“I…visited some of the then so-called negro leaders, only to discover, after a close study of them, that they had no program, but were mere opportunists who were living off their so-called leadership while the poor people were groping in the dark. I traveled through 38 states and everywhere found the same condition.” 
“God does not… give people positions or jobs or… good conditions such as they desire; they must do that for themselves.. God does not build cities nor towns nor nations, nor homes, nor factories; men and people do that and all those who want must work for themselves and pray to God to give them strength to do it.”
“…A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
                                                                                                               ― Marcus Garvey, Black entrepreneur and publisher, imprisoned and deported for attempting to free Black Americans
“…Our problems will never be solved by the white man. The only way that our problem will be solved is when the black man wakes up, clean himself up, stand on his own feet and stop begging the white man, and take immediate steps to do for ourselves the things that we have been waiting on the white man to do for us. 
The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal.”
                                                                                         ― Malcolm X, minister, prior to being assassinated 
…People who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public, having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
                                                                                                         ― Booker T. Washington
“…All the resources of the Zionist lobby were directed against this book, [The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews] to destroy it in order to keep the Afro- Americans under the traditional yoke of submissiveness to the interest of the Jewish community, a situation which had become obvious to all in the US.”
                                                   ― Nation of Islam Historical Research Department

“Whether so many Jews would have achieved so high a level of social, political, economic and intellectual status and recognition, without the presence of the lowly and degraded slave, is indeed dubious. How ironic that the distinctions bestowed upon [Jewish] men like Judah P. Benjamin were in some measure dependent upon the sufferings of the Negro slaves they bought and sold with such equanimity.”

                                                   ― Jewish author Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht  
“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party.
In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros.
                                                     ― Zionist Israel Cohen, author, Marxist revolutionary


The Zionist manufactured race war unfolding in the United States is simply another communist revolution like all the other communist revolutions. This one is just wearing a “race” costume.
The emerging Zionist world government does not care HOW people are divided, only THAT they are divided. They have used the same playbook hundreds of times to divide and conquer nations over the past two and a half centuries:
  • Create economic turmoil through deceptive central banking practices,  (Inflate away the wealth till poverty and hardship are widespread) and restriction or confiscation of natural resources.
  • Using well-funded, trained street agitators and a mass propaganda campaign, radicalize a segment of the population to believe they are the poor and downtrodden (does not matter if they really are) and that their problems are the fault of the middle class in that society.  Signs, banners, protest marches, slogans, and eventually riots. These well-funded rebels are often quietly provided with weapons, and sometimes military assistance from outside the country.
  • Then the armed radicals are used to attack the “middle class” and remove their elected government by force. (Communist Revolution)
  • All means of production, resources and government power are seized as fast as possible. The organizers who put the revolution together are given posts in a new totalitarian government. (to prevent dissent and revolt) 
  • A mass murder of the middle class, the intelligent, and any political opponents or potential opposition. Only useful idiots in the desired number are kept alive, to serve as slave labor.
From that point on, Zionist resource looting operations are established and the wealth of the country is stolen and shipped away.  Any unneeded remaining population are left to starve to death.  Mass purges take place from time to time to continue population reduction and limit opposition. 

 It the United States the target is “White People.”  (The race of the person is irrelevant. Black, Asian, Hispanic, any American who is nationalist minded and productive is a “White Nationalist” or “White Supremacist” to be targeted for removal.)
Only useful idiots who blindly join the revolution are not targeted. (Most of these useful idiots will be killed later by the new government, after the revolution, having already served their purpose.) The Zionist press and leaders are working to get as many Black and White Americans to attack and blame each other for the collapsing nation, so that no one will notice that the collapse has been carefully engineered by the Zionists who control all mass media, banking, politics and major industries.
There is no book more censored and banned from reaching Black Americans than the 1991 book       
The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews. It states:

“Jews have been conclusively linked to the greatest criminal endeavor ever undertaken against an entire race of people – a crime against humanity – the Black African Holocaust…The entrapment and forcible exportation of millions of Black African citizens into the wretched and inhuman life of bondage for the financial benefit of Jews….      
The effects of this unspeakable tragedy are still being felt among the peoples of the world at this very hour.      
Deep within the recesses of the Jewish historical record is the irrefutable evidence that the most prominent of the Jewish pilgrim fathers used kidnapped Black Africans disproportionately more than any other ethnic or religious group in New World history and participated in every aspect of the international slave trade. The immense wealth of Jews, as with most of the White colonial fathers, was acquired by the brutal subjugation of Black Africans purely on the basis of skin color.

Throughout the history of the practice, Jews have been involved in the purchase and sale of human beings. This fact is confirmed by their own scholars and historians. In his book, A History of the Jews, Solomon Grayzel states that “Jews were among the most important slave dealers” in European society.
Lady Magnus writes that in the Middle Ages, “The principal purchasers of slaves were found among the Jews… [T]hey seemed to be always and everywhere at hand to buy, and to have the means equally ready to pay.”
Henry L. Feingold stated that “Jews who were frequently found at the heart of commerce could not have failed to contribute a proportionate share to the [slave] trade directly or indirectly. In 1460, when Jews were the masters of the nautical sciences in Portugal, that nation was importing 700-800 slaves yearly….      
The success of these medieval merchants was enhanced by their supreme linguistic abilities. They spoke Arabic, Persian, Roman, Frankish, Spanish and Slavonic and “displayed a business acumen far in advance of the times…”      
The Jews’ participation in the slave trade, particularly their trafficking in non-Jewish slaves, incited the moral indignation of Europe’s Gentile population. The Europeans reacted by taxing the Jews and some were expelled from their host countries for this activity…      
The following listing is a partial record of the countries and dates of the Jew’s expulsion from various European communities.  
Remember learning about this in high school?

“…With these early Jewish colonists the economic motivation for the exploitation of millions of Black Africans was introduced to the Western Hemisphere.        

The strategy seemed simple enough – wealth would be amassed through a plantation economy driven by sugar cane. The two companion enterprises of trading sugar and slaves were common occupations of Jews in the Middle Ages.   The early explorers had ascertained that the climate, both temperately and financially, made the Caribbean a logical enterprise zone, and in this transfer of the sugar industry into the eastern Caribbean, the history of the industry became entwined with the western migration of the Jews.
Jewish slave traders procured Black Africans by the tens of thousands and funneled them to the plantations of South America and throughout the Caribbean…
This is a critical distinction and the source of much of the animosity against the Jews. The Gentiles were, for the most part, nationalists, owing their allegiance to the nation in whose territory they resided. They respected the edicts of their government particularly with regard to international relations. The Jews, on the other hand, considered themselves as Jews first, particularly in international commerce. They remained internationalists without the patriotic fervor of their Gentile countrymen.


For over 2 centuries lying agitators in the Zionist press, (Illuminist before it became Zionist in the 1850’s) have been trying to create racial hatred between Black and White Americans, to kick off the race war. The war is now underway. If you are preparing to participate in a war against White America for being white, ask yourself a simple question. Are you prepared to fight a war on behalf of the slaveholders, and attack the people who fought to end slavery?
Even the most clueless follower of propaganda will understand:  The people who founded the U.S. in search of religious freedom came to the continent with nothing, or very little.  They farmed the land.  Put yourself in this position.  Where would you get a ship to cross the giant Atlantic in search of slaves to own?
The fact is, the extremely wealthy class of people who owned the ships and traded slaves, WERE THE EXACT SAME OPPRESSERS THAT THE EARLY COLONISTS CAME TO AMERICA TO ESCAPE.
This same class of wealth owned the plantations and the majority of the slaves.  Slaves in North America were extremely expensive and considered a luxury item.   They were also a means of displaying one’s wealth- the more slaves you owned, the more wealth you had on display.   
In modern America, the same blue collar class of people who seek only religious and economic freedom are under all-out assault from the same international industrialists who were attacking them 400 years ago.  
Meanwhile, the generational wealth created by slavery has passed down through the generations creating a class of elites who today control Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. and are funding and promoting race war, in the hopes that the descendants of the slaves they delivered to this continent, will help overthrow and subdue those working class religious people – people who own very little, but who they are portraying as White Supremacists.
In modern America, several successive generations of Americans have been born into a completely integrated world.  The hate and racism that American Christians are accused of is nearly entirely fictional.  This is why nearly every hate crime in history has been later revealed to be a hoax, perpetrated by leftists trying to create race hate.  
Black Christians worldwide are in the crosshairs, just as White Christians are. 
As Zionist rabbi Harry Waton explains, in his book A Program for the Jews and Humanity:
“The Jews welcome this revolution in the Christian world, and the Jews should show an example. It is not an accident that Judaism gave birth to Marxism, and it is not an accident that the Jews readily took up Marxism: all this was in perfect accord with the progress of Judaism and the Jews.”
Every major corporation is all in on the revolution. All are Zionist controlled.
The entire news media is all in, entirely Zionist controlled.
All of Academia is all in, entirely Zionist controlled.
Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington DC are all in, entirely Zionist controlled.

To create the conditions for revolution, the same central banking-induced poverty model will be employed, as it is in all Communist revolutions.   Once this revolution is complete, Black Americans will be quickly re-enslaved along with all other races.   All that is needed to widen the fracture between races to a point where they can be convinced to attack each other (for no reason at all) and America will fall. 
White and Black Americans desperately seek freedom and peaceful co-existence and neither group has any inherent hostility toward the other, except for that which has been created by economic and political oppression visited on both groups by the Zionist world rulers.   
Middle Ages 
Jewish merchants become the world’s most prominent slave traders, expanding the business of selling slaves across central and Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Baltic states and eventually Spain and Portugal.   


 Shortly after the discovery of the Americas in the late 15th century, Portuguese Jews arrive in Brazil led by explorers Fernando de Noronha and Gaspar de Gama.   They brought sugar cane and technical skills for cultivation gained during the prior centuries of slave dealing, and they brought with them African slaves to tend the sugar plantations.   With zero labor costs due to slave labor, Brazil rises quickly to a world leader in sugar cane production.   As sugar in Europe is expensive due to unsuitable climate for growing, the exports from Brazil pay off quickly.   During the 16th century, Jews establish more than 200 settlements along the Brazilian coast.
The Jewish sugar plantation owners live on large estates, and by 1600 over 10,000 Black slaves were working on more than 100 plantations.
In a later book (now heavily censored and difficult to find), The Voyage of Francois Pyard, author Albert Gray returns on a ship from Brazil and observes fellow passengers:
“The Jew had more than 100,000 crowns worth of merchandise, most of it his own; the rest put in his care by the principal merchant and others. There was also another Jew on board as rich as he, and four or five other Jewish merchants. The profits they make after being nine or ten years in those lands are marvelous, for they all come back rich; many of these new Christians, Jew by race, but baptized [to conceal their identities] being worth 60,80, or even 100 thousand crowns…” 


After the extraordinary wealth generated by the early slave trade to the Americas, over 100 million African people are kidnapped to be delivered to the British American Colonies where they are sold as slaves. 
Those attempting to escape are recaptured and limbs are cut off in front of other slaves to deter others from escape attempts.
Slaves are delivered across the Atlantic in a 3 month journey.  Only 12 million are actually sold as slaves in the “new world.” 
Conditions are so terrible that nearly 90% die in transit. They are transported like cargo, chained and lying down in narrow spaces with poor ventilation and no sanitation.   Females are separated from males, and the ships’ crews rape any females they desire. By the time a typical voyage ends, many dead bodies are pulled from the ships’ holds, and those still living are covered in excrement and filth.  Many arrive to the American continent with illnesses that kill them soon after. 
The Jewish-owned ships were given "Christian" names to conceal the identity of the slave traders.


