no longer be held.”

Hitler allegedly takes his own life in April 1945.
His successor Karl Donitz surrenders to the Allies on May 7th.

As the Communist flag is raised over Berlin, the greatest triumph yet for the advancement Zionist world government, massive celebrations break out across the United States on May 8th.  


The historic Yalta conference is held.  Stalin and the Zionist Allied leaders meet to divide up the spoils, which include most of Europe and Asia.

Although Stalin has operated mostly outside Zionist control for over a decade, the Zionists are extremely pleased with his relentless determination to spread their system of destruction.   It accomplishes their goals while allowing the blame to be placed on “the Soviet Union” and “Communism” rather then on them.   It is determined that he is an invaluable asset and will be granted as much territory as possible.  Stalin is given nearly all of Eastern Europe, including the eastern portion of Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Albania, Yugoslavia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, part of Finland, and later North Korea and the large Chinese province of Manchuria.

Allowing him to take over these territories accomplishes several important Zionist goals.  

1. Though the war is over, a new enemy is created for Americans. This means Americans will tolerate large military expenditures and Zionist regime change adventures all over the globe, which would otherwise be impossible.  
2. Americans can be kept in state of constant fear and unease, which allows easier infringement on their rights and liberties.
3. The territories given to Stalin will be under Communism and impoverished and therefore unable to build any opposition to Zionist world government while its construction continues in the remaining nations. 
4. Efforts can be focused on building Communism in western Europe and the U.S. while the eastern half is controlled and set aside for now.

As news of the conference comes in and photos appear of Stalin, FDR and Churchill smiling and celebrating, Americans are confused about the partnership with the murderous dictator, but under a barrage of propaganda that they are “winning” the war and the evil Germans are defeated, the public is placated. 


Since all of the reasons for war and the threat from the Germans and Japanese were a hoax, and the Zionists have pulled it off easily through control of media and governments, it is determined that major war events can easily be faked as well.
With awesome new power of television propaganda, new government “project” is unleashed. 

Between 1942 and 1945 a massive U.S. government project will employ over 100,000 people, yet will be kept so secret, even those working on it are not allowed to know what the project is. Using the pyramid structure, only those at the top know the true nature of the project.   
Known as the Manhattan project, the experiment culminates with the rollout of a new type of weapon, a nuclear bomb according to the press.  To show the public how powerful the new weapon is, a few heavily doctored, preposterous nuclear “test” photos are released to the public, including one where shirtless spectators watch a “detonation” from close by the the blast. 

The public is told the new weapon, “the atomic bomb”  can destroy entire cities or possibly even regions with a single blast.   
To demonstrate the power of the new weapon, the Zionist press claims two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been bombed with the new weapons.  The public is presented with photos of damage.   
In fact the cities have been firebombed like all of the cities in Germany and like Tokyo a few months earlier.  
The Zionist owned bank of Japan in Hiroshima, built in 1936, incredibly survives the “nuclear” bombing of the city. Imagine the luck.
Wood buildings are destroyed, but masonry remains. Brick, concrete and steel structures still stand after the attacks.  Photos of ground zero in the city are taken by people on foot within hours. 
Vegetation begins growing back in Hiroshima and Nagasaki within days, and rebuilding of the cities begins almost immediately.   Of course none of this would be possible if the Zionist nuclear story were true, due to the intense radiation levels in the area, but the public is so bombarded with propaganda about the events, no one has time to be bothered with thinking about them.  Witnesses who saw several squadrons of multiple bombers fly over don’t make into the western press.
(Information on the nuclear hoax was once easy to find online, although it has been heavily censored since 2016, and purged from Google searches and Youtube videos. Some of the best work has been done by Miles Mathis.)


To begin the rewrite of the history of the war and cover the Zionist tracks, a propaganda outlet is created in Germany, funded by U.S. taxpayers.
Its purpose is to brainwash the remaining German population to believe the Nazi government had lied to them about everything, and to make the Zionist Allies appear to be the good guys, and influence the Germans to welcome the new occupying forces.   
Those who tell the truth have no need for control of information, so the Zionists establish the ICD. (Information Control Division)  
Brainwashing experts are brought in.
All German media is shut down. Any nationalistic or pro-German information is banned. Within months, 73 press “licenses” are issued, only to far left, Communist minded “journalists.” 
By July, 1946, the ICD had taken control of 37 German newspapers, 6 radio stations, 314 theaters, 642 cinemas, 101 magazines, 237 book publishers, and 7,384 book dealers. 
All criticism of the Communist Allied occupation is strictly forbidden.
Public discussion of the horror Germany has just suffered, the civilian bombing campaigns, the genocide of the population, and the true causes of the war are never allowed to see the light of day.
The Holocaust hoax is broadcast everywhere. The citizens are told that Hitler has been secretly murdering Jews all along. Any information celebrating the true history of Germany is censored. Thousands of books are burned and movies destroyed under the guise of “denazification”, but in reality to bury the true German history.  Much of German history is lost forever.  


A second attempt is made to set up a world governing body which can be used as a foundation for the coming Zionist world government. The U.S. had never joined the League of Nations, but this time the new league will be established with the U.S. as one of its founding members.
During the war, in 1942 Franklin Delano Roosevelt had coined the term United Nations, to describe the 4 leading Communist powers, Russia, China, the U.S. and Britain.
In 1945 a conference is held in San Francisco, attended by representatives from 50 nations. The U.S. is represented by Alger Hiss, a Communist who is later exposed as a spy. The U.N. charter is drafted.
Because several of the articles in the U.N. treaty are unconstitutional, the citizens of the U.S. are not bound by them, but remain unaware of this largely due to a torrent of propaganda presenting the subservience to the U.N. as beneficial for Americans.
Some of the provisions of the U.N. treaty which are in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution include articles allowing the U.N. to collect taxes, to declare war, and to give immunity to officials. Perhaps the worst of which is article 43 which allows for the U.N. to use the U.S. military anywhere it desires:

 “Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 would be inadequate, it may take action by air, sea, or land forces, as may be necessary to restore international peace and security”. 
All members of the United Nations ….. undertake to make available to the Security Council …. on its call, Armed Forces, Assistance and Facilities”.

In the chaotic aftermath of war, the worst time to make such important decisions, the charter turns over the U.S. military along with large sums of annual taxpayer money to the Zionists’ new world governing body.


Although none of the things Hitler was accused of by the Zionist press actually took place, nearly everything he was accused of is done by the Allies to the German people after the war ended.
In perhaps the greatest imprisonment of humans in world history, German civilians are rounded up by the millions and placed in concentration camps to be starved to death.
Most have not committed any crime, and the war is over. Over 12 million people are imprisoned. The camps have no restroom facilities, people defecate on the ground and are then forced to stand in it as conditions are often too crowded to move. 

They are given tiny rations of food. 
Eisenhower issues an order that giving unauthorized food to German prisoners will be a crime punishable by death.
The order states:

“… under no circumstances may food supplies be assembled among the local inhabitants in order to deliver them to the prisoners of war. Those who violate this command and nevertheless try to circumvent this blockade to allow something to come to the prisoners place themselves in danger of being shot….”

Ernst Kraemer, a prisoner at Büderich and Rheinberg, states:

“…the women from the nearby town brought food into the camp. The American soldiers took everything away from the women, threw it in a heap and poured gasoline over it and burned it.” 

When the International Red Cross sends in 2 freight trains full of food they are sent back to Switzerland.  
Max Huber, the head of the Red Cross sends a letter to the U.S. State department stating:

“…Tens if not hundreds of thousands of displaced persons in Germany are still in dire need of aid…Thus, stating our case fully to the governments and Red Cross Societies concerned, we desire to stress the fact that the conditions set forth above leave us no alternative but to express our grave concern for the immediate future. To stand passively by whilst holding large quantities of immediately available relief supplies and knowing the plight of many camps of Displaced persons of all categories in Germany, growing steadily more alarming, is not compatible with the tradition of our institution.”
American prison Guard Martin Brech writes:
“In late March or early April 1945, I was sent to guard a POW camp near Andernach along the Rhine. I had four years of high school German, so I was able to talk to the prisoners, although this was forbidden. Gradually, however, I was used as an interpreter and asked to ferret out members of the S.S. (I found none.)
In Andernach about 50,000 prisoners of all ages were held in an open field surrounded by barbed wire. The women were kept in a separate enclosure that I did not see until later. The men I guarded had no shelter and no blankets. Many had no coats.
They slept in the mud, wet and cold, with inadequate slit trenches for excrement.  Dysentery raged, and soon they were sleeping in their own excrement, too weak and crowded to reach the slit trenches. Many were begging for food, sickening and dying before our eyes. We had ample food and supplies, but did nothing to help them, including no medical assistance.  Outraged, I protested to my officers and was met with hostility or bland indifference. When pressed, they explained they were under strict orders from “higher up.”
This is when I realized I was dealing with cold-blooded killers filled with moralistic hatred.  
Articles in the G.I. newspaper, Stars and Stripes, played up the German concentration camps, complete with photos of emaciated bodies.
This amplified our self-righteous cruelty, and made it easier to imitate behavior we were supposed to oppose. Also, I think, soldiers not exposed to combat were trying to prove how tough they were by taking it out on the prisoners and civilians.  Hunger made German women more “available,” but despite this, rape was prevalent and often accompanied by additional violence. In particular I remember an eighteen-year old woman who had the side of her faced smashed with a rifle butt, and was then raped by two G.I.s.”

In his book Other Losses, author James Bacque describes conditions:

“More than five million German soldiers in the American and French zones were crowded into barbed wire cages, many of them literally shoulder to shoulder. The ground beneath them soon became a quagmire of filth and disease. Open to the weather, lacking even primitive sanitary facilities, underfed, the prisoners soon began dying of starvation and disease. Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French army casually annihilated about one million men, most of them in American camps….
   There were no tents in the Gotha DEF (disarmed enemy forces) camp, only the usual barbed wire fences round a field soon churned to mud.
On the first day, they received a small ration of food, which was then cut in half. In order to get it, they were forced to run a gauntlet. Hunched over, they ran between lines of guards who hit them with sticks as they scurried towards their food….

Nothing was further from the intent of the great majority of Americans in 1945 than to kill off so many unarmed Germans after the war.
Some idea of the magnitude of this horror can be gained when it is realized that these deaths exceed by far all those incurred by the German army in the west between June 1941 and April 1945.”

“…For a long time my assistant and I could scarcely believe what we were finding.
More and more pieces emerged until we were in a strange state – convinced by great evidence that leaders of our society had committed an appalling crime against humanity which we did not want to believe. Every day, we had to choose between the horrible truth and the pretty myths we had been taught about our history.”

Had it not been for the atrocities the Zionists already inflicted on Russia, this may have been the greatest crime in history.


The extraordinary rise of the unqualified and incompetent Zionist Dwight Eisenhower is mentioned by author Juri Lina in Under the Sign of the Scorpion:
“How did Eisenhower who was General Douglas MacArthur’s secretary, became the Supreme Allied Commander? Especially when General MacArthur felt Eisenhower was incompetent.   How within 45 months did he bypass hundreds of officers with higher rank? Here are his unbelievable military promotions, with help from the warmonger Bernard Baruch:

March 11, 1941 – Colonel, 
October 3, 1941 – Brigadier General (1 Star), 
March 28, 1942 – Major General (2 Stars), 
July 9, 1942 – Lieutenant General (3 Stars), 
February 11, 1943 – General (4 Stars) and 
December 20, 1944 – General of the Army (5 Stars). 
Eisenhower was a 1915 West Point graduate, while there he was known as, The Terrible Swedish Jew. Ike sure did live up to his first nickname”.


While the Allies starve millions of Germans to death in concentration camps and broadcast a wave of propaganda advertising the Holocaust hoax across the world, Stalin’s Soviet army moves across eastern Germany with orders to murder every man and rape every woman.
Zionist Stalin handler Ilya Ehrenburg has leaflets given to the troops which state:

“Kill! Kill! In the German race there is evil; not one among the living, not one among the unborn is but evil! Follow the precepts of Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of the German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.
To further incite the Red soldiers to rape and violence, false stories of German soldiers raping Soviet women are spread among the troops.
What ensues is possibly the largest mass rape in world history. Girls from age 10 to 100 are raped and beaten, often in front of their families. 
In one incident 182 nuns are raped. 
The city of Berlin had few remaining men at this stage and the women are defenseless.
There are far more rapes than doctors can treat. Thousands of women die.
An estimated 2 million women are raped in less than a period of 2 years.  Many women are kidnapped and taken to labor camps where they are forced to do hard labor and sex slavery until they drop dead. Upon arrival at the camps, they are undressed and paraded before officials, who select their favorites.  They are told they must appear they are enjoying being raped, and many are killed for not putting on a convincing enough performance.


During the post war period, over 10 million Germans are driven from their homes. Many of the homes are taken by Allied leaders, and some are simply burned and destroyed. Often the families are forced to stay and watch from the street as their homes are burned, in an alleged “punishment” for the Holocaust hoax. Once the home is finished burning the families are taken to the concentration camps to be starved to death.
German territories are divided and given to surrounding nations, drastically reducing the size of the country.  Millions are marched out of West Germany into now Communist East Germany.  Most Germans are severely malnourished and survive on 700 to 1000 calories per day.  Starving women sell their bodies for food.   
Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich details conditions during this period:
“In the street, crowds were waiting for those who were marched out of their prisons. . . . [T]hey had come equipped with everything their aroused passions might desire, from hot pitch to garden shears. . . . They . . . grabbed Germans—and not only SS men—drenched them with gasoline, strung them up with their feet upper- most, set them on fire, and watched their agony, prolonged by the fact that in their position the rising heat and smoke did not suffocate them. They . . . tied Ger- man men and women together with barbed wire, shot into the bundles, and rolled them down into the Moldau River. . . . They beat every German until he lay still on the ground, forced naked women to remove the barricades, cut the tendons of their heels, and laughed at their writhing. Others they kicked to death.
Fear is always present,” young Regina Shelton added. “It flares into panic at tales of atrocities—mutilated nude bodies tossed by the way- side—a woman nailed spread-eagle to a cart and gang-raped while       
bleeding to death from her wounds—horrible diseases spread to their victims by sex-drunken Mongolians.” 
Is this the peace we yearned for so long?” cried Elsbeth Losch from a town near Dresden. “When will all this have an end?”