Extraordinary wealth is being generated by merchants settling the vast resource-rich American continents equipped with slaves to tend to crops.   
To capitalize on this emerging opportunity, a major corporate enterprise is created, The Dutch West India Company. 
The British East India Company had been founded in 1600 by Jewish financiers to exploit and steal the wealth of the Eastern Hemisphere.  The Dutch East and West India Companies are formed in 1602 and 1621 to serve the same purpose in the West. 
The plan is to establish hundreds of new settlements in the Americas using the slave labor-farming model, and sell the products at massive profits in Europe, where many of the American crops can not be grown.    To raise funding and increase the fleet of ships for the ambitious ventures of both the East and West India Companies, pirate ships are equipped and sent out to steal merchant ships and their contents.
In his book The Jews in Colonial Brazil, author Arnold Wiznitzer states:      
“Year after year, Dutch merchants equipped privateers and captured Portuguese ships with cargoes destined for the mother country. In 1616, twenty-eight, and in 1623, seventy such ships were captured. This is the context in which the East India and West India Companies were founded in Amsterdam, in 1602 and 1621 respectively. Their economic objective was the acquisition of goods in India, West Africa, and America through purchase, barter, or piracy and without Portuguese interference. Another aim was political: to divide the Spanish fleet and, in general, to weaken Spain to the greatest possible extent.”
Operating these “businesses” on the basis of “theft,” (something foreign to Christendom: the Christian world) and on slave labor, allowed these “companies” to rapidly grow and surpass many European nations and their governments in wealth and power.  The East India company will grow to be known as The British Empire, as many of its global conquests and resource looting operations have been historically blamed on the British people and concealed under the British flag.  
Wiznitzer continues:
“The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300 percent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates… If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644.”
The Dutch East and West India Companies, who had formulated a Groot Desseyn (“grand design”) to seize all existing  American colonies and establish hundreds of new ones, found the task too formidable, as conquest across the vast Atlantic proved far costlier than in the East where ships could be resupplied along the routes.  As a result, individual Jewish plantation owners continued to dominate in the region, until the mid 1600’s. Revolts among the swelling slave populations and attacks from the Portuguese drove out most Jews between 1645 and 1654, and many returned to Amsterdam, while others left South America and headed North to create their own settlements. 
The Dutch West India Company creates its own Amsterdam in the north, called New Amsterdam. 
Today it is known as New York. 

The “Men without a country” who create the West and East Companies conceal their activities under the Dutch and British flags, but each will operate as an independent sovereign global governing force, collect taxes, form their own military and police forces, engage in commerce and establish settlements.


When the Jewish exiles from Brazil first arrive at New Amsterdam in the north, Peter Stuyvesant attempts to expel them, referring to them as “usurers” and stating:
“the deceitful race — such hateful enemies and blasphemers of the name of Christ, — be not allowed to further infect and trouble this new colony.”
Styuvesant appeals to the The Dutch West India Company, unaware that it is a Jewish creation, and requests support in relocating the Jewish arrivals elsewhere. Not only is his request denied, in 1664 the Company sends 4 ships with 450 armed men, who seize New Amsterdam and rename the settlement New York.  Stuyvesant is driven from the area, which is modern day Manhattan, and he heads north, to a rural area called Nieuw Haarlem, which later becomes Harlem.
Later, Jews will refuse to allow Blacks to live in the area now known as Manhattan, and they will end up populating the same area north of the city, where Stuyvesant went. As a result, there will be a large Black population in Harlem.
To this day Jews are still angry with Stuyvesant, and want his history erased to cover up the Jewish-slave trader-origins of New York.   Movements to remove his statue and name from city landmarks remain in progress in the 21st century.
Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, the head of the Shurat HaDin-Israel Law Center, states:
 “Peter Stuyvesant was an extreme racist who targeted Jews …and energetically tried to prohibit them from settling in then New Amsterdam.”
After this point, many Jews began migrating into all of the North American colonies, settling in Newport, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Charleston, where they began operating as money lenders and slave traders, often with financial support from the international East and West India “companies” and from banking houses in Europe, allowing for rapid advancement in commerce.


In 1649 Oliver Cromwell had executed King Charles I, and in 1657 had ended the 1290 Edict of Expulsion, which banned Jews from England (Although many had remained, crypto-Jews, who pretended publicly to be Christian and took on English names.)  
In 1660 Another tentacle of the global “trading” supercorporation is formed, this time known as the Royal Africa Company.   There is nothing African about the company other than its plans to steal African resources and people, who will be sold as slaves.   
The company is granted a monopoly on “trade” along the coast of Africa, and quickly becomes the dominant force in the slave trade to North America.  It establishes forts which serve as trading posts along the coast of Africa, including some existing posts which are turned over to it, tellingly, by the British East India Company.  
It begins using the same methods as the Dutch West India Company, pirating English merchant ships (proof the company is not “English” as the history books attempt to portray it) and paying bribes to the King to allow the looting, in the form half of all loot plundered from the ships. 
(An early example of the form of modern bribery used to cause politicians to sell out their own citizens.) 
In 1752 The Royal African Company becomes known as the African Company of Merchants, and continues operating in the African slave trade until 1821.


By 1774, a Jewish merchant, Duarte (Aaron) Lopez, the largest slave dealer in the British American colonies is the wealthiest person in Newport, Rhode Island. His wealth is more than double any other person in Newport.
Lopez is one of many conversos, people who publicly pretend to convert to Catholicism, but practice Judaism in secret.  Between 1761 and 1774, Lopez was involved in more than half of all shipments of slaves from Africa.


A Jewish merchant, James DeWolf has his charges dismissed.  DeWolf had murdered one of his slaves who became ill with smallpox.  The reason Dewolf gives for committing  the murder: The ill slave may have infected all the others, which would have ruined his plantation.
DeWolf is one of  the largest slave traders in the Americas, with ships that bring in nearly 12,000 slaves by 1808.  He will own as many as 47 ships at one point.  47 ships.
He also owns a rum distillery in Africa, which is used in part to give alcohol to unsuspecting Africans, who later awaken in chains.  He uses the profits from his trade to build a commercial empire, including an insurance company, Mount Hope Insurance, (which insures slave ships and voyages) his own bank, Bristol Morgan Bank, 3 sugar and coffee plantations, cotton and textile mills, and pirate ships which plundered merchants at sea.    
He dies as the second richest man in the United States.
A 2008 documentary, Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North details some of the Dewolf family slave trading activities.  


Hayum Lehman (Henry to conceal his identity) arrives in the United States from Germany.  Soon after, his brothers Mayer and Emanuel will arrive.  They open a store call H.Lehman in Montgomery Alabama, and begin exporting cotton, which they obtain through connections with Jewish slaveholders and send to New York and to Europe.  After the business grows rapidly, they purchase their own slaves.  Henry moves the company headquarters to New York.  After slavery is abolished, the company shifts away from cotton and uses the wealth obtained to start an investment bank, eventually growing into one of the nation’s 4 largest investment banks. 
Ironically, the Lehman bank will end up as one of the banks with a controlling interest in the Marxist central bank, the Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel whose theft of wealth through inflation becomes by far the most important factor in keep Black Americans in poverty. 


Judah Benjamin, who owns one of the larger plantations in the American south with 150 slaves, is elected to the U.S. Senate, becoming only the second Jewish U.S. Senator to be elected.  When the South later secedes from the Union, Benjamin is appointed Attorney General of the Confederate States.  
Benjamin, a Rothschild agent who is receiving financial support from London, once stated: (upon being asked where he is getting so much money)
“First, I charge a retainer; then I charge a reminder; next I charge a refresher; and then I charge a finisher”
 Benjamin helps inflame conditions leading up to the civil war, and is involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln following the war. He then flees to Europe to avoid being hanged for treason.


All seven Democrats on the U.S. Supreme Court rule that the U.S. Constitution does NOT apply to Black people, because Black people are property, not humans.  The ruling applies to free people, not just to slaves.
In a 7-2 ruling (the 2 non-Democrats vote in dissent) in the case of Dred Scott v. Sandford, Democrat Chief Justice Roger Taney writes that Black people:
 “are not included, and were not intended to be included, under the word ‘citizens’ in the Constitution, and can therefore claim none of the rights and privileges which that instrument provides for and secures to citizens of the United States.”
The extraordinary statement, with no basis in law or fact, simply reveals the hatred the Democrats have for Black people, and the court decision is one of many factors which will lead to a massive civil war between the U.S. states.
Dred Scott


Despite intense opposition from the Democrats, and threats of widespread violence, Republican President Abraham Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing the Black slaves in the United States. The proclamation is an executive order which states in part;
“…All persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free;
and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons.”


In Baltimore Jews During the Civil War, author Isaac Fein quotes a newspaper The Jewish Record of January 23, 1863 as tensions mount and a movement grows for the abolition of slave ownership. The statement in The Record reveals not only an intense hatred toward Blacks but an extreme belief in Jewish racial superiority.
(A belief not found in the Bible, but in the Talmud) It states:   
“We know not how to speak in the same breath of the Negro and the Israelite. The very names have startlingly opposite sounds – one representing all that is debased and inferior in the hopeless barbarity and heathenism of six thousand years; the other, the days when Jehovah conferred on our fathers the glorious equality which led the Eternal to converse with them, and allow them to enjoy the communion of angels. Thus the abandoned fanatics insult the choice of God himself, in endeavoring to reverse the inferiority which he stamped on the African, to make him the compeer, even in bond- age, of His chosen people.
There is no parallel between such races. Humanity from pole to pole would scout such a comparison. The Hebrew was originally free; and the charter of his liberty was inspired by his Creator. The Negro was never free; and his bondage in Africa was simply duplicated in a milder form when he was imported here… The judicious in all the earth agree that to proclaim the African equal to the surrounding races, would be a farce which would lead the civilized conservatism of the world to denounce the outrage”


The Chicago Tribune reveals that the Democrat party, the party fighting tooth and nail to keep slavery alive, is OWNED by the Rothschild Zionist international bankers.   
The article states:
“…August Belmont, the American member of the Rothschild family and firm, well known everywhere to be controlling owners not only in the British debt and the London Times, which together control the British aristocracy and oppress the Irish people…but also the rebel [American South] debt (which accounts for Belmont spending 2 million dollars to nominate a war man on a peace platform)…The Rothschilds, who hold up every despotism in Europe, have concluded that it would be cheaper to buy up one of our political parties, and in that way secure the dissolution of the union, that to have their agents in England and France fight us…
The Rothschilds have adopted the cheaper and easier mode of accomplishing the same object by buying up the Copperhead leaders and running the Democrat machine.”
The same Zionist international banking interests that funded the slave trade to the Americas, funded the British Crown in the Revolutionary War, and helped fund both sides of the Civil War, now fund the modern Communist revolution in the U.S.


President Abraham Lincoln writes:
“I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me, and the financial institutions in the rear. Of the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe.”  
He had also recently stated:
“The money power preys upon the nations in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy.” 

Soon after he is assassinated.  
Otto Von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany would state:

“I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it to systematically corrupt civilization. “

Later evidence from Lincolns’s Secret Service agents would emerge and appear in  the May 2, 1934 Vancouver Sun:

“Abraham Lincoln, the murdered emancipator of the slaves, was assassinated through the machinations of a group representative of the International Bankers, who feared the United States President’s National Credit ambitions. 
There was only one group in the world at that time who had any reason to desire the death of Lincoln.  They were the men opposed to his national currency program and who had fought him throughout the whole Civil War on his policy of Greenback currency.”  


With the Republican Lincoln dead, his Vice President Andrew Johnson is sworn in as President.
Johnson is a Democrat who was opposed to freeing the slaves.  He quickly works to undermine the work done by Lincoln, and he fights with the Republican-dominated Congress every step of the way, and attempts to block civil rights reforms. 
Johnson once stated:
“Everyone would, and must admit, that the white race was superior to the black…”
He appoints slavery advocates to every post he can in the South, and they adopt what become known as the Black Codes.  These were a series of rules which were designed to deprive Black Americans of many of the rights granted to Whites, including the right to own and carry guns, the right to vote, the right to gather for worship and to prevent Blacks from learning to read and write.
(150 years later, these goals are still central to the Democrat quest for power under the Zionist plan for world government.
Gun ownership is heavily restricted in cities with the highest Black populations, resulting in the nation’s highest murder rates in these areas. They viciously attack anyone advocating for school choice for Black children, so they can never learn the history of the Democrat party or get a quality education.  They steer Black Americans away from God and religion, and if any attempt to vote for a non-Democrat, they are ridiculed, insulted and/or bribed.)  
The Black Codes lead to the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which banned depriving Black people of their Constitutional rights.
In 1866 the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution will pass, with 100 percent of Democrats voting against it.
It will force the Southern states to grant full citizenship to Black Americans.
In 1867 Johnson will pardon many Southern Democrat secessionists including some convicted of treason, and some involved in the assassination of Lincoln.

As soon as Black slaves were freed, the Black Codes placed the boot of the Southern Democrats back on their necks.

Democrat President Andrew Johnson


With the slaves in the United States freed after the emancipation proclamation, the Marxists go with a new strategy.
 33rd degree Freemasons Albert Pike and Nathaniel Bedford Forest found the Ku Klux Klan.  Forrest becomes the first “Imperial Wizard.”  The Klan consisted of mostly intelligence agents and informants and the remainder are Democrat Christian dupes who have been lured in and radicalized.   The Klan wears ancient Satanic symbols and garments, performs ritual murders, and burns crosses, while the press proclaims they are a “Christian” “hate group.” (Oxymoron)
The Grand Cyclops (all-seeing eye), Grand Wizard, (witchcraft, occult magic)  Grand Dragon (Satan), hooded cone masks, (sorcery) cross-burning (destruction of Christianity)are all associated with Kabbalistic and anti-Christian occult symbolism.  It doesn’t take much research to discover that nothing about the Klan is Christian or Biblical, no matter what the media claims.   Lynching has its origins in the Talmud.  Some of the methods used by the Klan are taken directly from the Talmud.
The Klan emerges during a period when Marxist revolutions are flooding Europe.
It is created to lure in and radicalize as many Christian Americans as possible to “hate” fellow Americans based on race or religion.  As many fractures as possible in the American population are desired, to facilitate the divide and conquer strategy.
Many Christians will be lured into the trap during the century that follows, but the Klan is controlled and run by “intelligence” at all times.  On one occasion, Klansmen discover they are being led by a Jewish intelligence agent and kill him. The media attempts to spin the story would be funny if the whole story were not so tragic.
They tell the public: wait for it… that the man, Daniel Burros, DID NOT KNOW HE WAS JEWISH. And when he suddenly found out, he  did what Klansmen do to Jews and shot himself.
Twice. Once in the chest, like all suicide shots. And then once in the head.
Historian Eric Forner explains:
“In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy… It aimed to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction: to destroy the Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life. To that end they worked to curb the education, economic advancement, voting rights, and right to keep and bear arms of blacks.  The Klan soon spread into nearly every Southern state, launching a reign of terror against Republican leaders both black and white.”


With land ownership being the key to true freedom, Black Americans had been promised “40 acres and a mule,” under a Special Field Order, issued by William Tecumseh Sherman, a Union army General at the end of the Civil War.   
Only around 1,000 freed slaves ever receive the land, and they are given the worst available property, largely forest or swampland with limited agricultural potential.  Even though Blacks had been working the land in the South for 15 generations, which made them the rightful owners according to the commonlaw theory of adverse possession.   
After Andrew Johnson reversed direction on most of Lincoln’s Reconstruction policies, the land ended up in “other hands.”   
It was seized by “merchant” immigrants to the United States.  Had Black Americans been granted the land they deserved at this point in time, they would have received an opportunity to establish their families, learn how to run farms, rather than just working the soil of other people’s farms, and build foundations for future generations. 
Edward King a columnist for Schribner’s magazine discusses in 1873 how the Jewish immigrant has taken over the land and placed many Blacks back to work on plantations:

“The shrewd Hebrew, who has entered into the commerce of the South in such a manner as almost to preclude Gentile competition, understands the freedman very well, and manages him in trade….The Hebrew merchants have large establishments in all the planting districts. In Mississippi and in some other sections they have made more than 100 percent retail profit….ln short, in some sections the Hebrew is the taskmaster, arbiter and guardian of the planters’ destinies.”
On a visit to the South 20 years later, W.E.B. Dubois states:
“The Jew is the heir of the slave-baron…
Nearly all the lands belong to Russian Jews; the overseers are white, and the cabins are bare board-houses scattered here and there. The rents are high, and day-laborers and “contract” hands abound.”


The assassination of Abraham Lincoln and installation of Andrew Johnson was a major setback for Black civil rights in the Democrat south.  Many of the old guard secessionists were placed back in power in governorships, legislatures and city offices. Johnson had reversed and annuls Special Field Order No. 15  which had proposed to give all Black Americans 40 acres and a mule so that they could build their own farms and become self-sufficient.  
During the 1870’s, the Democrats used communist terror groups to interfere with Republican Reconstruction efforts. Many members of the underground Ku Klux Klan were also publicly involved with these terrorist groups such as the White League, and the Red Shirts.
These groups aggressively promoted anti-Black candidates who favored keeping Blacks out of civil society. They used intimidation, propaganda and terrorist attacks to keep Republicans for running for office in the South, and to keep Blacks from getting involved in Republican campaigns. They disrupted political rallies and assassinated any Black leaders who attempted to run for office, especially those who were influential or demonstrated above average intelligence.
(Standard communist practice is to remove the intelligent and leadership class of your opponent.)
Freed Blacks were kidnapped and whipped like slaves, and many were violently killed and left in public places to instill fear in others.  In typical Communist fashion, a red shirt, ribbon or badge was worn, to signify “unity” with the cause of seizing back power and putting Blacks in their place.   Whites were targeted as well, if they were suspected of being loyal to Black or Republican causes.  They were said to vote countless times in elections while barring Blacks from going near the polls.
The most significant victory achieved by the Communist Reds was the Compromise of 1877, which put an end to reconstruction.  After massive vote fraud in the 1876 election, the compromise was reached to avoid another war.
The communists agreed to accept the elected winner of the presidential race, Rutherford B. Hayes, and Federal troops were removed from the Southern states.  Without the federal troops in place to help enforce the new civil rights reforms, the south fell back into the hands of the Black-hating southern Democrats. 
The Reds and their KKK would seize on the opportunity and the South once again became unsafe for Blacks.  They are kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered, usually for no reason other than to strike fear in others.   Their churches are burned.  Any unsolved crime is quickly pinned on the nearest available Black person, who suffers a horrific punishment, always far worse then the crime they had not even committed.   What follows is nearly a century of horrific violence and persecution of Blacks in the American South.
Jim Crow laws are enacted, which restore and expand on the discrimination of the Black Codes, with an emphasis on suppressing the Black vote and creating a climate of fear to prevent Blacks from getting involved in civic affairs.
Unable to win popular elections, Democrats in the South continue to use coercion to get votes from Black Americans.  Black voters are bribed, intimidated, harassed and threatened, to convince them not to vote for Republicans.  The strategy is effective and some Black voters admit to voting against their desired Republican choice for fear their ballots were being pulled and checked to verify the vote. 
Over the next century and a half the Democrats will use a variety of vote fraud methods, with increasing success, including harassment, busing of voters to multiple polling locations, stuffing ballot boxes, mail-in vote fraud, and finally, voting machines with results which can be altered.


The largest resource looting program in world history is prepared.  A plan is enacted to steal the unmeasurable natural resource wealth from the entire continent of Africa and ship it to the new state of Israel, which is still known as Palestine, but has already been decided upon in the 1850’s by the Zionist leaders.   Much of Africa’s wealth is already being stolen, but it is determined that it can be vastly expanded and the shipment of the stolen goods expedited and consolidated.
Construction begins on a 6,500 mile long railroad connecting Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt and the recently completed, Rothschild-owned Suez Canal.  The project is known as the Cape to Cairo Railroad. For the entire 20th century, Africa experienced one “revolution” after another, with a Zionist puppet replacing the people’s governments.   These puppets are then paid handsomely to keep the people in check while the resources are stolen.   The rail itself will never be fully completed, as ships will grow much larger more powerful, but most sections of the rail are complete and remain  operational to this day.  Nearly the entire continent of Africa will forever be relegated to serfdom in good times, and deliberate starvation and violent death in bad times. 

Rothschild agent Cecil Rhodes helped removes millions of Africans from their land to establish Zionist resource looting machines.  Cartoon depicts him with one foot on Cairo and one on Cape Town.

The iconic Victoria Falls is desecrated by the railroad.


New methods are needed to keep Black people impoverished and enslaved.  Zionist freemason Samuel Gumpertz (Gompers to conceal his identity) creates a group called the American Federation of Labor. (AFL)

The goal of the AFL is to strip Black Americans of their employment and keep them away from Whites. Additionally the organization will work to destroy small businesses, by introducing rules and regulations which they are financially unable to comply with.  By doing this, these businesses will be forced out, and turn over their market share to larger Zionist controlled companies, known as “robber barons.”    To gain public acceptance, the organization poses as a movement seeking to help “workers” by increasing wages and improving working conditions.   Gumpertz’ movement succeeds, and millions of Southern Blacks lose their jobs.        

The AFL successfully drove industrialists into a Whites-only hiring policy that would come to characterize the labor market for the next century.  AFL unions became the “instrument of white working class racism,” and began systematically forcing Black artisans, craftsmen, tradesmen, and skilled workers out of a variety of occupations they once dominated.
Nearly 95% of industrial jobs in the South were held by Blacks in 1886.   
Within 25 years, this workforce is nearly wiped out, and the jobs belong to new White immigrants from Europe.  Blacks were forced out of skilled trades and back to unskilled trades similar to what house slaves had done during slavery, such as cleaning, and landscaping.   As Black husbands are forced into the lowest paying jobs, Black wives are forced to take on work as maids, as they did during slavery.
In 1917 Gumpertz’ crew organizes a mob riot to remove Blacks from St. Louis, so that their jobs can be given to his Union members.   2,000 White Union workers are marched to a Black neighborhood where they massacre 250 Black people and destroy the homes of 6,000 Blacks.   Many who are left homeless leave the city.   
After the riot proves effective, a similar Union riot is organized in nearby Springfield, Illinois.
The AFL eventually proposes sending all Blacks to Cuba or Liberia.
Today, the organization is known as the AFL-CIO, and promotes Marxist propaganda which has helped gut the U.S. manufacturing base, and move large segments of it to other countries. 
It has become a political tool which operates as an arm of the Democrat party.    


With the goal of creating as many divided groups as possible, Zionists create the NAACP, an organization designed to create permanent tensions and animosity between White and Black Americans. There is nothing C about the NAACP. Founding members include prominent Zionists: Rothschild bankerJacob Schiff, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Lilian Wald, Henry Moskovitz, Julius Rosenthal, Emil Hirsch and Jacob Billikopf. 
A few Marxist indoctrinated African-Americans are brought in to pose as the face of the organization to make it appear as though it is a Black organization. It will be over 60 years before the first Black NAACP president is appointed.
The organization will give out meaningless awards, spread highly divisive propaganda, and attempt to turn all political matters into a Black vs White conflict, with Blacks on the side of Marxism.
The group proves effective at gradually dividing the races further and further, and moves Black Americans toward secularism and away from their Christian beliefs and morals.   
The organization publicly ridicules, smears and dismisses any Black Americans who oppose Zionist political policies or attempts to lift Black Americans from poverty or promote Christianity in the Black community.


Booker T. Washington dies, marking the end of an era for Black America. Washington had called for Black unity with Whites, Black self-sufficiency, determined hard work, and living by Christian principles.
For this he was attacked by the Zionist press as an anti-semite.

In the coming era, the new “Black leader” will become a media-manufactured destroyer of the Black community.  The press will begin hyping and promoting Communists such as W.E.B . Dubois, who advocates attacking whites and focusing on racial division and hatred, rather than focusing on improving Black communities.
DuBois states:
“We must complain. Yes, plain, blunt complaint, ceaseless agitation…” 
Of course, nothing is accomplished by complaints, which is exactly what his Marxist handlers desire: Tension, friction, and constant agitation, which create division and disunity, and never address or solve real problems.
In contrast, Booker T. Washington had once stated:
“I will not permit any man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.”
“I have begun everything with the idea that I could succeed, and I never had much patience with the multitudes of people who are always ready to explain why one cannot succeed.”
“Character, not circumstance, makes the person.”
“Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them.”

Washington was the first director of the Tuskegee Institute, he helped found the National Negro Business League, and he purchased a plantation with his own money from a former slaveowner, and then helped students build their own school on the plantation with their own hands, even making their own bricks for the construction.   He taught students that rather than asking Whites for help they could easily catch up with Whites in education and commerce and surpass them if they desired.
Many Black leaders will emerge over the coming century. Those who are Communist-minded and militant against whites will be promoted by the press as icons, but those who attempt to solve the problems within the Black community or teach principles of self reliance will be smeared as racists and ignored, and if they become too influential, they are simply assassinated.

Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Tupac Shakur are among those killed, and many others are attacked as anti-semites for failing to toe the Communist party line, such as Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and rappers Public Enemy, Scarface and others.
100 years after Washington’s death, millions of Black Americans will still live in poverty with no means of escape, will still look to government to provide answers, and will still harbor hatred toward white Americans, who are themselves helpless under Zionist rule.