…  At the corner opening onto Wasser Street,” said Czech, Ludek Pachmann, “hung three naked corpses, mutilated beyond recognition, their teeth entirely knocked out, their mouths nothing but bloody holes. Others had to drag their dead fellow-Germans into Stefans Street. . . . ‘Those are your brothers, kiss them!’ And so the still-living Germans, lips pressed tightly together, had to kiss their dead.
      As he tried to escape the city, Gert Rainer, a German soldier disguised as a priest, saw sights that seemed straight from hell:
‘[A] sobbing young woman was kneeling, showering kisses on a child in her arms. . . . The child’s eyes had been gouged out, and a knife still protruded from his abdomen. The woman’s torn clothing and disheveled hair indicated that she had fought like a fury. Lost in her sorrow, she had not noticed the approaching stranger. He bent down to her and put her in mind that she had better not stay here. She was in danger of being shot herself.
“But that’s what I want!” she suddenly cried. “I don’t want to go on living with- out my little Peter!”
In their sadistic ecstasy, people turned public mass murder into a folk festival. . . . Five young women had been tied to an advertising pillar, the rope wrapped about them several times. Their seven children had been packed into a gutter of sorts at their feet. . . . [A] Czech woman, perhaps 50 years of age, was pouring gaso- line over the tied-up mothers. Others were spitting in their faces, slapping them and tearing whole fistfuls of hair. Then the oldest of them, laughing frenetically, lit a newspaper and ran around the pillar holding the burning paper to the gasoline-soaked victims. Like a flash, the pillar and the five others disappeared in flames       
several meters high. . . . The spectators had not noticed that one of the burning Germans had torn through the charring rope and thrown herself into the flames that licked up through the grating. With strength borne of a courage beyond death, she lifted out the grating and, lying on her stomach, tried to reach down into the tangle of blazing children. Lifeless, she lay in the flames.
In the meantime, the other four women, on fire from their feet to their hair, had slumped down as the common support of the rope was gone. That was the cue for their murderers to begin dancing around the pillar, cheering and rejoicing. The howling of the butchers grew even louder.
On Wenzels Square there was not one lamp-post without a German soldier strung up from it. The majority of them had been war-injured. . . . A crowd literally jumping for joy surrounded an arena-like clearing, in the center of which two men held a stark-naked young German woman. Each of her breasts had been pierced with a large safety-pin, from which Iron Crosses were hung. A rod bearing a swastika flag at one end had been stabbed through her navel. . . . A naked German lay motionless beside her trampled child. She had been beaten to death. A gaping head wound revealed her brain, oozing out.”
“…At the huge sports stadium, thousands of Germans were herded onto the field to provide amusement for a laughing, howling audience. “Before our very eyes . . . [they] were tortured to death in every conceivable way,” remembered Josefine Waimann. “Most deeply branded on my memory is the pregnant woman whose belly . . . uniformed Czechs slashed open, ripped out the fetus and then, howling with glee, stuffed a dachshund into the torn womb of the woman, who was screaming dreadfully. . . . The slaughter happening in the arena before our very eyes was like that in ancient Rome.”

“At Bilna, wrote a chronicler,

men and women were rounded up in the market square, had to strip naked and were made to walk single-file while being beaten by the population with whips and canes. Then . . . the men had to crawl on all fours, like dogs, one behind the other, during which they were beaten until they lost control of their bow- els; each had to lick the excrement off the one in front of him. This torture continued until many of them had been beaten to death. . . . What was done to the women there simply cannot be described, the sadistic monstrousness of it is simply too great for words.

Then . . . the men had to crawl on all fours, like dogs, one behind the other, during which they were beaten until they lost control of their bow- els; each had to lick the excrement off the one in front of him. This torture continued until many of them had been beaten to death. . . . What was done to the women there simply cannot be described, the sadistic monstrousness of it is simply too great for words.during which they were beaten until they lost control of their bow- els; each had to lick the excrement off the one in front of him. This torture continued until many of them had been beaten to death. . . . What was done to the women there simply cannot be described, the sadistic monstrousness of it is simply too great for words.
“When I passed through Czechoslovakia after the collapse,” one German soldier recalled, “I saw severed human heads lining window sills, and in one butcher’s shop naked corpses were hanging from the meat hooks.”
When the fury had finally spent itself in Czechoslovakia, over 200,000 people had been butchered. Similar purges of German minorities occurred in Rumania, Hungary and Yugoslavia where men, women and children, by the hundreds of thousands, were massacred in cold blood.”


To assist in the post-war cover up and rewrite of history that is underway, imaginary atrocities are needed to make it appear there were other various conflicts, not just Zionists vs the world.

One such event is the Rape of Nanking, a fictional event that was reported to have taken place in 1937, but was not reported till AFTER the end of the war.  (At which time it is much harder to prove the story is false.) 

Even though Japanese troops move into Nanking and occupy at a time in 1937 when journalists are present from Europe, the United States, Japan, and other countries, not a single reporter remembers to report on the murder of 300,000 Chinese. 

But, incredibly the Chinese communist leadership and Zionist press suddenly “remember” the “rape” over 8 years later and add it to the historical record.  Fake photos are used to spread the propaganda.
(Although Japan protests the “reports” when they begin appearing in 1945, they have just lost the war and have no international press to set the record straight, so the fictional event goes on the record as one of the “causes” of World War II.)
To this day, the false reports about this event is a source of conflict between Japan and China.  The story makes little sense in the first place, as nothing about it fits with Japanese culture or military tradition.   Whatever they accuse you of, they are doing.  As the stories are published millions of Germans are being killed by the Allies.


With the war over, the seeds for yet another major war have already been strategically planted.
Winston Churchill, who is now worshiped in the press and paraded around as a war hero, gives his famed “Iron Curtain” speech which sets the stage for the new war:

“I have a strong admiration and regard for the valiant Russian people and for my wartime comrade, Marshal Stalin. There is deep sympathy and goodwill in Britain — and I doubt not here also — toward the peoples of all the Russias and a resolve to persevere through many differences and rebuffs in establishing lasting friendships. It is my duty, however, to place before you certain facts about the presentposition in Europe. From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an iron curtain has descended across the Continent.
Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Soviet sphere, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to Soviet influence but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of control from Moscow. The safety of the world, ladies and gentlemen, requires a unity in Europe, from which no nation should be permanently outcast. “

Stalin’s power has increased significantly.  The Zionists have just finished arming and funding Stalin with American and British money and weapons.  Then they awarded him massive territory at Yalta.  They did photo shoots with him at Yatla.  Now suddenly the Zionist leaders do an about face and pretend Stalin is the enemy and an immediate threat to global peace and prosperity.  Clearly they have no respect the intelligence of the American and British people.

But guess what?? The new world government will save you. Churchill continues:

 “Surely we should work with conscious purpose for a grand pacification of Europe within the structure of the United Nations and in accordance with our Charter. “

Then Churchill suddenly admits that Communism is everywhere and being established in all countries, and is a threat to Christianity. 
This is noteworthy since the Zionist machine has kept very quiet about what they are building. 
But there is a method to such madness. Churchill now ties the sudden rise of communism to Stalin (who has only been in power for 15 years) instead of the Zionist-Illuminists who have been building it for hundreds of years:

“In a great number of countries, far from the Russian frontiers and throughout the world, Communist fifth columns are established and work in complete unity and absolute obedience to the directions they receive from the Communist center. Except in the British Commonwealth and in the United States where Communism is in its infancy, the Communist parties or fifth columns constitute a growing challenge and peril to Christian civilization. “

A skillful maneuver is being executed. 
By setting up Communism and Stalin as the enemy several important Zionist goals are achieved.

1. The rapid and sudden rise of Communism across the globe can continue. It can simply be attributed to Stalin and the “Soviets” whenever it is discovered. In this way, the Zionists can work to continue rapidly building Communism without being discovered as the true perpetrators.  
2.  A new ‘cold war’ can begin which will allow the Zionists much easier access to the military and financial resources of all the western nations to continue building Communism with. (While telling the citizens the resources are needed to fight communism.) 
3. The new threat from the ‘Eastern Bloc’ of Communist nations must be opposed by a ‘bloc’ of nations, and what better bloc than the United Nations we just (by total coincidence) established.  Western nations will willingly subordinate themselves to the new world governing body for the ‘higher purpose’ of mutual defense.

Churchill continues:

“I do not believe that Soviet Russia desires war. What they desire is the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines. But what we have to consider here today while time remains, is the permanent prevention of war and the establishment of conditions of freedom and democracy as rapidly as possible in all countries.”

Amazing. Not only does Churchill somehow know precisely what Russia wants, and how dangerous they are, but he somehow did not know any of this when having drinks with Stalin just recently, or at the Yalta conference when he signed over half of Europe to Stalin with a smile and handshake. 
Russia will be a perma-threat and require constant vigilance (money and submission to Zionist dictates) from western dupes.  And never mind who armed Stalin in the first place.

Churchill finishes with a veiled threat that nations had better shift their loyalty from nationalism to internationalism:

 “If we adhere faithfully to the Charter of the United Nations and walk forward in sedate and sober strength…  the high roads of the future will be clear, not only for us but for all, not only for our time but for a century to come.”


After incinerating millions of innocent civilians all over the planet during the war, firebombing areas in Japan and Germany full of women, children and animals, faking nuclear attacks on civilians, mass raping entire female populations, and deliberately starving millions to death to obtain mass starvation photos for the “Holocaust” hoax, the Zionist Allies now stage a show trial where German leaders who fought honorably are charged with “war crimes.”

While the public is infuriated by the victory lap known as the “Nuremberg Trials” the Zionist press launches a celebratory campaign portraying the trials as a great victory for America and Britain.   
The “trials” come under fierce international criticism for charging defendants with many crimes that have been deemed crimes after they were committed, and for the tribunal having no jurisdiction to prosecute.

International Law scholar Quincy Wright states:

“How could the Nuremberg Tribunal have obtained jurisdiction to find Germany guilty of aggression, when Germany had not consented to the Tribunal?   How could the law, first explicitly accepted in the Nuremberg Charter of 1945, have bound the defendants in the trial when they committed the acts for which they were indicted years earlier?”

The chief justice of the U.S. Supreme court Harlan Fiske Stone states:

“(Chief U.S. prosecutor) Robert Jackson is away conducting his high-grade lynching party in Nuremberg, …I hate to see the pretense that he is running a court and proceeding according to common law…”

Jackson writes to President Harry S Truman:

“[We} have done or are doing some of the very things we are prosecuting the Germans for…”

Article 21 of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal (IMT) Charter actually states:

“The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge…”   

That’s right. “Common knowledge” admissible in a court in place of facts.
In reality the Nuremberg Trials are little more than a Zionist TV special punctuated by a murder orgy, and yet another in an endless series of Allied war crimes. 
With no evidence at all, fake documents are produced, false accusations are leveled, confessions are extracted by torture and German officers are sentenced to death and hanged. The hangings are deliberately done using a method of short drop which strangles the victim slowly instead breaking his neck. Some of the victims struggle for nearly 30 minutes before death.


The world is war-weary, propaganda-weary, and unprepared to deal with much of anything at this moment in history. The Zionist machine seizes the opportunity to complete the theft of the land of Palestine and accomplish the primary purpose of creating the two wars. 
The Zionists now wish to remove Britain from Palestine.  Although the British had been instrumental in helping steal the land for the Zionist occupation 30 years earlier, they are now considered to be in the way of Zionists plans to rapidly expand their control of the region and kill off the Palestinian population.
Most British, aside from a few head statesmen are unaware of Zionist world government plans, and would not tolerate the genocide of the Palestinian population which the Zionists have planned. 
Much of this conflict with the British stems from the British White Paper of 1939, which had called for limits on Jewish immigration to Palestine. 
This would greatly slow the Zionist conquest of the region and also would have restricted Jews from forcing Palestinians to sell their land.  In many ways the paper had the effect of ending the Zionist conquest.

Zionist terrorist leader Menachem Begin under orders from David Ben Gurion, bombs the British headquarters inside the King David Hotel in Palestine, killing 91 people.  At the time, it is the largest terrorist attack in history, and sets a precedent for how the Zionists will attack nations or peoples who oppose their pursuit of total  power.  

By the end of 1946 the British are under constant guerrilla attacks from Zionist terrorists.   They plant IED devices which blow up vehicles and prevent British travel in the region, and ambush and kill British troops. Even the British embassy in Rome is bombed.
After these attacks and several more bombings in London, and with the Zionist press portraying the British as unsympathetic toward “holocaust” (hoax) victims, the British pack up and leave Palestine to the Zionist terror machine.
In a later interview journalist Russell Warren Howe asks Begin,

“How does it feel, in the light of all that’s going on, to be the father of terrorism in the Middle East?”

Begin replies:

“In the Middle East?…In all the world!”  


The Zionists move full steam ahead to overwhelm Europe with Communism.
They establish an 18 nation pre-cursor to the coming Communist European Union, called the OEEC – Organization for European Economic Co- operation.
Then, to fund the new Communist co-op they turn to to the propaganda blinded U.S. taxpayer.  Through a mass media propaganda march, U.S. citizens are told that lots and lots and lots of cash is needed to help poor Europe “recover” from the war.  To help push the plan through, the propaganda uses claims that the boogeyman Stalin is opposed to the plan, so it must be good. 
The plan is dubbed The Marshall Plan.
Before proposing anything to Congress the Jewish Communist president Harry S Truman makes an elaborate effort to organize public opinion in favor of the Marshall Plan spending, by organizing all the Marxist labor unions and interest groups to make it appear there is strong “public” support for the scam.

Those less susceptible to propaganda and crowdthink are opposed. Economist Ludwig von Moses states:

“The American subsidies make it possible for [Europe’s] governments to conceal partially the disastrous effects of the various socialist measures they have adopted.”

In his book Will Dollars Save the World?  economist Henry Hazlitt argues that economic recovery comes through savings, capital accumulation, and private enterprise, and not through large cash subsidies and debt.
Congress passes the plan and the horrible precedent is set for American “foreign aid” to be sent to other countries.  
The disastrous Marshall Plan sends as astronomical $13 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to the Communist OEEC.

(In coming decades ‘foreign aid’ from the U.S. will help to prop up Communist regimes in every single nation on earth. While these puppet regimes are paid off to hold their citizens in check, Zionist controlled international corporations, usually energy or mining companies are brought in to loot the natural resources of the nations. Then, U.S. politicians who have helped extract the tax dollars from U.S. citizens and arranging the foreign aid packages are rewarded with a friend or family member on the board of the energy companies and various kickbacks to launder money back to the politician.)

The OEEC sets up all the fundamentals of socialism across Europe. It taxes participant nations, redistributes wealth, publishes propaganda, and promotes regulation of all aspects of life in Europe. 