Marcus Garvey is a Black leader, (note: not politician, leader) who had founded the Black nationalist organization called The Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. 
When Garvey created the movement to empower Black Americans in education and business, he noticed that wolves in sheep’s clothing would quickly appear to try and co-opt the movement and redirect it toward Communist goals:
Garvey writes an article entitled “The Negro’s Greatest Enemy,” published in Current History, (September 1923) in which he explains how the greatest enemy of Black Americans are sell-out Black politicians, who are owned by the Zionist political machine.  He stated:
“I…visited some of the then so-called negro leaders, only to discover, after a close study of them, that they had no program, but were mere opportunists who were living off their so-called leadership while the poor people were groping in the dark. I traveled through 38 States and everywhere found the same condition.
…A few negro politicians began trying to turn the movement (UNIA) into a political club.  Seeing that these politicians were about to destroy my ideals, I had to fight to get them out of the organization.  There it was that I made by first political enemies in Harlem. They fought me until they smashed the first organization and reduced its membership to about fifty. I started again and in two months built up a new organization of about 1,500 members.
Again the politicians came and divided us into two factions. They took away all the books of the organization, its treasury and all its belongings….in two weeks the politicians had stolen all the people’s money and had smashed up their faction.
The Universal Negro Improvement Association….under my Presidency grew by leaps and bounds. I traveled all over the country for the association at my own expense, and established branches until in 1919 we had about thirty branches in different cities. By my writings and speeches we were able to build up a large organization of over 2,000,000 by June, 1919. …To have built up a new organization, which was not purely political, among negroes in America was a wonderful feat, for the negro politician does not allow any other kind of organization within his race to thrive. 
…We succeeded, however, in making the Universal Negro Improvement Association so formidable in 1919 that we encountered more trouble from our political brethren…They sought the influence of the District Attorney’s office of the County of New York to put us out of business.
[Prominent Democrat Lawyer] Edwin P. Kilroe, at that time an Assistant District Attorney, on the complaint
of the negro politicians, started to investigate us and the association…Mr. Kilroe would constantly and continuously call me to his office for investigation on extraneous matters without coming to the point. The result was that after the eight or ninth time I wrote an article in our newspaper, The Negro World, against him. This was interpreted as criminal libel, for which I was indicted and arrested, but subsequently dismissed on retracting what I had written.
During my many tilts with Mr. Kilroe, the question of the Black Star Line was discussed. He did not want us to have a line of ships. I told him that even as there was a White Star Line, we would have, irrespective of his wishes, a Black Star Line.
On June 27, 1919, we incorporated the Black Star Line of Delaware, and in September we obtained a ship.

The following month (October) a man by the name of Tyler came to my office at 56 West 135th Street, New York City, and told me that Mr. Kilroe had sent him to “get me,” and at once fired four shots at me from a .38-calibre revolver.   He wounded me in the right leg and the right side of my scalp. I was taken to the Harlem Hospital, and he was arrested. The next day it was reported that he committed “suicide” in jail just before he was to be taken before a City Magistrate.   
The first year of our activities for the Black Star Line added prestige to the Universal Negro Improvement Association.  Several hundred thousand dollars worth of shares were sold. Our first ship, the steamship Yarmouth, had made two voyages to the West Indies and Central America. The white press had flashed the news all over the world.  I, a young negro, as President of the corporation, had become famous. My name was discussed on five continents. The Universal Negro Improvement Association gained millions of followers all over the world. By August, 1920, over 4,000,000 persons had joined the movement. A convention of all the negro peoples of the world was called to meet in New York that month.  Delegates came from all parts of the known world. Over 25,000 persons packed the Madison Square Garden on Aug. 1 to hear me speak to the first International Convention of Negroes. It was a record-breaking meeting, the first and the biggest of its kind.
My downfall was planned by my enemies. They laid all kinds of traps for me. [In typical Marxist fashion] They scattered their spies among the employees of the Black Star Line and the Universal Negro Improvement Association. Our office records were stolen. Employees started to be openly dishonest; we could get no convictions against them; even if on complaint they were held by a Magistrate, they were dismissed by the Grand Jury. The ships’ officers started to pile up thousands of dollars of debts against the company without the knowledge of the officers of the corporation. Our ships were damaged at sea, and there was a general riot of wreck and ruin. Officials of the Universal Negro Improvement Association also began to steal and be openly dishonest. I had to dismiss them. They joined my enemies, and thus I had an endless fight on my hands to save the ideals of the association and carry out our program for the race. My negro enemies, finding that they alone could not destroy me, resorted to misrepresenting me to the leaders of the white race, also opposed me.

With robberies from within and from without, the Black Star Line was forced to suspend active business in December, 1921. While I was on a business trip to the West Indies in the Spring of 1921, the Black Star Line received the blow from which it was unable to recover. A sum of $25,000 was paid by one of the officers of the corporation to a man to purchase a ship, but the ship was never obtained and the money was never returned. The company was defrauded of a further sum of $11,000. Through such actions on the part of dishonest men in the shipping business, the Black Star Line received its first setback. This resulted in my being indicted for using the United States mails to defraud investors in the company.   I was subsequently convicted and sentenced to five years in a Federal penitentiary. My trial is a matter of history.   I know I was not given a square deal, because my indictment was the result of a “frame-up” among my political and business enemies.   I had to conduct my own case in court because of the peculiar position in which I found myself. I had millions of friends and a large number of enemies. I wanted a colored attorney to handle my case, but there was none I could trust.
Being black, I have committed an unpardonable offense against the very light colored negroes in America and the West Indies by making myself famous as a negro leader of millions. In their view, no black man must rise above them, but I still forge ahead determined to give to the world the truth about the new negro who is determined to make and hold for himself a place in the affairs of men.”
Other quotes by Marcus Garvey include:
“The Universal Negro Improvement Association has been misrepresented by my enemies. They have tried to make it appear that we are hostile to other races. This is absolutely false. We love all humanity. We are working for the peace of the world which we believe can only come about when all races are given their due.”
“…Propaganda has done more to defeat the good intentions of races and nations than even open warfare. Propaganda is a method or medium used by organized peoples to convert others against their will. We of the Negro race are suffering more than any other race in the world from propaganda… propaganda to destroy our hopes, our ambitions and our confidence in self….
I have been deprived of the opportunity of properly explaining my work to the white people of America through the prejudice worked up against me by jealous and wicked members of my own race.”
Garvey’s most significant crime, however, was raising Black awareness of the Zionist program for world government and plan to keep Black and White America divided and hostile.  He had once stated:
“The Jewish race is a noble one, [but] sooner or later the Jews will destroy Germany as they destroyed Russia. They did not so much destroy Russia from within as from without.
Jewish finance is a powerful world factor. It can destroy men, organizations and nations. When the Jewish capitalists get together they will strike back at Germany and the fire of Communism will be lighted and Hitler and his gang will disappear as they have disappeared in Russia
The Elders of Zion teach that a harm done by a Jew to a Gentile is no harm at all, and the Negro is a Gentile.”
After a failed 1919 assassination attempt, Garvey is imprisoned in 1925 and deported in 1927 from the United States to Jamaica where he was born. 

Garvey’s ideas of self-determination would free Black Americans form poverty. This can never be permitted.

Even worse, Garvey believed Black American entrepreneurs could establish trade directly with Africa and improve conditions for Blacks on both continents. Of course, this is out of the question, as all resources on the African continent have been claimed by Zionist interests.


Elizabeth Donnan publishes several thousand pages of documents detailing the history of the slave trade in America. She demonstrates that 100% of slave ships were Jewish owned, and the ships given “Christian” names to conceal the identity of ownership, including The Abigail owned by Moses Levy and Jacob Franks, The Crown, owned by Isaac Levy, The Nassau, Charlotte, Caracoa and Four Sisters owned by Moses Levy, The Expedition, owned by Jacob Roosevelt, The Betsy and Polly owned by William and James de Woolf, The Antigua owned by Abram Lyell and Nathan Marston, The Hester and The Elizabeth owned by David and Mordecai Gomes, The Prudent Betty owned by Henry Cruger, The Eliza owned by John Abrams, and many others. 
The work is published in a 4 volume set called Documents Illustrative of the History of the Slave Trade to America. 

In modern America the Zionist press and political class frequently use the small minority of Americans who owned slaves in the past as justification for stripping Americans of all races of their rights and liberties. (Despite America ending slavery at a time when it existed in much of the world and was largely Jewish controlled.)


A an early attempt at a Communist revolution using Black Americans to attack and overthrow Whites is presented in the book The Negroes in a Soviet America
The method used, is exactly the one being used in 2020:  Using the intentional Zionist destruction of the Black communities as a pretext for Blacks to blame and attack Whites.   It states:   
“for the last 25 years capitalism has been taking even this land from Negro farmers. In 1930 there were 40,000 less Negro farm owners than in 1910.” 
(Marxist central bank was established in 1913 and the Great Depression was manufactured.)
It continues:
“For a population of 12,000,000 Negroes, there are only 50,000 Negro teachers, most of whom are not permitted to teach in white schools. “
(Marxist owned Democrat party had enslaved them until a war was fought, and continue to fight tooth and nail to keep them out of schools.)
The picture of modern America becomes clearer. Blacks are deliberately prevented from advancement by Marxist institutions, and then radicalized to blame and attack the Zionist target:  White people.   (see: Christian people, or Christendom)
The same plan is rapidly advancing across Europe.


After the devastation of the Great Depression and the widespread economic hardships and hunger faced by poor and middle class, Black Americans, under duress, vote for a Democrat in a presidential election for the first time.
Use the same trauma based-mind control method which has been used in all Marxist revolutions, the same international bankers who had deliberately crashed the economy, offer a few bread crumbs to the starved masses, and with little choice, they accept. 
Mass propaganda portraying Republican Herbert Hoover as the cause of the Great Depression, and Communist Franklin D Roosevelt as the savior, creates the conditions for voters to vote against their own interests.  
Impoverished and starving, the people are much more concerned with immediate survival needs than the long term consequences of voting to place the party of the bankers and slaveholders in charge of the country.
Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” concocted by his”Brain Trust,” a group of Marxist advisors consisting of bankers and law professors from NYU and Columbia Universities, transforms the United States from a relatively free nation with a free market economy, into a centrally planned welfare state, with a massive new government bureaucracy with many new “entitlement programs.”  
Black voters are immediately stabbed in the back as the “New Deal,” (by design) costs hundreds of thousands of Black Americans their jobs.  New regulatory burdens and tax hikes force wages and prices above market levels, causing employers to lay off workers, and some are put out of business.
Farms are paid to shut down and stop producing food. New minimum wage regulations make it illegal for employers to hire poor and low skilled workers.   
Many Blacks, especially in the South were in this category due to decades of Democrat oppression and as a result, over 500,000 Black Americans lose their jobs.   The Tennessee Valley Authority, a new government monopoly to create electric power, flooded and destroyed over 730,000 acres of farmland.  The owners of the farms were then given payouts, while the Black tenants who farmed the land and did the actual work, were left homeless and unemployed. 
By deliberately creating new hardships, and forcing Blacks further and further into position of helplessness, the Democrats discover the strategy to lure them out of the Republican party and back into the slavery they had just escaped. 
More and more new entitlement programs are rolled out, with mass propaganda campaigns presenting the Democrats as the new saviors of Black Americans.   
Each program contains a handout which will appear to solve a deliberately created problem.
Instead each will deliberately make the problem worse, and create additional new problems.
The cycle will be repeated until conditions for Black people reach a point that another civil war can be incited. 
The propaganda machine succeeds in securing the Black vote in the next several presidential elections, even as the South remains largely segregated, and Democrats in Congress aggressively oppose all civil rights legislation as they have done for over a century.


Bypassing Congress, Communist Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt shocks Americans by ordering loyal U.S. citizens of Japanese, Italian and German descent to be rounded up and placed in concentration camps.   
He signs Executive Orders 9066 and 9095. 
The Zionist press stokes anti-Japanese sentiment and creates tensions between Japanese Americans and those of other races. (As if the everyday American suddenly had something to fear from their Japanese-American neighbors based on FDR and the Zionists’ hoax war thousands of miles away.)
Japanese-Americans are uprooted from their lives, dragged from their homes, and forbidden to take with them more than they can carry. Their homes are seized and sold by the Roosevelt administration. Personal property left behind is taken by looters.   
The press keeps the public from protesting, with a constant stream of anti-Japanese propaganda. The Washington Post states:
“There is but one way in which to regard the Presidential order empowering the Army to establish “military areas” from which citizens or aliens may be excluded. That is to accept the order as a necessary accompaniment of total defense.”
The same press who demanded public compliance with the Zionist atrocity, will later use the event as an example of how racist “White America” is, and why it should be destroyed. 


Despite receiving the majority of the Black vote in several presidential elections due to economic hardships created by the Depression and war, the Democrats still openly oppose allowing southern Blacks to associate with southern Whites.
Schools, restaurants and churches in the South remain segregated. 
In 1954 the Supreme Court had ruled in the case of Brown v. Board of Education, that the segregation of public schools based on race is unconstitutional, which means schools will become integrated.
in 1956 panicked Democrats in Congress put together “The Southern Manifesto”, a document which voices their opposition to allowing Black Americans to associate with White Americans in public places.  99 Democrats sign the document. 
2 Republicans go against their party and sign the Democrats’ manifesto.  
It states:
“We commend the motives of those States which have declared the intention to resist forced integration by any lawful means….We pledge ourselves to use all lawful means to bring about a reversal of this decision…In this trying period, as we all seek to right this wrong, we appeal to our people not to be provoked by the agitators and troublemakers invading our States.”