Winston Churchill openly admits the scheme is designed to subject Europe to a centralized global government, stating:

“We must recreate the European family in a regional structure called it may be the United States of Europe. … If at first, all the states of Europe are not willing or able to join the union, we must nevertheless proceed, assemble and combine those who will and those who can. “This indispensable structure of regional groupings is coming into being. … In this way alone, can the skeletal structure of world government be clothed with the flesh and blood of a living organism and the acts of state be confirmed by the passionate heartbeats of millions of men.”


With the public alarmed at the sudden rise of Communist propaganda in movies and the music industry, and unaware that the industries are owned by Zionists who are determined to destroy the United States, the House Committee on Un-American Activities subpoenas Hollywood writers and directors to testify before Congress about their ties to Communism. 

Congressman John Rankin states:

“One of the most dangerous plots ever instigated for the overthrow of this Government has its headquarters in Hollywood … the greatest hotbed of subversive activities in the United States”

The entertainment executives take the 5th and refuse to answer any questions in Congress, alerting the public that they have something to hide. As a result a Hollywood ‘blacklist’ is created.  A pamphlet entitled Red Channels lists 151 entertainment professionals identified as Communists or Communist dupes.

But studio executives simply bar these names from employment and bring in a new round of Communists, making it appear the problem has been solved.
Also a relentless propaganda campaign is unleashed in the press, in defense of the Communists and attacking the Congressional committee and the public for opposing the entertainment arm of the Zionist propaganda machine.   Over time, history is gradually rewritten by the press and eventually public perception shifts to believe the Hollywood Communists were the real victims, of “antisemitic attacks” and censorship. Many of the blacklisted Communists return to working in the industry over the following decades. Eventually Hollywood once again abandons the pretense of being an entertainment industry and returns to strictly Communist propaganda. 


The Zionists must continue to find ways to get Jewish people from around the world to leave their homes and migrate to Palestine.  The population is needed to lend credibility to the Zionist theft of Palestine, and make the world believe the lie that there is a large global population of persecuted Jews in need of a ‘homeland.’   
If the Zionists simply started stealing all the resources and killing the Palestinians without a significant Jewish population in place, the world would realize the crime that was taking place.   They will do these things, but not until a cover-up has been arranged.
30 years have passed since the occupation of Palestine began, and only around 600,000 Jews have moved to the region, of a world Jewish population of over 15 million. These numbers are far lower than hoped.  With very few Jews from any nation interested in uprooting their families and moving to a desolate part of the Middle East, the Zionists increase the pressure on them a little.
Terrorist attacks suddenly take place in Jewish populated areas across the world, followed by waves of press propaganda warning of the grave dangers of antisemitism in their homelands, and advertising the new paradise in Palestine.

One citizen who moves the region, Naeim Giladi, quickly becomes disillusioned upon arriving and discovering the terrible living conditions as well as a racist caste system favoring Ashkenazi Jews. (Jewish only by religion but not race.)
He later states:

“I was disillusioned personally, disillusioned at the institutionalized racism, disillusioned at what I was beginning to learn about Zionism’s cruelties. The principal interest Israel had in Jews from Islamic countries was as a supply of cheap labor, especially for the farm work that was beneath the urbanized Eastern European Jews.  Ben-Gurion needed the “Oriental” Jews to farm the thousands of acres of land left by Palestinians who were driven out by Israeli forces in 1948…
I was disgusted and angry. Either I am a member of the party or I’m not. Do I have a different ideology or different politics because I am an Arab Jew? It’s segregation, I thought, just like a Negroes’ Department. I turned around and walked out.”

He also states that the terror attacks against Jews to drive them to Palestine were: 

“perpetrated by Zionist agents in order to cause fear amongst the Jews, and so promote their exodus to Israel”

Giladi later publishes a book about his experiences called Ben Gurion’s Scandals in which he states:

“I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews…did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors….      
Alex de Tocqueville once observed that it was easier for the world to accept a simple lie than a complex truth. Certainly it has been easier for the world to accept the Zionist lie that Jews were evicted from Muslim lands because of anti-Semitism, and that Israelis, never the Arabs, were the pursuers of peace. The truth is far more discerning; bigger players in the world stage were pulling the strings.
 These players, I believe, should be held accountable for their crimes, particularly when they willfully terrorized, dispossessed and killed innocent people on the altar of some ideological imperatives.  We Jews did not leave our ancestral homes because of any natural enmity between Jews and Muslims.”

The book is banned in Israel.


Two British officers in Palestine, Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice are kidnapped by Zionist terrorists, who demand that death sentences not be carried out by Britain on three convicted Zionist terrorists, Avshalom Haviv, Meir Nakar, and Yaakov Weiss. 
When the three terrorists are executed anyway, the two British soldiers Martin and Paice are hanged from trees, and their corpses booby trapped with explosives. When British officer D.H. Gallati tries to retrieve the corpses he is seriously injured by an explosion. To conceal the nature of the incident it is dubbed by the press “The Sergeants Affair”, and triggers anti-Jewish riots in Britain.  


President Harry S Truman states:

“The [Zionists], I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment.
Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog.”


Professor W.T. Stace publishes The Zionist Illusion in which he states:

“The methods being used in Palestine…are disastrous: and if we persist in using them elsewhere in the world – the result can only be violence and war….World War 2 had a moral issue… whether international relations are to be governed by force or by law.  
Law means the application of the principles of justice to disputes.  Emotion and partisan feeling, untempered by reason issue necessarily in violence. Reason is the principle of democracy and justice.  A competent judge reaches a decision by arguing a case not by flying off the handle about it…
That a minority within a nation should forcibly impose its will on the majority…is generally called tyranny.  The Arabs constitute a large majority of the inhabitants of Palestine since somewhere near the beginning of the Christian era, that is to say, for nearly 2,000 years.  
Therefore the Actions of Zionists of Great Britain and of America in seeking to force a mass immigration of Jews contrary to the wishes of the Arab majority, constitute acts of aggression and are therefore contrary to the principles of international justice, self determination and democracy….In the dispute between the Jew and Arab, the Arab claim is correct and the Zionist claim is without any foundation.  this is the inevitable conclusion to which any impartial judge would come….And we have to repeat our question why..we throw all our weight on the side of the unjust solution.
Do we want peace or don’t we?
This is the real lesson of Palestine. It is not an isolated issue.
It touches the future of the whole world.”


The Zionist Rockefeller Brothers Fund begins funding the New York Museum of Modern Art.  Meanwhile the press begins heavily promoting the ‘genius’ of modern art.   
Instead of promoting actual art, the New York museum displays a variety of junk sculptures and paintings, which require no artistic skill, and could be created by any 7-year old child. 
While appearing comical on the surface, the subversive movement is actually designed to destroy all art.
If trash is art, everyone is an artist. 
If everyone is an artist, no one is an artist.
If everything is art, nothing is art.
By eliminating art, a part of the human aspiration toward higher purpose and beauty is destroyed.  
If one can not distinguish art from trash, or beauty from ugliness, it becomes more difficult to distinguish good from evil, and lie from truth.    
Moronic ‘intellectuals’ blindly follow along to “fit in” and begin proclaiming that they see the ‘genius’ in the work of the ‘troubled’ artists. 
Knowing the new art is trash, everyone plays along, afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes, and be ridiculed and excommunicated from the exclusive church of Marxism.
The culmination of the utter stupidity of modern ‘art’:  In 2019 a banana taped to a wall sells for $120,000.   

Art before Communism.

….And after.

The way you do anything, is the way you do everything.

What the Marxists do to art, is the same thing they are doing to everything they touch. Senseless destruction.


With the public still unnerved from the horrors of World War II and with the stage set for a 3rd world war with Stalin, the Zionists use the opportunity to setup a new branch of U.S. government.
One which they will control with no supervision, no accountability to voters or their representatives and with a near unlimited budget as many operations will be done under black budgets: off the record, classified, secret budgets.
The new branch is a secret police force called the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA.)
It will be used to covertly spy on Americans and others to detect and eliminate any opposition to the establishment of a Zionist world government.
To confuse the public in the U.S., purpose of the agency is stated to be the precise opposite of what it actually is.
Since the new Zionist Secret Police is tasked with blocking any opposition to a Communist world government, the public is told that the purpose of the agency and its covert operations are to detect Communist enemies of the United States, and that its operations must be kept secret due to the threat of Communism everywhere.  

Although totally unconstitutional, the agency is created by the National Security Act of 1947 which President Truman signs into law. The public has no power to stop it as Congress is overrun with Communists and Communist dupes.
And under the torrent of Hitler propaganda, nuclear hoax propaganda and Stalin propaganda, there is too much confusion among the public about what is truth and fiction to create enough opposition to the Act.

The CIA has never performed a single act for the benefit of the United States.  

It will go on to topple governments all over the world, assassinate world leaders and do anything and everything necessary to prop up Communist regimes which then allow the Zionist controlled corporations to move into and loot the resources of any nation desired.  Any leaders who oppose Zionist rule are simply eliminated, including U.S. presidents.
At the same time a mirror agency called The Mossad is being set up for the coming “State of Israel” which will soon be announced.
The two agencies will often work in tandem to carry out operations out of the public view and above the law.
The agencies are modeled after the Bolshevik Cheka the Zionists had used to suppress opposition and the KGB used by under Stalin.
The Mossad has a motto which describes precisely how the Zionists execute in their plan for world rule:
“By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.”

Detailed accounts of many of the illegal activities committed by the agencies, and proof that they work for international Zionism and not for their citizens, have been given by former agents of the CIA and Mossad in many books including From The Company Of Shadows by Kevin Shipp, The Tatum Chronicles by Gene Chip Tatum, By Way of Deception and The Other Side of Deception by Victor Ostrovsky, and many others. 

PDF’s of these CIA exposes can often be found online.


A horrific Zionist terrorist attack takes place against the Arabs in Palestine. It is used to incite fear and expedite the removal of the Arab population from their homeland to make way for a new population. 
During the night, Zionist terrorists swarm the Arab Village of Deir Yassin killing at least 200 innocent Palestinian women, children and men.  Throats are slit and grenades are thrown into homes of sleeping families.
The American Red Cross arrives to give aid to any survivors and discovers corpses disemboweled, beheaded, raped and beaten beyond identification.
British interrogating officer Richard Catling states:
“The recording of statements is hampered also by the hysterical state of the women, who often break down many times, whilst the statement is being recorded. There is, however, no doubt that many sexual atrocities were committed by the attacking Jews. Many young school girls were raped and later slaughtered. Old women were also molested.
One story is current concerning a case in which a young girl was literally torn in two. Many infants were butchered and killed.
Women had bracelets torn from their arms and rings from their fingers, and parts of some women’s ears were severed in order to remove ear-rings.”


On May 14, 1948 the Zionist terrorist organization makes an official declaration that they now own the land of Palestine, and the region will be known as Israel instead. 
The Jewish Agency For Palestine issues a ‘declaration of independence’ stating that a government has been formed and borders determined by the Zionist-created United Nations (which has no authority to determine borders, especially over Palestine, a non-member) will be adopted.   
To this day the Israeli occupation of Palestine remains illegal, in violation of international law, and the Israeli government is illegitimate.  It is nothing more than a street gang with unlimited money, much of it provided by the U.S. taxpayer.  
A celebratory ceremony is held on Rothschild Blvd. in Palestine.
The population of Arabs in Palestine at the time is still more than double the Jewish population.
The Zionist terrorist organization now has its own state from which it can attack other nations, build up a military and most importantly, collect foreign aid from the clueless United States taxpayer. 
Orthodox Jews are outraged at the use of the name Israel by the Occult Zionists, to make the new state appear to have a connection with the Israel of the Bible.  These religious Jews continue to protest the existence of the Zionist state over 70 years later.

While many nations reject the theft of Palestine and the new “state,” several Communist controlled nations quickly recognize it, including the United States, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, and Poland.

The entire Middle East Region will explode with violence from this point forward, and many nations will be dragged into the chaos. A permanent state of war will engulf the region.  All Arab nations will be subject to attacks from the new “Israel,” either overt or covert to replace their governments with Zionist puppets.
(With the exception of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which are Zionist creations run by crypto-Jews posing as Muslims.)
Relations between Muslims and Jews, who have lived side by side peacefully for centuries, will be permanently fractured.  For its inexplicable support of the Zionist terror regime, America will come to be hated by Muslims across the world.


A Jewish American, Jack Bernstein, enthusiastic about the founding of the Jewish homeland, moves from the US to Israel. He returns in disgust after discovering the horrible living conditions, especially for non-Ashkenazi Jews. He describes it as racist, militaristic, Marxist, parasitic and hypocritical, and later writes a book, The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel.
He reveals that indigenous Sephardic Jews (Biblical Jews) are treated as second class citizens, as are Christians and Muslims. 
(His book does not make the New York Times Bestseller list.)
Bernstein also sheds light on information he discovers for plans to create an even larger world war, where China and Russia will be used as the weapon to bring down the United States.
Israel has long standing secret agreements to aid China and Russia in the development of their military power, and they share any military secret they can obtain from the U.S. with Russia and China.  Dozens of Israeli spies within the U.S. government will be caught passing classified information, but almost none will ever be prosecuted.


Zionist Alger Hiss, who had been instrumental in establishing the United Nations, is charged with espionage after an investigation by The House Committee on Un-American Activities.    When the statute of limitations for espionage runs out, Hiss escapes with only a perjury conviction.  The Zionist press in the United States condemns the trial as a witch hunt. 


The United States government begins secretly sending taxpayer money to Yugoslavia to establish Communism. After a coup in 1941 had installed a pro-Zionist regime, a deal was signed with Stalin in a matter of days. Communist revolutionary Joseph Broz (Tito) will receive over $35 billion from taxpayers in places such as Nebraska, Alaska and Nevada between 1948 and 1965.
In Under The Sign of the Scorpion author Juri Lina notes:

“London funded Tito intensively during the entire Second World War and later helped him to power. After the war, Tito received massive support from the West to build up Communism. Without that support his regime would have collapsed immediately. His crimes were concealed at the same time. The United States alone sent Tito 35 billion dollars in secret aid between 1948 and 1965. An expert on international law, Smilja Avramov, revealed this to a Serbian newspaper, Politika Ekspres, in an interview, published January 16, 1989. That support for Tito covered 60 percent of the expenses of the Communist regime. Smilja Avramov stressed: “Our regime would never have survived without that economic aid.” The American aid to Yugoslavia is an important state secret, which the American Embassy in Belgrade refused to comment upon.”

The Marxist revolutionary Joseph Tito. Once government becomes big enough, like it has in the U.S., it is no longer possible to keep track of where the money goes. Communism all over the world will be funded by U.S. taxpayers in the decades following the war.


Zionist terror attacks on Arabs in Palestine increase. A forced mass exodus takes place.  70,000 people are driven out of their homes during the “Lydda Death March.”  An expulsion order signed by Yitzhak Rabin states:

 “The inhabitants of Lydda must be expelled quickly without attention to age..”  