Democrat Richard Russell states that the changes will lead to:
“amalgamation and mongrelization of our people.”


Congressman Thomas Abernethy reads into the Congressional record a quote by Marxist revolutionary Israel Cohen in which Cohen explains the Zionist plan to destroy and overthrow America by creating racial division, and using Black Americans as a weapon to attack White Americans.  The quote from Cohen states:
“We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party.  In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.” 
With no answer and no way to lie this one away, the Zionist press does the only thing they can. Say it never happened. They deny the quote and scramble to twist the matter into a secret plot by Whites against Blacks. Disinformation agents have gone to great lengths to flood the internet with information claiming the quote is an elaborate hoax.
(No explanation as to why someone would create such a hoax.)
Of course, the quote perfectly matches everything the Zionists were doing at the time, and continuing to do 60 years later. The quote remains in the Congressional record.

Cohen wrote many books including The Zionist Movement.

Thomas Abernethy


Malcolm X, the minister and civil rights leader is assassinated.  As he is preparing to speak at a conference, 3 men rush the stage with guns and shoot him multiple times, killing him.  Shorty prior to this he had stated:
“The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.
The white liberal aren’t white people who are for independence, who are moral and ethical in their thinking. They are just a faction of white people that are jockeying for power. The liberal elements of whites are those who have perfected the art of selling themselves to the Negro as a friend of the Negro. Getting sympathy of the Negro, getting the allegiance of the Negro, and getting the mind of the Negro. Then the Negro sides with the white liberal, and the white liberal use the Negro against the white conservative…
The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros, and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked, or deceived by the white liberal then Negros would get together and solve our own problems…
Our problems will never be solved by the white man. The only way that our problem will be solved is when the black man wakes up, clean himself up, stand on his own feet and stop begging the white man, and take immediate steps to do for ourselves the things that we have been waiting on the white man to do for us.”

You can say anything you want in America, as long as you don’t publicly expose the Zionist rulers, or try to free Black people from their grip.


After several major legal defeats on civil rights in the 50’s and 60’s, the Democrats realize their hatred for Black Americans is increasingly unpopular and shift strategies. 
Around this time, Zionist revolutionary Saul Alinsky is promoting a strategy of moving Communist revolutions underground, and pretending to be aligned with the group you intend to destroy, so you can infiltrate and gain access that would be otherwise unavailable.  The Democrats employ this method in their attacks on Black Americans.  Suddenly they pretend publicly reverse course and pretend to “care” about Blacks, and create a wave of new legislation designed to “help” the Black communities.
Several massive money laundering schemes are then enacted during the presidency of Lyndon B Johnson.
These schemes allow taxpayer funds to be used to promote and spread Communism under the guise of “helping” various groups especially Black Americans.  Many unnecessary jobs and government sector employees are created. The size of government and the national debt are drastically increased.  

Although the programs are presented as methods to assist Black communities in need, the majority of funding is absorbed by bureaucracy, and little to none actually reaches those it is allegedly intended for. 

A program entitled War on Poverty is actually a war OF poverty.
Several new “welfare” programs incentivize and pay people not to work, and not to get married.
Cities begin to rapidly deteriorate, especially in Black communities.
By design, as families come apart, crime skyrockets.
Single motherhood is portrayed by the press as heroic, marriage is discouraged, and single mothers are paid and incentivized to raise children on their own.
Homes are checked by “social workers” to ensure no father figure is living in the home. 
If it is determined one is there, “welfare” payments to the mother are reduced or ended as punishment.
These programs help accomplish several Marxist goals:

-They dismantle family units, creating instability and crime.
-They increase dependence on government, which allows politicians to use bribes to obtain votes.
-They increase racial tension- the Black communities are the most severely affected, and “White” Americans are presented in the Zionist press as the enemy and the cause of the suffering. 
Prior to the Marxist welfare state around 20% of Black households were single parent homes.
25 years later the figure had reached an astonishing 70%.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. once stated:

 “Nothing is so much needed as a secure family life for a people to pull themselves out of poverty.”

Across racial and ethnic lines, the poverty rate for single parents with children is several times higher than the corresponding rate for married couples with children. 
Children raised by single parents, as compared to those who grow up with a mother and a father in the home, are more likely to be physically abused; to display emotional disorders; to smoke, drink, and use drugs; to perform poorly in school; to be suspended or expelled from school; to drop out of high school; to behave aggressively and violently; to be arrested for a juvenile crime; to serve jail time before age 30; and to go on to experience poverty as adults.

According to the National Fatherhood Initiative, 60% of rapists, 72% of adolescent murderers, and 70% of long-term prison inmates are men who grew up in fatherless homes.
Girls raised by single mothers are more than twice as likely to give birth out-of-wedlock, thereby perpetuating the cycle of poverty for yet another generation.  

During the nine decades between the Emancipation Proclamation and the 1950s, the Black family had remained a strong, stable institution.
Its rapid, cataclysmic destruction is set in motion by the anti-marriage incentives that are built into the welfare system. 

Professor Walter E. Williams states:

“The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery couldn’t do, what Jim Crow couldn’t do, what the harshest racism couldn’t do. And that is to destroy the black family.”

 Professor Thomas Sowell states:

 “The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.”
The Zionists are not finished destroying the Black family. They are now pouring billions of dollars into it. It is the central theme of their Marxist revolution to finish off the United States.


The Immigration Act of 1965 is introduced to Congress by Zionist Emmanuel Celler. It opens the United States to immigration from all over the world and allows any one considered a “refugee”  to gain entry to the U.S. under the guise of “seeking asylum.” 
Now the Zionist terrorists can simply hand pick locations to attack around the world, creating “refugees” in those locations and then usher the refugees into the U.S. 
Over the next 50 years, the United States will be flooded with people from all over the world who have no understanding of the principles of liberty, freedom, and limited government which had served to protect the U.S. from tyranny for nearly two centuries.   During that period, despite a declining birth rate, the U.S. population will grow from 199 million to 330 million.  
Talmudist law divides the world in only 2 racial groups, Jews and non-Jews, with non-Jews to be considered a single race, far inferior and equivalent to cattle.  

By integrating all races, these racial differences and identities which have existed for thousands of years will be eliminated within one to two generations, and all racial identity will lost. 
Black, white and all others will be blended into the desired single race, one which has no history to connect with. 
The differences which were celebrated for being so exciting, will be destroyed and will not exist.

Followers of Marxism, generally those who have some personal problem or axe to grind, fail to notice this sleight of hand as they buy into the propaganda and go on the attack against anyone opposed to the plans, accusing them (ironically) of “racism”.  
As the Zionists attack and destroy all races, they and their dupes scream racism at anyone who notices what they are doing.  (Whatever they are doing, you will always be accused of.)

This also ties in with the plan to eliminate all nations and national boundaries, to be replaced with a single world government.
By eliminating race, they eliminate cohesive population groups who can understand and oppose what they are doing.
Many Zionists quotes shed light on this Talmudic hatred for all races.

In 1925 Zionist Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi had outlined the plan to combine and thereby all non-Jewish races.  He had stated:
“We intend to turn Europe into a mixed race of Asians and Negros ruled over by the Jews.
…The man of the future will be a mongrel.
Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”

In 1967 Zionist revolutionary and author Susan Sontag states in the communist Partisan Review:

“The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone.” 

In 2013 Rabbi David Touitou explains how [Zionist created radical] Islam is being used to eradicate Christianity for the Zionists states:

“You will pay dearly for it Europeans! To such an extent that you have no idea! And you will have no place to run to. Because all the evil you have done to Israel, you will pay for it a hundred-fold. When Italy will be gone, when Edom, when that place will be gone- and that’s what Islam is going to do. Islam is the broom of Israel, you have to know it- So, instead of having us do all the job, He sends Ishmael to solve the problem. When he is going to clean all this and that the wine will come back home…
The war of God and Magog, this furious war that we are all waiting for. The Rafet Israim said: ‘Do not expect to see anything other than Islam stand up against Edom [Europe/Christendom].’
According to the Rafet Israim, the Gog and Magog war is that Islam in Europe will rise as one man and they have everything to succeed. This war in the world we live in is necessary.  

…What you are undergoing in France, in Europe, which is so scary, it should be for us the most beautiful news of our Jewish history. Finally, we begin to approach it! Finally, we begin to realize what the sages had predicted before. What I told you before is written in Sanhedrin [book of the Talmud]. The Messiah will come only when Edom, Europe, Christianity will have fallen completely. So, I am asking you the question: Is it good news that Islam is invading Europe? It’s excellent news! It’s announcing the arrival of the Messiah! Excellent news!”

 While non-Jewish races must be destroyed, the apartheid state of “Israel” prohibits non-Jewish immigration, and Jews are prohibited by the Talmud from marrying non-Jews.


Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton from Oakland, CA create a group called the Black Panthers. They have determined the current two party political system is trap, designed to lure people into warring factions, neither of which work in the people’s best interest and both of which are controlled by Zionist forces.  The Panthers planned to patrol the streets and monitor police behavior and try to reduce police violence.
They oppose the rampant political corruption and police brutality which plagues Black neighborhoods. They are in favor of gun rights, and strongly anti-Zionist.   
As soon as their group begins growing in size and influence, the Zionist secret police quickly move in to co-opt and redirect the movement. CIA and FBI informants move in posing as members, and begin reporting everything that takes place.  Then infiltrators are prepared who are trained to think and act like Panther leaders. 
They begin to inject Marxist nonsense into the movement, and direct it away from impactful activities, and focus on violence, terrorist attacks, and hatred of Whites, rather than reforming policy and uniting Black Americans .  
A 1967 FBI memorandum reveals a plan to prevent the rise of a “Black messiah,” to discredit Black leaders, and to stunt the growth of the group. The FBI delivers arms shipments to the group, and then incites violence, which the press uses to attack the 2nd amendment.  At one point, California passes an unconstitutional law, depriving any member of the Black Panthers of their right to bear arms.
By highlighting all the negative aspects of the group, focusing on violence (incited by Zionist intelligence) and portraying the group as Marxists, the press succeeds in creating mass public opposition to the Panthers.
Intelligence agents send threatening and insulting letters to the heads of the Panthers, pretending the letters are from other Black groups, and create rivalries and division among Black activists who had similar goals. This led to violent clashes between the groups and many members are killed.  When enough violence had been created through subversive tactics, a propaganda documentary is created and aired across the country portraying the Panthers as a confused, racist and extremely violent communist hate group (which they now had become, thanks the  efforts of intelligence agencies.) By the early 1980’s the group has fallen apart.

In the 21st century a CIA created Marxist hate group has been created called the New Black Panther Party.  The new group has no connections to the original, and no roots in the Black community.  Its serves only the interests of the Democrat political party, and its purpose is to created hatred towards America and towards White people, and then direct all of it into the Democrat political machine, which has been working for over a century and a half to re-enslave Black America.  It serves to capture, diffuse and redirect and Black grievances and turn them into Democrat votes.


Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated.
King, a Christian minister has advocated unity between Black and White Americans during a time when the communist movement has been working desperately to create division and hatred between races.  The press has been presenting every political issue as a Black vs. White divide, to get the races to blame each other for societal problems caused by Zionist rule.

The FBI begins following and wiretapping King.  After being caught in the act, they claim they suspected King had links to “communists” as an excuse for tracking him.
(The usual claim of “fighting communism” at this stage works to justify any form of abuse of government power, much like the fake “war on terror” will do in the 21st century.  Sorry, I didn’t know she was your wife. You can have her back. I was fighting communism.) 

King makes numerous speeches in which he calls for racial harmony, for non-violent protests of injustice, and for seeking common ground.   These methods of conflict resolution are in direct opposition to the violent revolutionary tactics and divide and conquer strategies of of Marxism. 
King denounces the communist infiltration of the Black community, stating:

“We must not allow our creative protests to degenerate into physical violence…  militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust all white people, for many of our white brothers,…have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny. They have come to realize that their freedom is inextricably bound to their freedom. We cannot walk alone.”

I have a dream that one day… the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave-owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood…that…  little black boys and black girls will he able to join hands with little white boy’s and white girls as sisters and brothers.”

King’s peaceful Christian message resonates with Black and White Americans, and is disastrous for the Zionist program in the United States.  There is nothing more dangerous for the Zionists than a black leader who advocates Biblical principles and peaceful co-existence.   They have worked tirelessly to promote only Black leaders who are militant, communist minded, and anti-white, and worked to discredit and smear all Black leaders who promote unity.   A united America will be nearly impossible to dismantle.

At age 38, King is shot and killed outside his motel room in Memphis, TN. 

To fuel racial tensions, a White alleged “racist” named James Earl Ray is presented to the public as the killer.  The press goes into overdrive to convince the public how awful racial relations are, and how divided Blacks and Whites are.
The strategy works, and helps fuels Black hostility against whites.

A few days after the press had claimed Ray confessed to the killing, Ray states that he was set up and he did not kill King. 
A package with a gun bearing Rays fingerprints had been left conveniently at the scene, along with a  rifle scope, something which certainly would not happen if Ray were the killer, but would likely happen if someone were trying to frame Ray as the killer.

Even King’s family dismisses the Marxist trademark “deranged lone gunman” theory.
His widow, Corretta Scott King would state:

“There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr.,”

Lloyd Jowers, who owned a restaurant near the motel room where King was staying, claims he had been part of a conspiracy to kill King and that Ray had been set up and was not the killer. A civil lawsuit is filed against Jowers 25 years after Kings death. A jury unanimously finds jury unanimously finds that Jowers was part of a conspiracy to kill King, and that the assassination plot also involved “others, including governmental agencies.”  The Zionist press ignores the story.


The CIA unleashes a new method of covert attack against the United States: Cocaine.  Over the coming decade the CIA will flood the United States with addictive drugs, mainly powder and crack cocaine.  They will target almost exclusively Black neighborhoods.

In 1996, in an extremely rare example of forbidden information sneaking into the mainstream press, a series of articles is published in the San Jose Mercury News, which expose the CIA as the source of the traffic. Journalist Gary Webb writes:

“For the better part of a decade, a San Francisco Bay Area drug ring sold tons of cocaine to the Crips and
Bloods street gangs of Los Angeles and funneled millions in drug profits to an arm of the contra guerrillas of
Nicaragua run by the Central Intelligence Agency, the San Jose Mercury News has found…
The army’s financiers – who met with CIA agents before and during the time they were selling the drugs in L.A.
– delivered cut-rate cocaine to the gangs through a young South-Central crack dealer named Ricky Donnell
Ross. Unaware of his suppliers’ military and political connections, “Freeway Rick” turned the cocaine powder into crack and wholesaled it to gangs across the country….
 today, black America is still dealing with its poisonous side effects.
Urban neighborhoods are grappling with legions of homeless crack addicts. Thousands of young black men are
serving long prison sentences for selling cocaine – a drug that was virtually unobtainable in black
neighborhoods before members of the CIA’s army brought it into South-Central in the 1980s at bargain basement prices.
And the L.A. gangs, which used their enormous cocaine profits to arm themselves and spread crack across the
country, are still thriving….
Agents from four organizations – the DEA, U.S. Customs, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the
California Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement – have complained that investigations were hampered by the CIA or
unnamed “national-security” interests. 
To understand how crack came to curse black America, you have to go into the volcanic hills overlooking
Managua, the capital of the Republic of Nicaragua….

Blandon’s marketing strategy, selling the world’s most expensive street drug in some of California’s poorest
neighborhoods, might seem baffling, but in retrospect, his timing was uncanny. He and his compatriots arrived
in South-Central L.A. right when street-level drug users were figuring out how to make cocaine affordable: by
changing the pricey white powder into powerful little nuggets that could be smoked – crack. Crack turned the cocaine world on its head. Cocaine smokers got an explosive high unmatched by 10 times as
much snorted powder. And since only a tiny amount was needed for that rush, cocaine no longer had to be sold
in large, expensive quantities. Anyone with $20 could get wasted. 

 Within a year, [Rick]Ross’ drug operation grew to dominate inner-city Los Angeles, and many of the biggest dealers in town were his customers. When crack hit L.A.’s streets hard in late 1983, Ross already had the infrastructure in place to corner a huge chunk of the burgeoning market.
It was not uncommon, he said, to move $2 million or $3 million worth of crack in one day.
“Our biggest problem had got to be counting the money,” Ross said. “We got to the point where it was like, man, we don’t want to count no more money….
“Ross said he never discovered how Blandon was able to get cocaine so cheaply. “I just figured he knew the people, you know what I’m saying? He was plugged.”
But Freeway Rick had no idea just how “plugged” his erudite cocaine broker was. He didn’t know about Meneses, or the CIA…”
For the past 1 1/2 years, the U.S. Department of Justice has been trying to explain why nearly everyone convicted in California’s federal courts of “crack” cocaine trafficking is black.        
But why – of all the ethnic and racial groups in California to pick from – crack planted its deadly roots in L.A.’s black neighborhoods is something Oscar Danilo Blandon Reyes may be able to answer.
In recent court testimony, Blandon, who began dealing cocaine in South-Central L.A. in 1982, swore that the first kilo of cocaine he sold in California was to raise money for the CIA’s army…”
 “according to a legal motion filed in a 1990 case involving a deputy who helped execute the search warrants, one of the suspects involved in the raid identified himself as a CIA agent and asked police to call CIA headquarters in Virginia to confirm his identity.
The motion, filed by Los Angeles defense attorney Harlan Braun on behalf of Deputy Daniel Garner, said the narcotics detectives allowed the man to make the call but then carted away numerous documents purportedly linking the U.S. government to cocaine trafficking and money-laundering efforts on behalf of the contras.
The motion said CIA agents appeared at the sheriff’s department within 48 hours of the raid and removed the seized files from the evidence room.
But Braun said detectives secretly copied 10 pages before the documents were spirited away. Braun attempted to introduce them in the 1990 criminal trial to force the federal government to back off the case. Braun was hit with a gag order, the documents were put under seal and Garner was convicted of corruption charges.
   Internal sheriff’s department records of the raid “mysteriously disappeared” around the same time the seized files were taken, Braun’s motion said.”

A later article in the UK Telegraph describes how the Zionists were forced to address the Mercury News stories. They of course did so using the standard Zionist tactic to cover up any matter – relentlessly attack the person, never address the facts:

“…It had become such a huge story that other newspapers felt they had to weigh in. But when the Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times began writing about Dark Alliance…they did so in a way that was “’deliberately trying to undermine the claims [it] had made, and not just whitewash their own failure to fully report the story, but attack Gary Webb’s credibility as a reporter.”’

In 2004 Webb is shot twice in the head inside his home in Carmichael, CA. The coroner confirms he was shot twice, but later changes the cause of death to “suicide.”  The old two-bullet suicide.

A 1987 cover up in Congress is headed by Zionist errand boy and pedophile John Kerry, who had been placed in advance on a Senate subcommittee to stop the investigation into the CIA.  The committees findings characterize the CIA involvement in the drug trafficking as….. “fighting Communism.”


U.S. Attorney General William French Smith writes to drug trafficker and CIA Director William Casey informing him the Dept of Justice will not prosecute drug crimes committed by the CIA. 
He has effectively legalized the drug trade in the United States, a decision that will affect every single American citizen in the coming decades.
It will allow Casey to operate a massive cocaine trafficking ring headed by Casey, Arkansas governor Bill Clinton, former CIA director and current Vice President George HW Bush, former CIA officer William Barr, CIA operative Manuel Noriega, Mossad agent Mike Harari, U.S. Marine Colonel Oliver North, Clinton head of Security Raymond Young, CIA operative Enrique Bermudez and several others.


Rabbi Marc Raphael publishes Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History.
He notes:
“in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated…Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade.
Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday. 
This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750’s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760’s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760’s and early 1770’s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”
During the sixteenth century, exiled from their Spanish homeland and hard-pressed to escape the clutches of the Inquisition, Spanish and Portuguese Jews fled to the Netherlands; 
…They began in the 1500’s and 1600’s to establish themselves in the Dutch and English colonies in the New World. These included Curacao, Surinam, Recife, and New Amsterdam (Dutch) as well as Barbados, Jamaica, Newport, and Savannah (English).
Groups of Jews began to arrive in Surinam in the middle of the seven-teenth century, after the Portuguese regained control of northern Brazil. By 1694, twenty-seven years after the British had surrendered Surinam to the Dutch, there were about 100 Jewish families and fifty single Jews there, or about 570 persons. They possessed more than forty estates and 9,000 slaves, contributed 25,905 pounds of sugar as a gift for the building of a hospital, and carried on an active trade with Newport and other colonial ports. By 1730, Jews owned 115 plantations and were a large part of a sugar export business which sent out 21,680,000 pounds of sugar to European and New World markets in 1730 alone.
Slave trading was a major feature of Jewish economic life in Surinam which as a major stopping-off point in the triangular trade. Both North American and Caribbean Jews played a key role in this commerce: records of a slave sale in 1707 reveal that the ten largest Jewish purchasers (10,400 guilders) spent more than 25 percent of the total funds (38,605 guilders) exchanged.
The Jews were the recipients of favorable charters containing generous economic privileges granted by the Dutch West Indies Company in Amsterdam. The economic life of the Jewish community of Curacao revolved around ownership of sugar plantations and marketing of sugar, the importing of manufactured goods, and a heavy involvement in the slave trade, within a decade of their arrival, Jews owned 80 percent of the Curacao plantations. The strength of the Jewish trade lay in connections in Western Europe as well as ownership of the ships used in commerce.
Extant tax lists give us a glimpse of their dominance. Of the eighteen wealthiest Jews in the 1702 and 1707 tax lists, nine either owned a ship or had at least a share in a vessel. By 1721 a letter to the Amsterdam Jewish community claimed that “nearly all the navigation…was in the hands of the Jews.”
The Jewish rabbi is accused of being an….antisemite.


Jewish author Roberta Strauss Feuerlicht publishesThe Fate of the Jews: A People Torn Between Israeli Power and Jewish Ethics, in which she points out that Jewish domination of so many modern American industries is directly tied to the enormous generational wealth built from the slave trade and the exploitation of the slaves in America. 
“Whether so many Jews would have achieved so high a level of social, political, economic and intellectual status and recognition, without the presence of the lowly and degraded slave, is indeed dubious. How ironic that the distinctions bestowed upon [Jewish] men like Judah P. Benjamin were in some measure dependent upon the sufferings of the Negro slaves they bought and sold with such equanimity.”

Slavery certainly helped, and so did hundreds of Marxist revolutions, followed by massive resource looting after nations were destroyed.  


In a paper later published in 1996, titled The Chip Tatum Chronicles: Testimony of Government Drug Running former CIA officer Chip Tatum provides detailed evidence of U.S. government drug trafficking, which he witnessed first hand as a CIA helicopter pilot in the 1980’s.
Tatum’s work provides a level of detail impossible for anyone but a former CIA officer to possess.
The paper includes detailed flight plans for many cocaine shipments, in which he was usually told his cargo was “vaccines” or “medical supplies” but on many occasions he discovered the shipments were filled with cocaine. 
He also describes meetings to arrange cocaine shipments which involved sitting Vice President George H.W. Bush, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, future U.S. Attorney General William Barr, Oliver North, former Mossad agent Mike Harari and many others:

“Dr. Lasater was the first out of the limo. I recognized him from a previous flight. He was followed by two others. Dr. Lasater introduced himself to me, apparently not realizing we had met before, and asked if we were the aircraft with the donor organs. I told him that we had the coolers and pointed at them in the rear of the aircraft. Doug, our crew chief, helped Lasater’s limo driver with the coolers. The heavy cooler went into the limo and the light cooler was loaded into the van. Dr. Lasater introduced me to the two gentlemen with him. First, we were introduced to the Governor of Arkansas, Governor William J. Clinton, and then his security chief, Raymond “Buddy” Young.”

(To read the full paper, click here.)

Because the CIA operates independently of the U.S. government, and because it had established its superiority over the U.S. Government and immunity from prosecution after the Church Committee, and because it works
under classified operations and with black budgets, it is nearly impossible to stop the CIA.  Even a politician who attempts to dismantle them, such as John F Kennedy, will simply be removed.  Only a mass public awakening of the useful idiots in the United States can unify the country and bring the government back under control.


To create and amplify racial division between Black and White Americans, an elaborate hoax is arranged. The media tells the public that a Black girl, Tawana Brawley has been discovered in New York in a trash bag, and she has been beaten and raped by 4 white men, who included police officers and a prosecutor.   They even claim that the words  “KKK”, “nigger”, and “bitch” had been written on her body by the men.  (“calling card” left at scene is always an intelligence operation, especially when it supports a false ongoing media narrative) 
Despite the utter absurdity of the story, the Zionist press gives it round the clock attention and coverage, “wondering” aloud if a place so racially divided as America should exist at all. 
The public falls for the story, completely unaware that anyone would have a motive to fake something of this nature. 
It is eventually, however, revealed that the entire event was a fabrication, arranged to spread racial division and to attack the police and prosecutor who were targeted.   