Thousands are marched from their homes in extreme heat and led out to the desert. They are given no food or water and allowed to take very little property with them.  Hundreds die from heat exhaustion. Those who smuggle valuables from their homes have them stripped at Israeli checkpoints.  Others simply drop their possessions on the ground, exhausted and no longer able to carry them.  One soldier describes:
“…Utensils and furniture, and in the end, bodies of men, women, and children, scattered along the way.”

Survivor Haj As’ad Hassouneh states:

“The Jews came and they called among the people: “You must go.” “Where shall we go?” “Go to Barfilia.” … the spot you were standing on determined what if any family or possession you could get; any to the west of you could not be retrieved. You had to immediately begin walking and it had to be to the east…
There was no water. People began to die of thirst. Some women died and their babies nursed from their dead bodies. Many of the elderly died on the way. … Many buried their dead in the leaves of corn'”

Once empty, the cities are looted. Over 1,800 truckloads of personal property is taken from Lydda alone. 
Jews are quickly moved into the Arabs’ abandoned homes.

Across Palestine 800,000 Arab Christians and Muslims and are driven from their homes. None receive any compensation for their stolen property or shattered lives, and are left with no place to go.   Many end up in slum tent cities, essentially massive homeless camps in the desert. Thousands die there, while some flee and escape to surrounding countries. They try to round up support in other Arab nationsto fight back, but Israel is receiving arms ands massive financial support from the U.S. and arms from Stalin as well.  The Israelis have access to modern warfare methods and technology and the surrounding Arab nations know there is no possibility of fighting back.      

Arab families are told at gunpoint to immediately leave their homes and walk into the wilderness. Temperatures surpass 100 degrees.  All of it is made possible by taxpayers in the United States.   


German Commander Anton Muller and his second-in-command, Emil Lachout, send the following memo from Vienna regarding new evidence that the Holocaust story is a hoax:

“Military Police Service Circular Letter No. 31/48. Vienna, 1 Oct. 1948. 10th dispatch.
The Allied Commissions of Inquiry have so far established that no people were killed by poison gas in the following concentration camps: Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Flossenburg, Gross-Rosen, Mauthausen and its satellite camps, Natzweiler, Neuengamme, Niederhagen (Wewelsburg), Ravensbruck, Sachsenhausen, Stutthof, Theresienstadt.
In those cases, it has been possible to prove that confessions had been extracted by torture, and that testimonies were false. This must be taken into account when conducting investigations and interrogations with respect to war crimes. The result of this investigation should be brought to the cognizance of former concentration camp inmates who at the time of the hearings testified about the murder of people, especially Jews, with poison gas in those concentration camps. Should they insist on their statements, charges are to be brought against them for making false statements.”
Commander Anton Muller


After the extraordinary success of creating major wars by first entangling unsuspecting nations in military alliances prior to staging attacks, it is determined that much larger military alliances will produce even larger wars.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is created, starting with the Zionist Allies from World War II.  It eventually grows into an alliance of 26 countries. 
NATO forms the military arm of the Zionist world government. 
Any country outside the NATO alliance who creates any problem for the Zionist rulers is dealt with in the following way: A false flag attack is carried out in one of the NATO countries.  Then the target country is blamed for it in the press. 
A NATO military response or “regime change” is carried out to replace the government in the target country with a Communist Zionist puppet.
The Zionists now have their own military. But they will still use America's first when possible.


The next step in convincing the public to voluntarily submit themselves to a world government is to create a heightened sense of fear in the minds of the populations.
The Zionist press reports that Stalin and the Soviets have just developed and tested their own ‘atomic bomb.’ 
Many scientists attempt to explain that nuclear bombs are scientifically impossible, but are dismissed by the Zionist press as kooks, while Hollywood goes into overdrive programming the public with TV programs films depicting the horrors of the ‘nuclear’ ‘threat.’  
No one has any reason to imagine anything of this magnitude would ever be lied about or faked, so the public goes right along with the hoax.
To further instill public fear, under President Harry Truman’s Federal Civil Defense Administration, schools adopt drills in which students practice hiding under desks during a nuclear attack, presumably for the excellent protection a child’s desk would provide during a nuclear blast.   
One can imagine the amusement the Zionist leadership must have enjoyed behind closed doors at the expense of the American public during this period.  

The simply Zionists pressed the propaganda button.   Dont laugh at these images. You allow your genitals to be grabbed each time you enter an airport and your phone to be tapped based on a similar hoax.


The Chinese Civil War between the Communists and nationalists, which has gone on since 1927 finally comes to an end.
When the U.S. had forced Japan to surrender in 1945 at the end of the war, most of the Japanese weaponry and supplies fell into the hand of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong. 
With assistance from a now heavily armed Stalin, and Communist U.S. General George Marshall (The Marshall Plan) the Chinese Communist Party finally overcomes the nationalist KMT.   Mao Zedong becomes chairman of the party. 
KMT leader Chiang kai Shek and 2 million nationalist soldiers retreat to the island of Taiwan.
Taiwan becomes a free republic while China falls under Mao’s Communist dictatorship.  Instrumental in the victory of the Communists are three Zionist revolutionaries, Solomon Alder, Israel Epstein and Frank Coe, two of whom are former U.S. government officials who had already been exposed as Communist spies.

U.S. Senator Joe Mccarthy states:

“When Marshall was sent to China with secret State Department orders, the Communists at that time were bottled up in two areas and were fighting a losing battle, but that because of those orders the situation was radically changed in favor of the Communists.
Under those orders, as we know, Marshall embargoed all arms and ammunition to our allies in China. He forced the opening of the Nationalist-held Kalgan Mountain pass into Manchuria, to the end that the Chinese Communists gained access to the mountains of captured Japanese equipment. No need to tell the country about how Marshall tried to force Chiang Kai-shek to form a partnership government with the Communists.”

In Under The Sign Of The Scorpion, author Juri Lina states:

 “On the 31st of January 1949, Communists in American tanks rolled into Beijing and on the 31st of October, the People’s Republic of China was officially proclaimed. The civil war ended after having claimed 20 million lives…
This was planned as early as the Potsdam Conference in the summer of 1945, according to Gary Allen.
Understandably, USA wished to conceal its role in this process.
This was confirmed by the representative of the State Department, Owen Lattimore:
“The problem was how to allow them [China] to fall [to Communism] without making it look as if the United States had pushed them.'” 

Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Solomon Alder. There’s something peculiar about these Chinese revolutionaries.


As the world is rapidly falling to Communism Senator Mccarthy makes a historic speech on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday February 9, 1950, stating:
“Five years after a world war has been won, men’s hearts should anticipate a long peace—and men’s minds should be free from the heavy weight that comes with war. But this is not such a period—for this is not a period of peace.

…and that is that we are now engaged in a show-down fight. . .not the usual war between nations for land areas or other material gains, but a war between two diametrically opposed ideologies.

The great difference between our western Christian world and the atheistic Communist world is not political, gentlemen, it is moral.
This religion of immoralism, if the Red half of the world triumphs—and well it may, gentlemen—this religion of immoralism will more deeply wound and damage mankind than any conceivable economic or political system…no nation, no people who believe in a God, can exist side by side with their communistic state. Today we are engaged in a final, all-out battle between communistic atheism and Christianity. 
Ladies and gentlemen, can there be anyone tonight who is so blind as to say that the war is not on? Can there by anyone who fails to realize that the Communist world has said the time is now? . . . that this is the time for the show-down between the democratic Christian world and the communistic atheistic world?

When a great democracy is destroyed, it will not be from enemies from without, but rather because of enemies from within. 
…The reason why we find ourselves in a position of impotency is not because our only powerful potential enemy has sent men to invade our shores . . . but rather because of the traitorous actions of those who have been treated so well by this Nation.
I have here in my hand a list of 205 . . . a list of names that were made known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping policy in the State Department. . . .
As you know, very recently the Secretary of State proclaimed his loyalty to a man guilty of what has always been considered as the most abominable of all crimes—being a traitor to the people who gave him a position of great trust—high treason. . . .
He has lighted the spark which is resulting in a moral uprising and will end only when the whole sorry mess of twisted, warped thinkers are swept from the national scene so that we may have a new birth of honesty and decency in government.”

He also states in the Senate:
“How can we account for our present situation unless we believe that men high in this Government are concerting to deliver us to disaster? This must be the product of a great conspiracy, a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man – A conspiracy of infamy so black that, when it is finally exposed, its principals shall be forever deserving of the maledictions of all honest men.”
Although Mccarthy blames the “Soviets” rather than the Zionist-Talmudist-Illuminist Pharisees responsible, he gets dangerously close to the truth and as a Senator he has the public platform to influence the public.
Because of this, he is destroyed in the Zionist press like no one in history, with the exception of Adolf Hitler.
Mccarthy is attacked so relentlessly, that the word “Mccarthyism” is now used as a general insult to prevent anyone from exploring too closely the sources of the Communist revolution in the United States.

Mccarthy was one of the greatest American Senators. For exposing the Zionist plot he is tarred and feathered in the press.


By now the Zionists control the White House, Wall Street, Hollywood, 3/4 of the U.S. Congress, and the entire news media and have their own state established in Palestine.  Zionist banker Paul Warburg proudly states in the United States Senate:

“We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”

The declaration of war on the United States does not make headlines in the Zionist press and few Americans ever learn of the statement.


Douglas Reed publishes Somewhere South of Suez, in which he notes:
“Political Zionism is mainly led by men who are demonstrably not Jews by race, have none of the blood of Shem, and no ancient tribal roots in Palestine. It is tempting to see in them those indicated in the words:
 ‘Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie’ (Revelation, 3: 9)
The conquest of Palestine is not a return of dispersed Jews to an antique homeland, but a Mongolian expedition, and one designed, as I judge, to set up world-power there. “
Reed also makes the following prophetic and insightful statement with regard to the overthrow of the United States:
“To me [America] looked…invulnerably powerful and inexhaustibly rich; secluded between two wide oceans its national safety and domestic prosperity seemed impenetrably secure… 
It could tranquilly face the four corners of the world in arms, but might not be safe from strangers in its midst;  
The Republic was going through a process of undermining from within similar to that which began in England in 1917, and this was far advanced. It was 173 years old and, by all the signs, its great strength was being subtly diverted to serve the ends of external, alien causes in distant parts of the world. 

These causes, as everywhere, were the twins Soviet Communism and Political Zionism, which found ways to enter the Republic, to penetrate to high places or plant pliant men in them, and to dictate or divert major undertakings of American policy to their ends.     
It was more dangerous in the American Republic than anywhere else, because of the strength and wealth of the country, and, I think may fairly be added, because of its inexperience in handling explosive world affairs.
The prudent drafters of the American Constitution did not provide checks, if any are feasible, against such manipulation of the Republic’s power.   They did not foresee invasions by mass-immigration, or the use of votes so gained to ‘deliver an election’, or the loosing of presidents in wartime to pursue any aims without public control. 
The energies of the Republic, in these years, have visibly been diverted to the furtherance of ulterior causes. “

He also describes how the Zionists’ Communist play book is also being run in Africa: 

“The Communist Party courts them [native Africans], tells them the white man hates them and they must hate the white man and drive him one day into the sea.
The driving-power of the Communist Party is supplied, as in other countries, by men from Eastern Europe, or the children of such. The African newcomer thought himself lucky, perhaps, to put behind him the dullness of village life and come to the city.  He was not aggrieved, but now white men tell him how badly treated he is.

These last are the black revolutionary mass in training which, if the instigators could contrive it, would one day be turned against the white man in Africa; the Communist Party by all account currently helps smuggle fresh bands of ‘lost ones’ into Johannesburg to increase the overcrowding. 
In South Africa, as in other lands and later in America, I had this feeling of some powerful, hidden force using the troubles of men and the treasures of the earth as instruments in a supreme plan.”


To promote the new “Cold War” hoax and keep the world in fear and submission and the money rolling in, the imaginary Soviet enemy is gradually built up into a real enemy, with plans to create an eventual massive war between the U.S. and Russia/China. 
The U.S taxpayer unwittingly supplies the Communist Soviets and Chinese with the enormous quantities of money and war materials, which are funneled through Zionist corporations.  

In Under The Sign of the Scorpion Juri Lina notes:
“The West continued to deal with the East militarily as well as economically.
Antony Sutton confirms that the build-up of the Soviet steel industry was completed by Fretz-Moon, Aetna Standard, Mannesman and other American companies.
Two thirds of the Soviet merchant navy, which in 1970 amounted to 6,000 ships, were built outside the Soviet Union.
Four fifths of the marine engines were also built outside the Soviet Empire.        
Congress while appropriating billions for defence against Communism has at the same time given over six billion dollars in direct military and economic aid to the Communists.       
Radar-equipped F-86 jet fighter planes worth over $300,000 dollars each have been sold to the Communist dictator of Yugoslavia for $10,000 dollars. The Eisenhower Administration approved it. (“Report, U.S. Foreign Assistance”, U.S. Agency for Int. Dev., March 21, 1962.)
The entire Soviet automobile industry came from the West, primarily from the United States. Moscow used 30,000 heavy transport vehicles to move its missiles and other war materials, all of which were produced with American aid.
Ford Motor Company built a gigantic lorry factory in Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod) in 1968…      
The Americans also built the world’s largest lorry factory in Kama in the 1970s. Information about which companies besides Ford took part was classified by the State Department. 1,200 foreigners worked with the installations of the factory, which had a full production capacity on 150,000 three-axled lorries and 250,000 diesel motors per year. As a result of the Soviet lack of skill, only 41,000 lorries were produced in the Kama factory up to 1978. The Kama company had great military significance. Other documents prove that Arthur Brandt Company of Detroit, Michigan, built the car factory ZIL. The Chase Manhattan Bank gave $192 million dollars for this project…        
The Soviet T-54 tank is suspiciously similar to the American Christie tank. One might suspect the Communists of having stolen the model and copied it. It was actually simpler than that.
The U.S. Wheel Track Layer Corporation produced the tanks for Moscow.  During Gorbachev’s time in power (1985-91) the Soviet Union produced twice as many tanks as the United States of America did during Reagan’s presidency (1981-1988). 3,300 tanks were produced in the Soviet Union in 1986, 3,500 in 1987, and again in 1988. Thousands of other armoured vehicles were also produced in the Soviet Union during the same time. There were a total of 53,000 tanks in the Soviet empire. That, to put things in perspective, was three times more than NATO had….      
In 1988 the billionaire Armand Hammer invested  $6 billion dollars in the building of chemical       
factories in the Soviet Union.        
Many intelligent Russians found it hard to understand why the Americans did not put an end to Communism.”
As the U.S. manufactures and funds the war materials for the Soviets, the press unleashes a torrent of ‘Cold War’ hoax propaganda, leaving no doubt in any American’s mind that the Soviet threat is real. 


Yet another pre-planned Zionist war, the Korean War begins when the Communist North, which the Allies had placed in the hands of Stalin, attacks South Korea. 
Korea had been intentionally divided by the Allies for the purpose of starting this conflict.
The plan is to set off another major regional or world war, with the new NATO Alliance on one side, and the Soviets and red China on the other. Then many additional nations can be dragged in on one side or the other. 

First troops from the Communist north invade the south. 
By design, the U.S. controlled south is “unprepared” for the attack, to allow the North to do as much damage as possible.   
U.S. forces retreat southward for several months as they are driven back, and little assistance is sent from the United States.  When troops are surrounded in a small corner of South Korea,  General Douglas Macarthur, unaware that the North is supposed to win to set off larger conflicts, plans an amphibious assault on the North.
President Truman and the Pentagon are upset with MacArthur and attempt to stop him, as an early victory for the South will put an end to the entire plan.
Macarthur’s offensive strategies are extremely effective, and he captures the capital of Pyongyang and surrounds the Northern troops in South Korea.   Less than 4 months after the start of the war, Macarthurs short handed troops restore the government of South Korea to power, and Macarthur is hailed as a military genius.   
He leaves Zionist controlled Washington in the precarious position of having to appear to be trying to win, without tipping their hand that they are actually trying to lose to extend the war.
The Zionist war cabinet discusses the dilemma at a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee and Foreign Relations Committee.
It is decided that the pro-American Macarthur will ruin the war plans and that:

“the removal of General MacArthur was within the constitutional powers of the President but the circumstances were a shock to national pride.” 

When Macarthur tells the press that the restrictions being placed on his troops by Washington are “an enormous handicap, unprecedented in military history,” Truman attempts to censor Macarthur, and prevent the press from finding out what is really happening, stating that military officials should not speak to the press and must ask the state department if comments are allowed before making them public,
“and…refrain from direct communications on military or foreign policy with newspapers, magazines, and other publicity media.”   
Macarthur however continues speaking to the press and makes a statement which in effect ruins the entire Korean War plan for the Zionists and the Truman administration.
He informs the public that China is no real threat at all, the exact opposite of what Washington and the press have been telling  the public. He explains that the Communist nation is feeble, top-heavy and like all Communist nations, lacks industrial capacity:

“Red China, of such exaggerated and vaunted military power, lacks the industrial capability to provide adequately many critical items necessary to the conduct of modern war. He lacks the manufacturing base and those raw materials needed to produce, maintain and operate even moderate air and naval power, and he cannot provide the essentials for successful ground operations, such as tanks, heavy artillery and other refinements science has introduced into the conduct of military campaigns.”

President Truman is infuriated by MacArthurs sabotage of Zionist war plans, stating:

“I was ready to kick him into the North China Sea…I was never so put out in my life…
This was a most extraordinary statement for a military commander of the United Nations to issue on his own responsibility. It was an act totally disregarding all directives to abstain from any declarations on foreign policy. It was in open defiance of my orders as President and as Commander-in-Chief. This was a challenge to the authority of the President under the Constitution. It also flouted the policy of the United Nations. By this act MacArthur left me no choice—I could no longer tolerate his insubordination.”

MacArthur is relieved of duty in April 1951. 

Anti-Communist Japan who had strongly supported MacArthur considers this a betrayal and releases a statement: 

“MacArthur’s dismissal is the greatest shock since the end of the war. He dealt with the Japanese people not as a conqueror but a great reformer. He was a noble political missionary. What he gave us was not material aid and democratic reform alone, but a new way of life, the freedom and dignity of the individual… We shall continue to love and trust him as one of the Americans who best understood Japan’s position.”

The anti-Communist Senator Robert Taft of Ohio states:

“President Truman must be impeached and convicted. His hasty and vindictive removal of General MacArthur is the culmination of series of acts which have shown that he is unfit, morally and mentally, for his high office. The American nation has never been in greater danger. It is led by a fool who is surrounded by knaves.”

Although the Zionist Washington coalition is able to drag the war out for 3 years, they are never able to expand it beyond the region, largely due to the heroic efforts of MacArthur both on the battlefield, and publicly opposing the war machine in Washington. The pointless war ends in a stalemate.


Author John Beaty publishes The Iron Curtain Over America  in which he details how the Zionists carefully maneuvered the U.S. into World War II against its wishes, through the use of press propaganda and total censorship of all information which could have prevented either war:

“Our grossest censorship concealed the Roosevelt administration’s maneuvering our people into World War II. The blackout of Germany’s appeals to settle our differences..
News was slanted as much as by a 50 to 1-Leftist ratio in a War Department digest of U.S. newspaper opinion, intended presumably to influence thought, including the thought of U.S. soldiers…

It is not only what the people think, but the soundness of their opinion which is most relevant. The founders of our democracy assumed that, if public opinion is to be a safe guide for statecraft, the electorate must be honestly and adequately informed. I do not believe that any interventionist, with any conscience whatever, would contend that the American public was candidly or sufficiently informed as to the real nature and intent of President Roosevelt’s foreign policy from 1937 to Pearl Harbor.

..With the passing of the years, government censorship has become so much more intensive that it was a principal topic of the American Society of Newspaper Editors at its meeting (April 21, 1951) in Washington.
‘We editors have been assuming that no one would dispute this premise: That when the people rule, they have a right to know all their Government does. This committee finds appalling evidence that the guiding credo in Washington is becoming just the opposite: That it is dangerous and unwise to let information about Government leak out in any unprocessed form.'”

The whole story of Germany’s appeal for negotiations and our curt refusal and severance of diplomatic relations was not published in 1937 or 1938, when Germany made her appeals, but was withheld from the public until ferreted out by the House Committee on Un-American Activities after World War II and by that committee released to the press more than ten years after the facts were so criminally suppressed.”


As the Jewish population in Palestine increases, many Sephardic Jews (Jews by race) migrate to the area. The Zionist Ashkenazi Jews (Jews by religion only) although happy to wear the label of “God’s chosen people” to dupe Christians into allowing them to get away with crimes, are not interested in allowing any Biblical Jews to occupy the land.  

To reduce this growing population, under Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, school children of Sephardic “brown” Jews are taken from school to be treated for “ringworm” purportedly to prevent the spread of the disease.
In fact, the treatments are to prevent the spread of the population and over 200,000 of these children are given 10,000 to 12,000 times the recommended medical dose of irradiation, administered to the head and neck area. Within a year 6,000 of these children are dead.  Many die in the years following, and survivors suffer cancers, epilepsy, infertility, and other brain disorders. Some pass genetic abnormalities to their children. The incident becomes known as The Ringworm Affair. It does not make the news in the western Zionist press.
David Ben Gurion


In his book Behind Communism  by Frank L. Britton discusses the difficulty of opposing Communism because of its Jewish origins and the accusations of racism that immediately silence any discussion of the matter:       

“The main reason why so little is known concerning the true nature of Communism stems from this problem. Historical writers have been understandably reluctant to hold forth on the subject for fear of marking themselves as “race haters” and “bigots.” For this reason the entire subject has been placed beyond the pale of discussion. One simply does not use the word “Jew” and “Communism” together.
The result is, of course, censorship. In this work we have decided to breach the wall of silence at whatever the cost, and to treat the subject as fairly and as honestly as we know how. No attempt is made to single out individuals because they happened to be born to a certain race: neither have we exempted anyone from criticism for that reason. It was decided that since Communism and Judaism are so irretrievably bound one to the other, a history of the Jewish people would contribute substantially to an understanding of the present communist menace.”


With regard to the Jewish origins of global Communism, Congressman John Rankin states on the Congressional record:

“Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name.
They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their Communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.”


With the Democrat party growing extremely unpopular as they move further left and continue supporting the growth of Communism, Communist Dwight D. Eisenhower, a lifelong Democrat switches parties and pretends to be a Republican for his presidential campaign. 
Eisenhower, whose countless war crimes have been censored by the Zionist press, and who had been portrayed as a war hero, wins the election and becomes the first Communist “Republican” president since Theodore Roosevelt.
Eisenhower makes a face which says "I guess you CAN kill 12 million innocent civilians and still become president of the U.S."


Zionist Bertrand Russell publishes  The Impact Of Science On Society in which he points out:

I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology … Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education.’

Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part … It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.

The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship … The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. Various results will soon be arrived at. First, that the influence of home is obstructive.

Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten.

Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective.

Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.

Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen.

Scientific societies are as yet in their infancy … It is to be expected that advances in physiology and psychology will give governments much more control over individual mentality than they now have even in totalitarian countries.  

Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished …  

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible …

The system, one may surmise, will be something like this: except possibly in the governing aristocracy, all but 5 per cent of males and 30 per cent of females will be sterilised.

The 30 per cent of females will be expected to spend the years from eighteen to forty in reproduction, in order to secure adequate cannon fodder. As a rule, artificial insemination will be preferred to the natural method…

Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.

After all, most civilized and semi-civilized countries known to history and had a large class of slaves or serfs completely subordinate to their owners. There is nothing in human nature that makes the persistence of such a system impossible. And the whole development of scientific technique has made it easier than it used to be to maintain a despotic rule of a minority.

When the government controls the distribution of food, its power is absolute so long as they can count on the police and the armed forces. And their loyalty can be secured by giving them some of the privileges of the governing class. I do not see how any internal movement of revolt can ever bring freedom to the oppressed in a modern scientific dictatorship….

I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing. There are others, which, one must suppose, opponents of birth control would prefer. War, as I remarked a moment ago, has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective.

If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full. There would be nothing in this to offend the consciences of the devout or to restrain the ambitions of nationalists.

The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s…  

..so long as there is not a single world government there will be competition for power  

as regards population … To deal with this problem it will be necessary to find ways of preventing an increase in world population. If this is to be done otherwise than by wars, pestilences, and famines, it will demand a powerful international authority.

This authority should deal out the world’s food to the various nations in proportion to their population at the time of the establishment of the authority.

If any nation subsequently increased its population it should not on that account receive any more food. The motive for not increasing population would therefore be very compelling.


Zionists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, a couple who had met in New York while members of the Young Communist League, are convicted of espionage, after it is revealed they are Communist spies, who have been photographing classified documents and providing U.S. military technology to foreign Communist regimes. Both are executed despite mass Communist protests and a media campaign to portray the arrest and trial as (surprise) anti-Semitic and racially motivated.


A terrorist attack by the terrorist state of Israel is carried out. The attack is funded by U.S. taxpayers.  Known as operation “Shoshana,”  Ariel Sharon leads a group of radicals who attack the village of Qibya at night, in an attempt to frighten more Arab residents from their homes, so that Jewish immigrants can be moved in.   
69 innocent Arabs are massacred, most of whom are women and children. 50 buildings are destroyed including a church and a school.  Sharon claims he is under orders to inflict “maximal killing and damage to property.” After public outrage, he later changes his story and writes that he was shocked to find the houses weren’t empty.
The attack is so horrific that the United States temprorarily suspends the welfare payments it sends to Israel.

When you have already killed 100 million civilians, what’s a few dozen more.


Opposition is growing all over the Middle East, to “Israel’s” illegal occupation of Palestine and countless terror attacks on innocent Arabs.   
When Iran attempts to stop theft of its oil reserves by a Zionist controlled corporation, the Anglo Iranian Oil Company, it is determined the best course of action is, as always, “regime change,” so a Zionist puppet can be put in place, who can keep the Iranian population in check and facilitate the continued theft.
Using its United States secret police, the CIA,  the Zionists arrange a coup to remove the Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh.  To placate the American public, Eisenhower tells Americans there is the threat (of course) of a “Communist” takeover in Iran, which must be prevented.   To make the operation appear to have some Iranian support, the Allen Dulles-led CIA helps arrange fake protest marches with character actors pretending to be in favor of the Zionist puppet Fazlollah Zahedi.  Mosaddegh is arrested and tried for treason by a hastily assembled military court, which has no legal authority in Iran. 
Mosaddegh is “convicted” and spends the rest of his life on house arrest, while the Zionist puppet Fazlollah Zahedi is kept in power by funding and armaments funneled through the CIA using U.S. taxpayer money.  


Enjoying the use of their new U.S. taxpayer funded toy, the CIA, the Zionist regime is delighted to discover how incredibly easy it is to replace an elected government with one of  their own puppets. In Guatemala the elected Jacobo Arbenz is removed and a Zionist dictatorship installed, headed by Carlos Castillo Armas.
Like essentially all Communist revolutions, the background of this one involves a corporate interest who is being prevented by the population from looting local resources. 
In this case the popular Arbenz is opposing the expansion of the United Fruit Company, an international corporation with ties to U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. (The brother of CIA diector Allen Dulles.)
The UFC owns over half a million acres of land in Guatemala.   The UFC is seen by Guatemalans as an occupying force, a nation within a nation who extracts and exports great wealth from the country but does nothing to help the impoverished population whose resources they are confiscating and selling.
When Arbenz confiscates the land from the UFC, but offers to pay them twice the price they paid for it, the coup is quickly arranged and orchestrated. Master propagandist Edward Bernays is broght in to confuse the public about the reasons for targeting Guatemala.  In typical Communist fashion, the exact opposite of what is being done is reported in the press. 
The press tells the U.S. public a coup is needed to overthrow a Communist regime.   
When the propaganda campaign fails to build support for U.S. action in the region, the coup takes place anyway using the CIA.  The CIA is accountable to no one in the U.S. and can not be stopped from doing anything.  Arbenz is removed and Armas is in.  As a extra slap in the face to Americans, the operation is carried out on July 4th, and results in permanent anti-U.S. sentiment in the region.
It also radicalizes Che Guevara, who lives in Guatelmala City at the time.  He will later assist in a Communist revolution in Cuba.    The turmoil leads to the 36- year long Guatemalan Civil War.


Former schoolteacher and member of the Communist party Bella Dodd publishes School of Darkness in which she reveals the total control the Communist party has over labor and teachers’ unions in the United States, the methods they use to infiltrate and gain control of school boards, and how they influence and tilt public elections in the United States toward the desired Communist candidate.
All of it is done by brainwashing and gaining control of good and well-intentioned people. 
Dodd writes the book after finally discovering the party was lying to its members about everything and using them only to gain power before discarding the people they use along the way.
She recalls:
 “…ONLY people I did not know, the great mass of unknown human beings, began to awaken in me a poignant sense of kinship.  In fact, I began to transfer my personal feelings to this wholly unknown defeated mass.  And so it came about that I began to seek my spiritual home among the dispossessed of the earth..”