Zionist columnist Eric Breindel, so caught up in the excitement of the opportunity to promote race war, is disappointed to find out it was all fake.  He writes:
“It makes no difference anymore whether the attack on Tawana really happened…a lot of black women are treated the way she says she was treated.”

Race-hate salesman Al Sharpton, a pedophile and Communist agitator, accuses the State of New York and the U.S. government of a massive race-based conspiracy involving the Ku Klux Klan to commit and cover up the rape.  
Sharpton plays a major role in the defamation of those falsely accused, and rises to national prominence during the occasion.    Although his net worth skyrockets after it ends, he does not offer to help Brawley pay off a large civil judgment later awarded against her for defamation of the men she falsely accused.   
The event is one of hundreds of fake hate crimes documented at FakeHateCrimes.org
Sharpton now appears at any event where racial division can be promoted, helping to further the Marxist agenda and moving the U.S toward the desired race war.

There is serious money in selling your people to the slave traders.


After making a speech in Albany Dr. Leonard Jeffries, a professor of Black Studies at the City College of New York  is relentlessly attacked by the entire Zionist machine.  Dozens of articles are printed in the press smearing Jeffries as a racist, a bigot and a lunatic.  Protests are organized by Communist groups.
Jeffries’ speech had simply pointed out the fact that Black slaves were brought to the Americas by wealthy Jewish merchants, and that some of that wealth now helps them control the music, film and news industries, which they use to portray Blacks in a negative fashion.
After months of high-pitched screeching from the press, Jeffries has his term shortened from 3 years to one, and is removed as chairman from the African studies department.  
Jeffries then sues the school as is awarded $400,000 in damages and restored to his position as chairman.
In the case, JEFFRIES  v.  HARLESTON, et al., The court states:
“The Court notes that the jury found that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s rights under the fourteenth amendment, in that they deprived the plaintiff of property without due process of law….The Court finds that the University’s denial to Professor Jeffries of a full three-year term as Chairman of the Black Studies Department constitutes a violation of plaintiff’s first amendment rights.”


The Nation of Islam publishes The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews which details the Jewish domination of the slave trade both to the Americas. 
The book notes many little-known historical facts about the slave trade and the Reconstruction period, including:
  • Over 100 cities had Jewish mayors in the Jim Crow south.  
  • Jews banned Blacks from their stores, and set up separate stores in Black areas where prices were much higher. (a practice which continues today.)
  • They obtained especially cheap and low quality merchandise and sold it in their Black stores at extremely high prices to take advantage of Blacks’ lack of experience in the economy.
  • When Blacks migrated to cities from the south the merchants followed and brought with them, the separate “negro market” with the cheap goods at high prices. 
  • When slavery ended, the practice of sharecropping, re-enslaved Blacks by lending them money for farming equipment, and letting them farm the land and pay back the interest bearing loans with a portion of the  sharecroppers future crop. This was known as debt peonage.        
  • The source of the Sharecropping System that re-enslaved Blacks after Emancipation was the Talmud, which long ago established elaborate rules for operating an agrarian economy that included sharecropping, credit arrangements, liens, and the use of slaves. Ancient rabbis were large landowners who managed slaves and tenant farmers and sharecroppers.   (This practice led Louis XIV to state:  “credit supports agriculture, as the cord supports the hanged.”)
  • The loans were carefully designed to keep the tenant fed and basic needs met but not allow him to build wealth, so that he essentially remained in the same position he was in as a slave. (This model continues today. )
  • Much of the cotton picked by Black slaves and sharecroppers fed the Jewish clothing and textile manufacturers known as the “needle trades.”   According to the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “The needle trades have been the most distinctively Jewish group of industries in the United States.”      
  • In New York City alone, “80 percent of all retail, and 90 percent of all wholesale clothing firms, were owned by Jews. In the rest of the country, 75 per cent of the clothing companies were Jewish, and most of them were controlled by Jews. 
  • The needle trades devoured so much slave-grown cotton that it generated revenues of $116 million in 1860, and $617 million by 1910.
  • Slavery and sharecropping (which placed black farmers in unpayable debt) created generational wealth which grew immensely and is being used today to control every major industry, media, big tech, banking and government.   
Although the book is simply a history book which cites irrefutable facts, the Zionist press goes into a panic.
Anytime the Zionist plot for world conquest is threatened by the emergence of truthful information, the strategy is always the same.   
1. Make baseless accusations of racism against the person or group presenting the information.
2. Ignore and never address the content of what they say.
3. Clutter, confuse and cloud the issue, and escape during the confusion. 
Since the facts documented in the book can not be refuted, the usual attempts to muddy the waters and silence discussion are used.  
A frenzy of criticisms of the book appear, all of them from well-to-do Jewish academics and journalists, some of whom come from families enriched by the slave trade and still enjoying its fruits today.
Their critique of the book? Antisemitic. 
(Got it? Blacks are racist against Jews for being kidnapped sold into slavery by Jews.  Are you getting the picture of how Communist rule works.  Screaming “Racism” in America has ALWAYS been about controlling and silencing an opponent. It has never had anything to do with race.)
No reason is offered as to WHY the nation of Islam would become “antisemitic,” especially since the Zionists have been portraying themselves as the saviors of persecuted Black Americans for generations.
After the barrage of lies and slander by the press turning the perpetrator of history’s one of history’s largest crimes into the victim, The Nation of Islam publishes another book with proof that can not be debated or ignored no matter how skillful a particular liar is.
In Jews Selling Blacks pictures of hundreds of  actual classified advertisements offering slaves for sale are displayed. The slave dealers are all Jewish. This time the Zionist press shuts its mouth. 
The Volume 2 of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews is also Published: How Jews Gained Control of the Black Economy. 
Even the Jewish Encyclopedia tells the truth. (for now)


An ADL-B’nai B’rith document reveals the spy network is closely monitoring influential Black Americans who are aware of the Zionist plot.       
The document, titled The Anti-Semitism of Black Demagogues and Extremists reveals they have been monitoring all Black leaders to ensure they remain on the “plantation” and do not attempt to notify the American public of the Zionist plot.  Names on the  target list include minister Louis Farrakhan, nationalist leader Steve Cokely, rappers Ice Cube and Public Enemy, and many others.  The ADL is also revealed to be spying on black student groups on university campuses.


Laird Wilcox publishes Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America in which he notes:   
“I had learned in talking with a former associate in the civil rights movement of the 1960s that a cross-burning I had always assumed was done by white racists was, in fact, done by civil rights workers. This aroused my curiosity…
..The actual extent of racist and anti-Semitic hoaxes can never be known as long as unsolved cases are uniformly regarded as actual and not merely suspected hate crimes. Police who investigate alleged hate crime cases privately report that a surprisingly large percent are “suspicious” or “likely hoaxes or pranks.”
Perhaps one of the greatest literary hoaxes, with strong racial overtones, was committed by Alex Haley, author of the spurious book, Roots , which fraudulently purports to trace his ancestry back to a village in Africa. What is particularly troublesome about this hoax is that, although knowledgeable researchers doubted Haley’s work from the beginning, it wasn’t until December, 1978 when Haley settled a plagiarism lawsuit with Harold Courlander, author of the 1967 novel, The African, for $650,000, that it became clear how seriously Haley had fudged his facts. In the meantime, the book sold 1.5 million copies and Alex Haley had won a Pulitzer Prize…
The Roots hoax had enormous consequences, for the story it fabricated was used to inspire militancy in a generation of black people, and was a significant factor in the development of black political power in the post-civil rights movement 1970’s and 1980’s.
Subsequent research showed that Haley stole passages from other books and fabricated many of the characters. Even his pre-civil war U.S. research, where some records were available, was faked…
A more recent example of a hoax involving faked black history is the 1992 Public Broadcasting System film, The Liberators, which purports to tell of the part played by the all-black 761st Tank Battalion in the liberation of the Dachau concentration camp in April, 1945
…according to former Army Captain David Williams of the 761st, the unit was nowhere near Dachau when the camp was liberated. He says, “On April 29, 1945, the 761st was near Straubing, which is 30 about 70 miles from Dachau as the crow flies.  Bridges were down, the tanks were all beat up., There wasn’t enough gas. Nobody could have just taken a Sherman tank on a 140-mile round trip and not have been noticed missing. He would have been court-martialed.”
In February, 1993, WNET-TV, a PBS affiliate involved in the film’s production, decided to withdraw The Liberators from circulation, admitting that the 761st Tank Battalion “did not, in fact, liberate two concentration camps, as described in the film.”
“Because bona fide organized racist and anti-Semitic incidents are relatively unusual today, and because they serve valuable functions for the victims and their constituencies when they occur, the temptation to fabricate incidents is strong. Victims are usually treated as heroes who have been ennobled by their experience and the rage against the suspected perpetrators, as well as representatives of their race, gender or class, can be amazing. In terms of sheer effectiveness, nothing works quite as well as a racist or anti-Semitic incident to intimidate an institution, “sensitize” a population, polarize an issue or silence critics. Victimization, genuine or faked, can accomplish more in minutes than months of organizing, agitation and propaganda…
The delicious sense of importance and meaning to one’s life that victimization brings is often overlooked as a motive in hoaxes of the kind illustrated here. I suspect it plays a very significant role. The paranoid personality, with it’s tendency to interpret everyday experience in vigilant and suspicious terms, revels in the attention of recognized victimization. Victimization gives dignity to the undignified, importance to the unimportant, and a kind of “I told you so” self-fulfilling prophecy that explains failure and disappointment as few things can. Not being liked becomes less of as question of what is wrong with you than what is wrong with others who don’t like you.
By far the largest number of hoax incidents involve black victims and non-black (usually white) offenders.
Laird’s work helps to establish http://fakehatecrimes.org/ a site which shows that fake hate crimes vastly outnumber real ones, which are nearly non-existent.


Marxist revolutionary Nelson Mandela had emerged in 1990 from prison where he had served 27 years for nearly 200 acts of terrorism and the murders of dozens of innocent people, in addition to several hundred people killed by his followers. 
Now he is elected president of South Africa following a mass propaganda campaign by the Zionist press in South Africa and globally, portraying him as a martyr and heroic figure. 
An intense “anti-White” press campaign is intended to stir up the 90% Black South African population and convince them that all of society’s ills can be traced to white South Africans. 

In its enthusiasm, the press forgets to mention one tiny, insignificant detail.  So insignificant, it gets no mention or coverage whatsoever: Nearly 100% of the wealth in South Africa is owned by Zionist Jews living outside the country, not by White South Africans.  
The real purpose for installing the Communist Mandela, is the same reason all Communist leaders are installed in all nations: To keep the people in check while their resources are looted by Zionist corporate interests, and eventually to depopulate the region.
Mandela’s political party, the African National Congress is neither African, nor National.  It is a Zionist Marxist revolutionary party, which is always headed by a token Black African who is surrounded by Zionist Jewish handlers. 
It was founded by Lionel Bernstein, Bob Hepple, Denis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, and James Kantor.
The party has remained in power ever since, and South Africa has suffered a rapid decline. Crime has increased sharply along with government corruption and the cost of living. Trash accumulates in public places.  The murder rate is among the highest in the world. The rape rate is the highest in the world. As things decline, the press campaign blaming the small White minority intensifies. 
White farmers are a favorite target of the press, as is often the case during a Marxist revolution. Its hard to starve a nation when farms are producing.  A gradual genocide is occurring, as White families are routinely murdered on their farms in hate-fueled attacks ignited by the press and the African National Congress.
Meanwhile profits from the Zionist natural resource looting have skyrocketed.

While the Zionist machine snatches up every resource on the planet, leaving billions impoverished, they radicalize all populations to believe   “Whites” are the enemy.


Hollywood and the music industry are strictly propaganda tools, which are used only for the purpose of promoting Communism and maintaining mind control over the public.  Artists who will not comply with delivering the required message, are simply not advanced through the ranks in the industry and disappear.
Those who comply, and especially those who are compromised so they can be controlled, are advanced rapidly and achieve “stardom.” This is why talented artists are rare in mainstream entertainment, while talentless hacks who drool Communist political messages are everywhere.
Tupac Shakur was a rare example of an artist who did not comply, but achieved stardom anyway. The charismatic 25 year old rapper had hundreds of millions of fans around the world, and was popular across all racial lines. 
Despite attempts by the industry to capture and control his message, he remained independent and often made statements which exposed Zionist control over banking, the news media and the music industry.
Shakur records an album in 1996 which includes messages about killing the Illuminati, and makes a statement which directly confronts the Zionist strategy of convincing Black Americans never to try and solve problems, but instead to blindly attack Whites.  Shakur states:
“It ain’t them [Whites] thats killin us, its us thats killin us, it aint them that’s knocking us off, its us that’s knockin us off. Use your brain…” 
Two weeks after recording the album, Shakur is shot several times and dies a few days later. The album is released shortly after his death.
Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act also reveal the FBI had investigated the Jewish Defense League for making threats to attempt to extort money from both Shakur and also deceased rapper Eric Wright (Eazy-E) among others.  The documents reveal that the JDL was:
“Extorting money from various rap music stars via death threats..and offering protection for a fee…the victim then pays the subjects for the protection services rendered and resume their normal lifestyle with no fear of further death threats.
The documents also reveal that the Jewish Defense League forged documents to steal money from the estate of Wright after his death, and that Wright’s estate proved they were forged and won a $1.5 million court settlement.
To misdirect the public and cover up the killing, Christopher Wallace, (Notorious B.I.G.) is killed in a shooting, to give the appearance of a feud between East and West coast rappers. 