  “The saddest situation I saw in the Party were the hundreds of young people eager to be used.
And the Party did use this mass of anonymous people for its immediate purposes. And so young people were burned out before they could reach maturity . But I saw, too, how inexhaustible was the supply of human beings willing to be sacrificed. Much of the strength of the Party, of course, is derived from this very ruthlessness in exploiting people…”

“…We met on a level of equality and tolerance and with the hope that a world could be created by the young men and women of all nations in which all people could live and work on free and equal terms. We were not aware of the tight web of power which set the stage for molding our opinions…

…As for the past, when I felt a twinge of regret for what I was putting behind me, I ignored it. I accepted the present with all its undirected selfishness…”

“Frequently… I went to Teacher’s College at Columbia. I was always impressed by the large enrollment of teachers from nearly every state in the union. I watched them as they gathered round the trees which bore the shields of their states. I, too realized what a powerful effect Teachers College could have on American education with thousands of teachers to influence national policy and social thinking…”        
“The recognition [by FDR] in 1933 in Washington of the USSR brought a tremendous change in the activities of the communists on our college campus. Recognition brought respectability; it led to the organization of such groups as Friends of the Soviet Union, which was led by engineers and social workers and which soon extended to the world of art and science and to education in general.  Almost overnight and seemingly from nowhere organizations arose.

Groups of the Young Communist League and the League for Industrial Democracy…I was very conscious of one thing : these organizations were not springing up spontaneously; some creating group was behind them… Before long they had infected the entire student body.
      Strange people were brought to the little gatherings…and though the rest of us were all teachers and college employees, the new figures had nothing to do with the colleges. They began to enlist our group in the struggle against fascism.”

“I now represented a growing educational pressure group;  With the Communists in control, the New York Teachers Union expanded its membership rolls by taking in unemployed teachers, substitute teachers, and WPA teachers . These made a large bloc for political pressure. We added further strength to it by working with the Communist section of te PTA and several student organizations…
  “In the process of preparing a country for revolution the Communist Party tries to enlist the masses . It seeks to enlist the unattached people, for they have little to lose and are the first to capitulate to organized excitement…”

 “The “progressive” bloc at the State Federation convention that year decided to run me for a position in the State Federation of Labor. It seems ridiculous to me now that one so newly come to the labor movement should have been pushed forward against the established machine . But this, too, was a communist tactic; for Communists have no hesitation whatever in bringing unknown people forward into leadership, the more callow or ill-equipped the better, since they will therefore more easily be guided by the Party. The weaker they are, the more certainly they will carry out  the party’s wishes. Suddenly and dramatically, the Communist Party makes somebodies out of nobodies. If tactics change, they also drop them just as quickly and the somebodies again become nobodies.
Since 1932 the Communist Party had publicized itself as the leading opponent of fascism. It had used the emotional appeal of anti-fascism to bring many people to the acceptance of communism, by posing communism and fascism as alternatives. Its propaganda machine ground out an endless stream of words, pictures, and cartoons . It played on intellectual, humanitarian, racial, and religious sensibilities until it succeeded to an amazing degree in conditioning America to recoil at the word fascist even when people did not know its meaning.

“We talked with Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt at her apartment on Eleventh Street. She graciously agreed to do all in her power to get our memoranda into the hands of the appropriate officials.”

“The real political power passed to the well-financed, well- organized unions of the CIO and of the left-wing A .F. of L. and to the organized national minority groups, Negro, Italian, Jewish, etc . These groups were used as political machines to get votes and their self-appointed leaders were rewarded with the spoils of office . This new pattern I saw repeated over and over again, and it drained both Republican and Democratic Parties.”
“…there is no halfway house in which you can meet the communist movement. Co-existence is not possible on any level.”
“I have had many occasions to see that this cataloging of people as either “right” or “left” has led to more confusion in American life than perhaps any other false concept. It sounds so simple and so right…Communists usurp the position of the left, but when one examines them in the light of what they really stand for, one sees them as the rankest kind of reactionaries and communism as the most reactionary backward leap in the long history of social movements.”
“The process of completely freeing oneself emotionally from being a Communist is a thing no outsider can understand. The group thinking and group planning and the group life of the Party had been a part of me for so long that it was desperately difficult for me to be a person again. It was a long and painful process, much like that of a polio victim who has to learn to walk all over again. I had to learn to think. I had to learn to love. I had to drain the hate and frenzy from my system. I had to dislodge the self and the pride that had made me arrogant, made me feel that I knew all the answers .  I sorrowed for those who would be taken down the long road whose end I saw, now, was a dead end.
 I could not at that time know, as I did later, how men of wealth use the communist movement to bend workers  to their  will … I soon learned that the members exposed to the public were not the important Communists .       
So I became not a member of an idealistic group of which I was proud, but the tool of a secret, well-organized world power.”

Dodd managed to recover from the usually terminal illness of Marxism.  Her book should be required reading at least in households if not in schools.


The Zionist plan for Greater Israel includes expanding the “state” to cover an area which extends to the Nile River in the west, to the Euphrates in. the east, and would give Israel access to the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, in addition to the Mediterranean with shipping access to Africa, Asia and Europe.   
The 2 blue lines on the flag represent the two river boundaries.
Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion states:

“the boundaries of Zionist aspirations are the concern of the Jewish people and no external factor will be able to limit them….” 

The land area in question includes land area includes all of Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan, and parts of Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
It is determined the best course of action is to turn these nations into enemies of the United States and have the U.S. do most of the dirty work to overthrow them and turn the land over to Israel.   This will also help to weaken the U.S. financially, militarily and politically, for its eventual fall.
To create hostility between Egypt and the U.S., Israel’s new secret police, Mossad carries out a series of bombings of American targets in Egypt, which are then blamed on Egypt’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood’.   
“Operation Susannah,” a false flag attack is carried out by Mossad and several American and British schools, libraries, cinemas and a post office are bombed by Zionist agents posing as Egyptians. 
The Israeli operation is uncovered when one bomb ignites prematurely in possession of a Zionist agent.  A search of his apartment reveals his identity and the details of the operation implicating his accomplices.
Several of the agents are imprisoned and two are hanged.
Israeli defense minister Pinhas Lavon is forced to resign after the incident.
Although the event reveals very early in Israel’s existence that Israel is the only enemy the United States has in the Middle East, the story gets little coverage in Zionist press and most Americans remain unaware it ever took place.
As a result of the affair, Israel’s plans to expand are delayed temporarily.


Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish author and anti-Zionist activist, who was personally acquainted with top Zionists Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Joseph Kennedy and Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, publishes Facts are Facts.  
In it he demonstrates that (well known to Zionist leaders) modern Jews are not descended from the tribe of Judah of the Bible, and that the Ashekenazi population who today are considered “the Jews” are only Jewish by religion, not by race. A  mass  deception is being used to allow their leaders to get away with innumerable crimes, while Bible believers stand by and watch, believing the occult Zionists have some connection with Israel of the Bible.  Crimes including the overthrow of all existing governments, the murder of hundreds of millions of people and the theft of the land of Palestine for strategic political purposes and natural resources, are done under the guise that the land was “promised to them by God.”Freedman’s work is supported by the Bible:

“Genesis 10:1: Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth:  
2 The sons of Japheth; Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tubal, and Meshech, and Tiras.
3 And the sons of Gomer; Ahskenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah.
Ashkenazi peoples are from the line of Japheth, not Shem.  (Japhethites, not Shemites or “Semites.”)


Elizabeth Dilling, the author of the 1934 book The Red Network (which had exposed the vast Communist network in academia, government and industry in the United States), publishes The Plot Against Christianity, in which she demonstrates the  connections between the execution of Christ by Jewish leaders to protect their power and present day attacks on Christianity to protect the power of Jewish leaders, stating:

“‘What has that to do with us today? What a group of Pharisees did two thousand years ago is over and done with!’
However, the missing link in Christian understanding on the subject of “Pharisees” is best supplied by the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943): 

‘The Jewish religion as it is today traces its descent, without a break, through all the centuries, from the Pharisees. Their leading ideas and methods found expression in a literature of enormous extent, of which a very great deal is still in existence. The Talmud is the largest and most important single piece of that literature … and the study of it is essential for any real understanding of Pharisaism. ‘
Concerning the Pharisees, the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia says: 
‘With the destruction of the Temple (70 A.D.) the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view, and a new aspect was given to the Sanhedrin of the past. A new chain of tradition supplanted the older priestly tradition (Abot 1:1). Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future. ‘  

Rabbi Louis Finklestein was chosen in 1937 by the Kehillas (Jewish communities) of the World as one of the top 120 Jews best representing “a lamp of Judaism” to the World, together with Maxim Finklestein (Litvinov to conceal his identity), the Communist Commissar and bank robber terrorist; atheist communist Albert Einstein; those indefatigable Marxist reds, Harold Laski and his friend Felix Frankfurter (U.S. Supreme Court Justice) who shared honors with Rabbi Finklestein and others.

Finklestein has long headed the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, with branches in New York and Los Angeles. In his two-volume work “The Pharisees.” Rabbi Finklestein writes: 

Pharasaism became Talmudism … But the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew … studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating the arguments used in the Palestinian academies. From Palestine to Babylonia; from Babylonia to North Africa, Italy. Spain, France and Germany; from these to Poland. Russia and Eastern Europe generally, ancient Pharasaism has wandered. 

In Rabbi Finklestein’s History of the Jews, he states: 
The Talmud derives its authority from the position held by the ancient academies. (i.e. Pharisee) The teachers of those academies, both of Babylonia and of Palestine. were considered the rightful successors of the older Sanhedrin . . . At the present time, the Jewish people have no living central authority comparable in status to the ancient Sanhedrins or the later academies. Therefore, any decision regarding the Jewish religion must be based on the Talmud as the final resumé of the teaching of those authorities when they existed. (The Jews — Their History, Culture, and Religion , Vol. 4, p. 1332, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1949)….”
“….Our family trip to Red Russia in 1931 started my dedication to anti-Communism. We were taken behind the scenes by friends working for the Soviet Government and saw deplorable conditions, first hand.
We were appalled, not only at the forced labor, the squalid crowded living quarters, the breadline ration card workers’ stores, the mothers pushing wheelbarrows and begging children of the State nurseries besieging us.
The open virulent anti-Christ campaign, every-where, was a shock. In public places were the tirades by loud speaker, in Russian, (our friends translated). Atheist cartoons representing Christ as a villain, a drunk, and the object of a cannibalistic orgy (Holy Communion): as an oppressor of labor; again as trash being dumped from a wheelbarrow by the Soviet Five-Year-Plan – these lurid cartoons filled the big bulletin boards in the churches our Soviet guides took us to visit.”
For directly quoting leading Zioinsts, Dilling is of course labeled by the press as a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite. 


Abuse of tax exempt ‘foundations’ leads to the formation of a Congressional Comittee, known as the Reece Committee. Though a loophole deliberately placed in the tax code, many tax exempt companies are doing the exact opposite of their stated purposes.
Under the guise of charity work, the foundations are being used to launder money and promote Communism.  
Kathryn Casey, a member of the Reece Committee reviews the books of the Carnegie Endowment Fund.
In their 1908 minutes, she finds the following questions written, as spoken by the leaders of the Carnegie tax exempt foundation: 
“Is there any means known more effective than war, assuming you wish to alter the life of an entire people?” 
and  states: “The conclusion was that war was the most effective”. 

In their 1909 minutes, she also finds: 
“How do we involve the US in a war?”, 
“We must control the State Department” and 
“We must control diplomatic machinery”. 

She also uncovers further evidence that the Carnegie tax exempt foundation acted on this objective. 
The foundation had dispatched a telegram to President Woodrow Wilson to encourage him to see that World War I did not end too quickly.
Also found stated in the minutes from 1919, is that the Carnegie Fund wanted to prevent a return in America to life pre-1914.
The findings of the committee are revealed in The Dodd Report, named for investigator Norman Dodd. It demonstrates that several of the largest foundations including the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment are actually just fronts for the Communist party, and engaged in activities which are attempting to subvert and overthrow the government of the United States of America.
It reveals that the foundations effectively fomented a Communist revolution in the 1930’s, stating:
“Some of the larger foundations have directly supported ‘subversion’ in the true meaning of that term–namely, the process of undermining some of our vitally protective concepts and principles. They have actively supported attacks upon our social and governmental system and financed the promotion of socialism and collectivist ideas….
…1933–1936, a change took place which was so drastic as to constitute a ‘revolution’.  

The activities defined by the report as subversive included:

“Any action having as its purpose the alteration of either the principle or the form of the United States Government by other than constitutional means”
The report proposed doing away with permanent tax exempt foundations and limiting their lifespan to as little as 10 years, and to restrict the tax exempt statuses of foundations that hold significant assets and prohibiting the use of funds to promote
“socialism, collectivism or any other form of society or government which is at variance with the basic principles of ours..”

Consisting of 5 members, the Reece Committee has 3 Republicans and two Democrats.
When the final report is issued, the two Democrats, both Communists, refuse to sign the report.  
Rather than address the actual content of the report, (which is irrefutable) the two issue a statement which attacks the Committee itself.  
(The number one law of Communist debate is to always, always, always attack the opponent, never, ever, ever discuss the issue) The two Communists accuse the committee members of having a “deep-seated antagonism toward foundations,” an argument which does not address the accusations and makes no sense.

The Zionist press goes ballistic attacking the Committee, accusing them of Mccarythism (a word they coined and turned into an insult after Joe Mccarthy exposed hundred of prominent Communists) and any personal attack they can think of, while defending the noble foundations for their commitment to “education” and proclaiming their “rights” to “free speech” are being violated.
Despite publicly exposing the Zionist revolution in the United States, the Reece Committee leads to no action by Congress.  The press is simply too powerful and Congress is already swarming with Communists.  
The infiltration and subversion of governments by these foundations will be vastly expanded. Many today are far more powerful than any nation on earth.


Israel continues attacking its neighbors in all directions.
Several terrorist attacks are carried out. Operation Black Arrow kills 38 Egyptian soldiers and injures 30 more. Operation Elkayam kills 72 more Egyptians. Operation Jonathan kills 20 Jordanian soldiers.  Operation Egged kills 12 more Egyptian soldiers and takes 29 more hostage. Operation Volcano kills 81 more. Operation Olive Leaves kills 54 Syrians. Operation Samaria kills 100 Jordanian soldiers. An additional 5,000 Arabs are killed between 1949-1955 for crossing the arbitrarily drawn “border” into “Israel.” 


Roosevelt’s Communist Manifesto is published by author Emanuel Josephson, is which he demonstrates how Marx’s Communist Manifesto was simply the work of Illuminist Adam Wesihaupt, rebranded to appear to be something new, and how Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was simply the vehicle used in the United States to implement every aspect of Weishaupt’s vision for imposing a dictatorship.



After establishing an arbitrary curfew in Palestine, Israeli troops encounter 49 farmers in the town of Kafir Qasim who are returning from work in the fields and and unaware of the sudden curfew.  Rather than inform the villagers of the curfew, the troops immediately open fire and murder all of the farmers. The event becomes known as the Kafir Qasim massacre. 



David Ben-Gurion states before the Israeli Kensset that the attacks on all the neighboring countries in the Middle East were about “the restoration of the kingdom of David and Solomon.”
Ben-Gurion, however, is an avowed atheist. He is simply using the Biblical references to deceive both religious Jews and Christians, into believing the global Zionist conquest is connected with some religious belief.  This stifles opposition.
Rabbi Yeshayahu Leibowitz states that Ben-Gurion “hated Judaism more than any other man he had met.”
Bible in hand, the Zionists slaughter Christians in every country they can get their hands on.


The Hungarian Revolution breaks out when a nationalist uprising overthrows the Communist government. 
 When Hungary needs assistance, the Communist Eisenhower administration rejects their pleas for help.
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles states:

“We do not see these states [Hungary and Poland] as potential military allies.”

The audacity of Eisenhower is on display.
Only 2 years earlier Eisenhower himself had authorized an invasion of Guatemala to remove the elected government based on the lie that Communism must be aggressively pursued and destroyed wherever it is.
(In reality of course the Guatemala invasion was to not to fight Communism but to install it, to assist the United Fruit Company, a corporation with connections to Dulles and his brother, CIA director Allen Dulles, with the theft of local resources.)

The Hungarians have had enough of Communism.  But the revolution is short lived. After requests for aid from the U.S. are rejected, Communism is soon re-established in Hungary. 


John Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI gives an ominous statement about Zionist future plans for the United States. In an article written in The Elks magazine in August he states:

“Would it surprise you to know that you are experiencing the very feeling of relaxation which the proponents of the most monstrous tyranny ever conceived desire to evoke in you? Would you be startled to learn that you are included in the communist blueprint for the future…?
The American phase…began to form late in 1955.
The truth is that the global tyranny of the 20th century has never been more deadly because it has never before been camouflaged with such shrewd effectiveness,

Communists begin with popular, pressing and legitimate current issues relating to unemployment, wages, hours of labor, general working conditions or similar subjects. They build a variety of organizations around these issues. They then seek to sweep large numbers of laborers and the various segments of our population which can be misled into supporting veiled communist objectives into these organizations. The objectives are gradually broadened and related to foreign as well as to domestic policies.        
It splits them into differing groups, and isolates them from united leadership, thereby rendering their opposition to communism ineffectual.  
Those nations which have attempted to assess the threat of communism on the basis of numerical strength alone are eating the bitter bread of slavery for their shortsightedness.

More than half of the communists in this country are concentrated in two states— New York and California. The majority of the remainder are concentrated in the urban industrial areas of Ohio, Illinois, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania…        
Today they may condemn a group or individual and tomorrow—if it is to their interest—praise and work with that same group or individual.
We Americans—one hundred eighty-years after our declaration of independence—are face to face with a tyranny more monstrous, more devious, less understood and more deadly than any which has threatened civilization heretofore. 
If the goal is to be accomplished, the public must be lulled into believing it has been misled about communism-that communism is not an evil;        
 The snake gives warning of his presence. The communist is less forthright. He spreads his poison quietly through front activities.

The individuals who belong to this cult are not members of the Communist Party. They even deny any sympathy with communism. But they live in a never-never land. Seemingly ignorant of the existing conspiracy, duped by communist contacts which they are apparently incapable of recognizing, the pseudo liberals constantly take off on intellectual flights that inevitably end on an enticing airstrip planned for them by the communists.
These misinformed dupes are among the persons who offer blanket opposition to all security programs now in effect and to all that are suggested.        These persons indulge in sabotage by semantics—they stigmatize Patriotic Americans…
These incredible people profess to find the tyranny of communism compatible with Christianity and synonymous with academic freedom!
These simple-minded souls would have you believe that this foreign directed conspiracy which has already enslaved one third of the peoples of the earth and is resolutely working night and day to bring us to our knees, is a myth!
The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been
introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.
  We need to drink again at the wells from which the Founding Fathers drank. We need to return to the funda- mentals which our fathers knew. We need to steep ourselves in the idealism from whence sprang the seeds of our constitutional form of government—to read again the immortal documents, the books and memoirs of the men whose faith in God and in posterity gave us our heritage of freedom. Our youth must understand that faith is essential to the continuance of freedom. The battle we are presently engaged in is a struggle between the spiritual and the material.”


In an April 5 speech, U.S. Congressman Carroll Reece states:

“We approach closer and closer to socialism…
The foundation-financed cartel promotes the idea of government by an elite.”


Another step is taken toward eliminating national sovereignty in Europe and subordinating the countries of Europe to central government, when the Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community (or Treaty of Rome) is signed. 

While controlled European leaders quickly sign on to the plan against the will of their populations, the people are told the purpose of the move is to “promote trade” among the nations in a “common market.”  This of course is Marxist gobbledygook.  The purpose is to herd the populations like cattle into a giant pen where they can be monitored, controlled, dissenters quickly dealt with, and when the time comes, depopulated.

Article 177 of the Rome Treaty quietly establishes a European Court of Justice.
Later, in 1992 the word ‘economic’ will be dropped from the title, leaving it as “Treaty Establishing the European Community.”    
Then in 2007 it will be renamed again the “Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.” 
Additional proposed treaties to complete the European super-government are rejected: A European Defence Community (EDC) and a European Political Community (EPC). 
These aspects of the new system will have to be phased in more gradually.


Zionist banking magnate James De Rothschild sends a letter to Israeli Prime Minister David ben Gurion, informing him that the Rothschilds will fund construction of a new building to house the Israeli government.

“My dear Prime Minister,

My father began his colonization work in Israel 75 years ago. The work which was then begun has been continued to this day. When in 1924 my father set up the Palestine Jewish Colonization Association – P.I.C.A.- he assigned to it the task of colonizing all his landholdings…
As I cast my eyes back over our work, I think …. that we did our work without regard to political considerations….
 …We intend to provide the sum of IL6 million for the construction of the new Knesseth building in Jerusalem which, I understand, it is proposed to set up. Let the new Knesseth building become a symbol, in the eyes of all men, of the permanence of the State of Israel.
With this done, P.I.C.A. will withdraw from the scene of Israel in the knowledge that the work which was begun 75 years ago is being carried on by the State and the people…”
                                                                                                                                                  -James De Rothschild  

Benjamin Freedman, a Jewish author and anti-Zionist activist who was personally acquainted with top Zionists Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermyer, Joseph Kennedy and Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy
explains part of the reason for the Rothschild interests in the creation of the state of Israel in his book Zionism: The Hidden Tryanny:

“The grass roots population of the United States deserves to know the truth about the Middle East crisis. They will pay with their lives unless they soon acquire a better understanding about why the Middle East crisis exists.    This author can speak with confidence on this subject as his knowledge was obtained first hand from members of the Rothschild dynasty in London, New York and elsewhere. The extent of the Rothschild wealth cannot be estimated with any degree of certainty.  

The important thing is the major portion of this wealth is in the Far East. The Rothschild interest in Europe, and the Western Hemisphere, are tremendous. However, in comparison to their wealth in the Far East, it is insignificant. A most vital single thing in the world to the Rothschild dynasty is access to the Far East. Access to the Far East through the Mediterranean is know as Great Britain’s lifeline. The Rothschild dynasty had plunged Great Britain into many wars only to preserve their lifeline to the Far East. History tells that story. The Suez Canal was completed in 1869. It, from the very start, proved a great success. The Rothschild’s swindled a forty percent (40%) interest in the Suez Canal Company from the Khedive of Egypt. They found a forty percent (40%) interest insufficient for their purpose as the value of the Suez Canal had been demonstrated after it was in use
two years. The Rothschild’s decided they must control their lifeline to their fortune in the Far East. Without justification or provocation of any description, the Rothschild’s had Great Britain occupy Egypt exactly as a defeated power is occupied by the victor. The British ran the schools, the banks, the railroads, the courts, and Egypt ceased to be Egypt except in name. Naturally, the Suez Canal came under complete control of Great Britain….  


The Zionists move ahead with the plan to utilize the U.S. as the weapon to attack all of Israel’s neighbors.
The population of the U.S. remains utterly clueless about foreign affairs, and is now under total mind control from constant stream of television propaganda, which is not only delivered through the news, but through all forms TV “programming.”
By this point in history the American public will eagerly and unquestioningly accept ANYTHING presented to it by its Zionist masters.  

A campaign is intitated which portrays the genocidal terrorist regime in Israel as helpless victims, and a simple, peaceful people in a dangerous land.   
While the press wages its pro-Israel campaign, politicians like President Eisenhower further manipulate the public.
In 1957, t
he duplicitous Democrat-turned-Republican Eisenhower declares a policy known as the “Eisenhower Doctrine,” which states that a “Middle Eastern country” can request American economic assistance or aid from U.S. military forces if it is being threatened by armed “aggression.”  The stated purpose:
You guessed it. To prevent Soviet Communist aggression in the Middle East. 

“Soviet Aggression” is to the 20th century what the War On Terror is to the 21st century.
A hoax designed to create enough fear to allow the creation of a massive surveillance-saturated police state, and never ending growth of government, and dismantling of civil liberties. 
The real purpose of the Eisenhower Doctrine is, of course, to place the U.S. military in the hands of the Israeli government.


Surprise! Eisenhower has already found a “Middle Eastern country” to deploy the Eisenhower Doctrine on behalf of.
What extraordinary foresight he showed by issuing the “doctrine” just before using it.
Even bigger surprise, the “doctrine” is not to be used against the Soviets.
(Even though this was the only stated purpose for it.)
Operation Blue Bat is announced in July and 14,000 U.S. troops are sent off to war to expand Communism on behalf of Israel.  The stupid American public of course, is told that they are being sent to fight “international Communism.”
The U.S. troops are stationed in Beirut, Lebanon and in the Mediterranean off the Lebanese coast.
In his book Hidden Tyranny, author Benjamin Freedman describes the situation:
“In 1956 it appeared that Middle East countries were undergoing changes in their governments.
The Zionist illegal occupation of Palestine still existed. Populations in Middle East countries were growing restless. Talmudists recognized something must be done to silence the unrest. President Eisenhower then obliged the Talmudists. Lebanon is the heart of Middle East political activity. To nip action in the bud, by native populations aiming to assert their independence from domination by Talmudists, Talmudists arranged with President Eisenhower to occupy Lebanon with fourteen thousand (14,000) troops and to station the Sixth Fleet off the coast. To make it legal, Talmudists had Congress pass a Joint resolution like the Tonkin Bay Resolution passed by Congress to legalize the war in Vietnam. 
President Eisenhower occupied Lebanon with fourteen thousand (14,000) United States troops and stationed the sixth Fleet off the Lebanon coast.
President Eisenhower was warning the Middle East nations not to attempt to regain Palestine from the Zionists in illegal possession of Palestine. President Eisenhower must have had a consortium of the smartest Talmudists the state defense and justice departments prepare that joint resolution.
The intent of that unclear language is to conceal the purpose of the joint Resolution not to explain its purpose. The purpose was to have a joint resolution in record that would permit President Eisenhower to use the United States armed forces and navy to aid and abet the Zionist thieves to hold onto their stolen loot without any necessity to ask Congress to declare war.
Every word President Eisenhower uttered to defend the crooks in occupation of Palestine was a lie which contributed to the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East.
Talmudists in the United States were able to camouflage their illegal aggression in the Middle East behind the glamour of President Eisenhower’s record as a great soldier. “


Examining the causes of  World War II in his book The World Conquerors: The Real War Criminals author Louis Marschalko states:

“In losing Germany, Jewry lost a territory from which it exerted power. Therefore it was determined to re-conquer it.”…”

The statement of the American military counter-espionage and intelligence service established the fact that Jacob Schiff gave twelve million dollars towards the financing of the Bolshevik revolution. As for the Parisian banking house of Lazare, they not only played a considerable role in the unleashing of the Second World War, but their former director Mr. Altschul is to-day on the Board of Executives of Free Europe Inc., and is at present occupied with the reorganisation of Europe.
This peculiar ganging up, this conspiracy of Bolsheviks and bankers can only be plausibly explained by Jewish nationalism.”

“The greatest lie of history is the statement alleging that Christianity was born out of the Jewish religion.
On the contrary, Christianity came into being as the very negation of Jewish nationalism and racial predestination. The apostles themselves taught this.”


Solomon Regenstreif publishes The Story of an American Communist, in which he boasts that revolutionary Jews were solely responsible for the Russian Revolutions. 
Regenstreif is editor of The Daily Worker the newspaper of the American Communist party. 
He is more well known by an alias, John Gates, which is used to conceal his identity.

Solomon Regenstreif


In China, the time has come to eliminate the “middle class,” the only obstacle to total power for the left. 
To carry this out, a period of mandatory “agricultural collectivization” is decreed.  This is simply a depopulation measure.

The means of productions” are “seized” from the peasants. Private farming is banned and all food is confiscated. Any food found is removed by government officials, who call it a “surplus.”
Funerals, weddings, local markets, festivals and any tradition connecting the people to each other or to their history are banned. The farmers and their families are left to starve to death.  

Any opposition is countered by public “struggle sessions” where victims are publicly humiliated or tortured.
Victims are falsely accused of terrible crimes and tortured until they confess. If a political opponent is someone well known, these sessions are held in sports stadiums in front of large crowds. The sessions are modeled after the Zionist methods used in the Soviet Union to break any opposition to the party.
Known as The Great Leap Forward, the period closely resembles deliberate starvation of Russians and Ukranians under Bolshevism and Stalinism.   
60 million people are murdered by Mao’s government over the next few years.  
With 40 million dead in World War 1, 80 million in World War 2, 60 million in Russia and Ukraine, and 60 million killed during the Great Leap Forward, the Zionist terror machine has now killed nearly a quarter of a billion people in a period of less than 50 years.
The fall of China would never have been possible without the treason of U.S. President Harry Truman, George Marshall and others in the administration who helped the Chinese Communists topple the nationalists in 1949.
Estimates for the number killed by Mao Zedong range as high as 80 million, which would make him the most prolific mass murderer in the history of the world.
Mao was created, trained and funded by Zionist interests, through the Yale In China organization, a branch of the secret  Skull and Bones society which operates at Yale University.  Yale In China used charity work as a cover for its activities.  The city of Changsha was chosen for its strategic location and a college and a high school were started by Yale University faculty members, the high school called the Yali School, a play on the word Yale, meant to sound Chinese. It was here in Changsha that Mao’s political career and the Communist revolution in China began. Mao would later serve as the dean of the Yali School.  


Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch society states:

“…both the U.S. and Soviet governments are controlled by the same conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the U.S. government would betray the country’s sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order…”


The Zionist CIA assists Fidel Castro in overthrowing the elected Cuban government of Fulgencio Batistsa and establishing Communism.  Castro assumes power in 1959 and, as always, a “purge” follows.  Castro executes hundreds of political opponents by hanging and firing squad, and imprisons thousands more. 
In 1997, an article in the New York Times states:

“What do Fidel Castro, three founding members of the Jesuit order, Saint Teresa of Avila and Cardinal Jean Marie Lustiger of Paris have in common with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright?
A Jewish background.”
(Interestingly, in an article pointing out that Castro was Jewish, the Times casually admits the Jesuit order was a Jewish creation, something rarely discussed or found in history books.)

In his book Fidel: A Critical Portrait, author Tad Szulc notes:

“Uncle Sam was engaged in a number of activities that were both contradictory and mysterious.  On the one hand the United States continued to supply the Batista Regime with weapons to fight the rebels while on the other hand, it secretly channeled funds to the 26th of July movement through the CIA… Between October of 1957 and the middle of 1958, the CIA delivered no less than $50,000 to a half-dozen or more key members of the July 26th movement.”

The Zionists created, organized and funded the revolution to take Cuba, for its strategic location on the border of the United States.  Soviet weapons will soon be stationed there and pointed at the U.S. to escalate the tensions of the Cold War Hoax.
Then they publish half a century of lies in the press about Castro, claiming he is “popular” among Cubans, and portraying the revolution as a grass roots uprising. 
A letter from a daughter of a police chief murdered by the Castro regime, puts in perspective the terror unleashed by the Zionists on the Cuban population.

“My name is Barbara Rangel, granddaughter of Colonel Cornelio Rojas, Chief of Police in Santa Clara in the 1950’s. He was a national policeman before Batista came to power. He earned his military status of Colonel and was involved in revolutionary activities in the 1930’s. He was a man who always fought for the freedom of Cuba, in the 1930’s he was fighting against dictator Gerardo Machado at Gibara.
His father and grandfather: Colonel Cornelio Rojas Escobar and Brig. General Cornelio Rojas Hurtado, had fought prominently in Cuba’s War of Independence from Spain.  I would like to clarify and educate, if I may, those who are ignorant of the truth.
My grandfather was arrested and murdered by the godfather of modern terrorism, Che Guevara, and another murderer, Fidel Castro, for the only purpose of creating terror among the population.  They wanted to eliminate my grandfather because he was a man of great courage, a descendant of Generals who had fought for Cuba’s independence.
My granddad was a beloved pillar in his community, well known for his public service and philanthropy.
He was executed on national television without the opportunity of a trial, therefore violating his human rights (Article #10 & #11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights).
Che Guevara had sent a message to my family informing them that no harm would come to my granddad, but it was a lie, as he had already murdered him by the time my family received it.
After his execution, he was buried in a mass grave, Che Guevara didn’t even give us the solace of a funeral or allowed his family to put a cross or flowers atop my murdered granddad’s grave.
My family suffered tremendously, it was very traumatic; especially for my mom, Blanca Rojas, who was pregnant when my grandfather was murdered.  Imagine seeing your dad being murdered on national television! She immediately went into labor. By then, Che’s goons had surrounded our family house, and didn’t allow my mother to go to a hospital. A midwife had to be called to assist her with the labor. My brother, Silvio Gonzalez, was born on the same bed that belonged to my granddad. What is a person supposed to do? Rejoice for the birth of her son, or weep for the murder of her father?  How can anyone ever forget or forgive such horrific acts by these mass murderers, Che Guevara and Fidel Castro?
Yet, some ignorant celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Carlos Santana, Gisele Budchen, Johnny Depp, Mike Tyson have tattoos of the mass murderer Che Guevara.  I find this absolutely unbelievable, and it shows the ignorance of those who idolize Che Guevara.  My grandfather never killed anyone, and he died like brave men are supposed to die.  His last words were: “There’s the revolution, take care of it” and then he ordered the soldiers who were going to murder him: “Get ready, aim, fire.”  Only a brave man with military blood and courage would die like this! I am so proud of him, and my ancestors.  What a difference with Che Guevara who begged for his life when he was captured in Bolivia, a country he invaded trying to export communism.
He died like the coward that he was. His last words were “Don’t shoot me, I am worth more alive then dead.”
Those were certainly the words of a coward! For those ignorant persons out there who still idolize this murderer coward: Che Guevara murdered hundreds of persons, including 3 or 4 teenagers and a pregnant woman. Their names are publicly documented.  The good thing is that there is a higher court that one day will do justice!
Thank you for the opportunity to write. Truly yours,
Barbara Rangel”

Later, U.S. ambassador to Cuba Earl Smith states:
“Until Castro, the U.S. was so overwhelmingly influential in Cuba that the American ambassador was the second most important man, sometimes even more important than the Cuban president.” 
If we are to intervene sufficiently to bring about the overthrow of dictatorships, then we should intervene to whatever extent is required to fulfill our purpose.
Otherwise, in my opinion, we must wait for the normal self-development of a people and not assist revolution….
To make my point more clear, let me say that, we helped to overthrow the Batista dictatorship which was pro-American only to install the Castro dictatorship…”

Another year, another nation placed under Zionist dictatorship.   Another round of political opponents sacrificed.  


In Zionism: The Hidden Tyranny, Benjamin Freedman quotes New York City College professor of government Dr. Donald C. Blaisdell from a published document titled American Policy for the Near East. Blaisdell is quoted:

 “No minority of Irish, of German, of Polish, Italian, or Greek extraction has been able to manipulate policy to its advantage as have the Zionist leaders of American Jews. Nor does there appear to be any politically feasible means by which the American government can place the claims of its important clientele in proper perspective.
Like American Jews who are presumed to be members of Israel ‘s American clientele are never allowed to forget it, so the American government, Congress and Executive branch alike, is never permitted to free itself from the pressure, propaganda and power emanating from the same Zionist sources.”


Theodore Herzl, “The Father of Zionism” publishes The Diaries of Theodore Herzl, in which he states:

“…anti-Semitism, which is a strong and unconscious force among the masses, will not harm the Jews. I consider it to be a movement useful to the Jewish character. It represents the education of a group by the masses, and will perhaps lead to its being absorbed. Education is accomplished only through hard knocks. A Darwinian mimicry will set in. The Jews will adapt themselves. They are like the seals, which an act of nature cast into the water.

“First of all, there is the principle of philanthropy, which I consider completely erroneous…philanthropy debases our national character.”
“To attract Jews to rural areas you would have to tell them some fairy-tale about how they may strike gold there. In imaginative terms it might be put like this: Whoever plows, sows, and reaps will find gold in every sheaf.”

“I don’t want to raise the general level at all.  All our misfortune comes from the fact that the Jews want to climb too high. We have too many intellectuals. My intention is to keep the Jews from pushing ahead. They should not make such great strides.”  

“Let the cowardly, assimilated, baptized [Christian] Jews remain…We faithful Jews, however, will once again become great.”

Herzl laid out his plans to create the conditions to lure Jews to Palestine, to provide a cover for the theft of the land.


Brock Chisholm, the former director of the Zionist “World Health Organization,” explains how people must be brainwashed to erase loyalty to religion, family or nation, stating:
“To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas…We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests….The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of the concept of right and wrong which has been the basis of child training, the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives …for charting the changes in human behavior.”  


A plan is hatched to expedite the rewriting and cover up of the true history of World War II and replace it with a sanitized version which places all blame on Germany, while covering the Zionist intrigue in dozens of countries involved.
The Council on Foreign Relations tasks one of its journalists, William Shirer of CBS and the Zionist-owned Chicago Tribune.  He is paid a large sum to author a propaganda book about Germany.
Shirer writes The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which is published by Zionists Simon and Schuster.
Then the Zionist press unleashes a mass propaganda blitz raving about about the new “comprehensive” and “authoritative” work. The New York Times calls it:

“a splendid work of scholarship, objective in method, sound in judgment, inescapable in its conclusions.”

Critics of course dismiss the fictional and nonsensical 1,245 page bloviation as having:

“four major failings: a crude understanding of German history; a lack of balance, leaving important gaps; no understanding of a modern totalitarian regime; and ignorance of current scholarship of the Nazi period”
“not sufficiently scholarly nor sufficiently well written to satisfy more academic demands..”   
The book is exactly what it appears to be. A journalist with no first-hand knowledge of the events, producing the longest opinion column ever written, with the content mostly derived from press propaganda at the time. 
Because of the press fanfare, the book ends up having significant impact on public opinion in the United States with regard to the war.   It serves to cover up the criminal actions of Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Churchill, and Halifax in starting the war, and all of the Allied war crimes during and after the war, while portraying Hitler as the singular cause of the war and the greatest war criminal of all time.

The propaganda mill is churning out more than just TV, radio, and newspaper disinformation.


Congolese nationalist leader Patrice Emery Lumumba attempts to oppose the ruthless Zionist looting of resources in the Congo. The region is rich in copper, zinc, tin, rubber, ivory, cacao, coffee and palm oil. 
 Zionist corporate interests in Belguim control the resources and much of the population lives in near enslavement, given just enough to keep them alive and working. 
After Lumumba leads a nationalist uprising and is elected Prime Minister, he declares Congo’s independence, stating:

“it was a noble and just struggle, and indispensable to put an end to the humiliating slavery which was imposed upon us by force…”

Obviously this will not be tolerated.  Using one of its secret police forces, the CIA in the U.S., a Zionist “rebel” coalition is quickly organized, known as the Katangan secessionists.
A propaganda campaign to explain away U.S. involvement simply labels Lumumba a “Communist,” the exact opposite of the truth.
On the orders of CIA director Allen Dulles, Lumumba is imprisoned and executed by firing squad.
 He is replaced by Zionist puppet Joseph Mobutu, who rules as a dictator until 1997, keeping the population enslaved while Zionist looting of the region is vastly expanded.


New U.S. President John F Kennedy is anti-Zionist and pro-United States.
Since Calvin Coolidge over 30 years earlier, America had not had a nationalist president. 
Although Zionists generally select the U.S. president, if they fail to get their candidate in, they will attack and oppose the elected president at every turn, or like Reagan, Garfield, Mckinley, Harding, Lincoln, Jackson, etc., they be will be killed or at least an attempt will be made.

It is determined that an intentionally botched operation will be used To humiliate President Kennedy and damage his credibility and to 
increase tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in building toward another large war.
The plan had originally been considered under the Eisenhower administration to inflame tensions between Russia and the United States, but with Kennedy in office, the additional benefit can be realized of undermining his leadership and credibility.

As soon as Kennedy takes office, he is briefed on a CIA plan to invade Cuba and remove Communist Fidel Castro from power.
 Of course, the Zionist CIA has just spent years training and installing Castro and has no plans to remove him.
Like most Americans, Kennedy is unaware at the time that the CIA is an entirely Zionist organization, working to destroy the U.S., and he agrees to the planned operation. 
The CIA is headed by Zionist Allan Dulles.   
Dulles has Castro briefed on the plan and Castro makes extensive preparations for it.
Known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, 1,400 Cuban exiles to the U.S. are trained, armed and sent back to Cuba to attack Castro.  By using Cubans who recently emigrated to America, it makes the operation appear to be a real Cuban uprising.

The invasion is, of course, a disaster, since Castro had been informed of the time and location the “rebels” would arrive. 
200 of the invaders are killed as they reach the shore and the other 1200 are captured and imprisoned by Castro.  
After a commission investigates the failure, its report is released but with all of the details blacked out which show the CIA involvement.

The operation is a major victory for the Zionists. Kennedy is humiliated, as the press pins the whole debacle on him.
It entrenches Castro as Cuba’s leader and assures Communism will rule for the foreseeable future.
It aggravates the Soviets increasing tensions for a larger conflict.  
Afterward Kennedy realizes how he has been played and states he will: 

“splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”

The United States’ invasion of the Bay of Pigs is a major victory for Castro, who had been trying to convince Cubans that Americans were imperialists who would stop at nothing to expand their empire.  The invasion made it appear that he was correct, and the victory over the “invaders”   made Castro appear to be a powerful leader,  who had stood up to the American juggernaut.  Che Guevara tells President Kennedy:

“Thanks. Before the invasion, the revolution was weak. Now it’s stronger than ever.”


Correcting a common misconception, Rabbi Moshe Maggal points out that Christianity and Judaism can not co-exist, as Judaism has no tolerance for Christians, stating: 

“There is no such thing as a Judeo­-Christian religion. We consider the two religions so different that one excludes the other.”


Jewish author and Washington insider Benjamin Freedman gives perhaps the most important speech in American history in Washington, D.C., describing in detail how the Zionists carefully planned and started both world wars and have the destruction of the United States planned to the finest detail.
He states:

“Here in the United States, the Zionists and their co-religionists have complete control of our government. For many reasons, too many and too complex to go into here at this time, the Zionists and their co-religionists rule these United States as though they were the absolute monarchs of this country. Now you may say that is a very broad statement, but let me show you what happened while we were all asleep.” 

 The full text of the speech is here.

Though every American should hear Freedman's speech, almost none have.


   President of the Communist Party USA Arvo Halberg (alias Gus Hall to conceal his identity) states:

“…since the Christians seem to love to sing about the blood, why not give them a little of it?
Slit the throats of their children [and] draw them over the mourner’s bench and the pulpit and allow them to drown in their own blood, and then see whether they enjoy singing those hymns.”
Halberg's statements are premature. That phase of the plan is later.


In the divided nation of Germany, millions have been fleeing the Communist East Germany for the West. 
To stop people from escaping, a giant wall is erected across a long stretch running through Berlin.
The 100 mile long 14 foot high Berlin Wall includes 186 guard towers placed a long large concrete walls, and a wide area (later known as the “death strip”) that contained anti-vehicle trenches, beds of nails, and other defense mechanisms to prevent crossing.  Hundreds will be shot dead trying to escape to the west.


On April 27th president John F Kennedy makes a speech in which he attempts to alert the American public to the unimaginable danger they are facing, stating:

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.”

Kennedy exposes himself as a wild "conspiracy theorist," by revealing a covert world-wide plot against free people.