Serious investigations are never done, and both murders remain “unsolved.”


Marxist revolutionary Barack Obama is “elected” president.  Obama is presented by the press as someone who will unite races and usher Americans into a “post-racial” world, where all races will get along in harmony.  Like all things Marxist, this is the precise opposite of the truth, and Obama will work to increase the Zionist Black-White racial divide like no other leader in history. 
To get Obama elected, an army of intelligence operatives flood the internet attacking anyone who opposes Obama’s communist ideas as “racist.” The tactic serves to shut down debate and chase away critics of Obama without ever having to defend his indefensible policies.   
Obama, who is not actually an “African-American” but a half-White Kenyan living in America, relentlessly attacks all ideas associated with freedom as being racist, and attacks the myth of “Whiteness” as being responsible for the Zionist manufactured Black hardships.
He makes man racially divisive statements, portraying race as a curse which can never be broken, statements which include:
  • Telling non-White voters to  “punish” their “enemies,” suggesting skin color differences make people enemies
  • Making up a fictional White girlfriend in a memoir, so that he could claim he broke up with her over racial differences 
  • Calling his own grandmother, a “typical white person” suggesting race creates character
  • Stating: “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” suggesting to Black Americans as always, that success is not in their reach.
  • Stating “white folks’ greed runs a world in need” 
His husband Michelle (born Michael) helps out stating:
“You (Whites) were running from us. And you’re still running, because we’re no different than the immigrant families that are moving in,”
suggesting non-Whites are one group and Whites are a separate group.”
He also states to no person in particular but as a general insult to Whites:
“I can’t explain what’s happening in your head, but maybe if I show up every day as a human, a good human … maybe, just maybe, that work will pick away at the scabs of your discrimination.”
The divisive Communist tactic is nothing new. By focusing on race, something which can not be changed, individuals are stripped of their power, as imaginary racial walls (which can never be torn down) are constructed between groups. The helplessness created in the minds of individuals infected with this poison, often causes them to voluntarily turn their power over and subordinate themselves to the state. 


The Zionist race-hate war is proving effective under Obama.  A rash of violent attacks involving Black people attacking Whites are occurring with increasing frequency across the United States.  
 Thomas Sowell States:

“Episodes of unprovoked violence by young black gangs against white people chosen at random on beaches, in shopping malls, or in other public places have occurred in Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, Los Angeles, and other places across the country. Both the authorities and the media tend to try to sweep these episodes under the rug.” 


Professor Tony Martin dies.  Martin, a Ph.D at Wellsley college had given lectures for 35 years attempting to expose the Jewish slave trade to the Americas. 
He authored several books includingThe Jewish Onslaught  in which he discusses the Jewish domination of the slave trade and continued persecution of Blacks, both in America and in African countries, many of which are controlled by Zionist puppet Communist leaders, who keep the people enslaved while the resources are looted.
Author and African studies scholar Raymond Winbush states with regard to The Jewish Onslaught:  
“Professor Martin at long last deals with the Henry Gates/Cornel West attacks on Afrocentricity…. Martin provides a solid analysis of the historical use of Blacks by whites to discredit original Black thought deemed unacceptable by non-Blacks….
 I compare The Jewish Onslaught to the classic third chapter of DuBois’ The Souls of Black Folk entitled ‘Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others….’ Martin has written a book that years from now will be considered a classic…. It is simply a must reading on a controversial subject that needs greater airing than some of the more timid political attempts of recent years.”  
Despite the quality of his work, he was never able to get any recognition from the press, other than the occasional smear that he is a “racist” or “antisemite.”    Martin had once stated:
“In January 1993, I was minding my own business and teaching my Wellesley College survey course on African American History when a funny thing happened. The long arm of Jewish intolerance reached into my classroom. Unknown to me, three student officers of the Jewish Hillel organization (campus B’nai B’rith) sat in on my class and remained for a single period only. Their purpose was to monitor my presentation. As one of them explained in a campus meeting later, Jewish students had noticed The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews among my offerings in the school bookstore. The book documents the considerable Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic African Slave Trade, the dissemination of which knowledge they, as Jews, considered an “anti-Semitic” and most “hateful” act.” 

Unlike most Americans, Martin was brave enough to stand up to the Zionist tyranny. Free Speech is hate speech if you hate the truth.


African American researcher Dontell Jackson publishes a site called We Thought They Were White, issuing an apology to White Americans for many decades of blame placed on White Christians, for crimes committed by wealthyJews. The site details the history of the slave trade and the Zionist attempts to to create a Communist revolution in the U.S. using race war between Blacks and Whites.


Bomb threats are allegedly made at dozens of synagogues and Jewish community centers.  The press goes into the usual frenzy making accusations of “systematic racism,” and “white supremacy,” toward no person in particular, but toward the White race, for the crime of Being White.  Later it is revealed, as always the threats were a hoax, and an Israeli had made all the calls, in an attempt to create racial hatred.  The press gives the story little attention after the hoax is revealed. 

Mossad operation.   More anti White race-hate-baiting to scare voters into voting for Communists.


The press begins reporting a significant rise in hate crimes, which they attribute to the election of anti-Communist Donald Trump.  Because they have decided that anti-Communism is now known as racism,  the election of Trump means that closet race haters have suddenly become emboldened and rushed out to commit the crimes. 
Of course, as always, because real hate crimes don’t exist, one by one each is exposed as a hoax, often perpetrated by White Marxist college students. 
The spate of hoaxes culminate when a White and Black man, uncomfortable with his own Whiteness, writes a personal check to two Black men to commit a fake “hate crime” against him.  The plan is exposed when the police investigation leads to the so call victim, Jussie Smollett as the perpetrator.
It is later revealed that the hoax was actually an elaborate scheme involving two other White-Black high ranking Democrat party operatives, both of whom were running failing presidential campaigns, Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. 
A shortage of supply on race-hate was a factor in their failing campaigns.  They were hoping for a little boost.  Harris and Booker had been co-sponsors of a bill to make “lynching,” (a crime which many Democrats committed in the 19th and early 20th century) a “hate crime.”  Since lynching no longer exists, the “lynching” of Smollett is well-timed to position Harris and Booker as being at the forefront of the hoax issue of “race relations.”


Obianuju Ekeocha publishes Target Africa in which she discusses the ongoing genocide of the population of Africa through the use of vaccination and abortion, largely driven by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, which is also heavily funding abortion in Black communities in the United States, and promoting mass vaccination.


In response to false accusations of “antisemitism” by the Zionist Southern Poverty Law Center, Minister Louis Farrakhan writes:
“The scriptures bear witness to and we are talking about the work of making Satan known. Consider these scriptures to lay a base for our discussion: 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 2:
“In that day shall not come except there be a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.”
You cannot say “the Holocaust didn’t exist.” You can say “God doesn’t exist,” and there’ll be no penalty. You can curse God and there’ll be no penalty.  But if you say “there is something wrong with the figures of The Holocaust”—if you disagree with the Jewish version of  “The Holocaust,” that is considered a hate crime. And in some European countries you can go to jail for such—they are trying to do the same thing in America. 
The Truth is not hate; it’s either Truth or Falsehood. So, would you punish us for telling The Truth?  Of course you would, if this is your world, Satan.  But your “time” is up—your time to rule and deceive the people and the nations of the Earth is up. 
Satan is referred to as “the son of the morning”: This is something to consider because “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.” And, as Jesus said in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 22, verse 16: “I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” 
Well, Lucifer, now you are contending with this Word. 
What a weak contention. … And to the three of you—Mr. Abraham Foxman,[ADL] Mr. Mark Potok [Spokesman and Director of Publications and Information for the Southern Poverty Law Center], and Mr. Harold David Brackman,  your very weak answer to what we are saying only shows you have no “arguments” to defeat The Truth.  
So the only thing that you have is your power to misuse and to mislabel through your power with the media, your power with Black leadership, your power with Black preachers, your power with Black intellectuals, and your power with Black sports and entertainment figures.”


The long planned Zionist Race War to complete the Communist revolution in United States is kicked off.  Wall Street races in to pour in cash to fund the Marxist revolution.  To prevent people from opposing the revolution, it is deceptively named Black Lives Matter.  This forces Whites who oppose communism into the position of opposing the idea that “Black Lives Matter.  By this skillful mind-trick, the Whites are now easily portrayed as the racists the Zionists have been accusing them of being. 
Useful idiots applaud like seals as the Zionist mega corporations, whose slave labor forces allow them steal resources all over the world, declare their support publicly for “civil rights.”
Jeff Bezos’ slave army at Amazon helps him stuff $25,000 per minute into his pockets, so naturally he has the moral high ground to accuse you of racism for only paying 50% of your income in various taxes, much of which goes to subsidize companies like his.

Billions upon billions of dollars of generational wealth which can be traced all the way back to the slave trade, is poured into the Marxist revolution and the foundation committed to the destruction of the Black family.


In the War on Being White The Zionist press and politicians go on a rampage of stamping out “racism” in American culture, by eliminating Aunt Jemima from syrup bottles and Uncle Ben from rice packages.   Apparently removing iconic Black characters from logos, and tossing them in the dustbin of history is fair repayment for hundreds of years of slavery.
Of course, by design for well over 100 years, the Zionist press and publishing houses have been the ones intentionally produced insulting and demeaning images depicting non-Whites as inferior, so they can then accuse Whites of racism.


In one of the most preposterously shameless and clueless acts of White Supremacy in American History, a group of White Democrat lawmakers appear on TV wearing scarves in the national colors of the nation of Ghana in the continent of Africa. 
Asked what on earth they are doing, the lawmakers claim to be wearing the colors in “solidarity” with Black Americans.  
(Although wearing the colors of a nation on another continent seems to suggest that the lawmakers do not see Blacks as as Americans and want to deport them to a faraway place, the irony is lost on them.)
The lawmakers then kneel for many minutes, surrounded by cameras, pretending to be sad about the death of George Floyd, a violent felon who they claim was murdered by a police officer.
After everyone stands up, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi discovers that her knees have locked in the kneeling position, and she is not able to stand, perhaps symbolizing the position these Marxist leaders have intentionally placed their nation in.

Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler appear to be very low ranking Zionists, as their assignments always require total humiliation.  Nadler is both unable to kneel, and unable to remove his covid-hoax mask.  


“Black lives matter,” scream rich White college Communists as they smash and burn Black-owned businesses and shoot Black Americans dead in the street. They tear down and deface any statues from the slave era in the United States, including those honoring abolitionists.
Onlookers scratch their heads, wondering how tearing down the statues of Abraham Lincoln and others who fought to end Black slavery, helps Black Americans.
Of course, it doesn’t.
The purpose is to cover up the real history of the United States and the Jewish domination of slave trade, and modern Zionist domination of all industry, media, banking and government, using generational wealth which was built on the backs of slaves.   By erasing the entire history, future generations will be completely cut off from the past and never discover who rules over them and how it came to be.
We are trained Marxists,” the Black Lives Matter founders proclaim. (admitting that they are not a modern organization who cares about Black people, but a very old organization devoted to the destruction of the Black family, – as stated right on their website- devoted to the death of Christianity, and to perpetual debt slavery for all.)  

 Fuck you Jesus!” shout Black Lives Matter mobs as they march through the street.  

A few Black leaders try to speak up and expose the lies.

But no one seems to notice.


In the early 20th century, Black Americans had voted against Democrats since gaining the right to vote. In the last 50-60 years, that trend has shifted. With the advent of television and mass media the Zionists have successfully recaptured the majority of the Black vote.

How is it working out? 

“Ye shall know them by their fruits….every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” (Matthew 7:16-17) 

The mask comes off Black Lives Matter, as mobs swarm into churches during services,  or simply burn them to the ground. This has always been about one thing: Killing Christianity.

There is nothing Black about Black Lives Matter. Who, uh.....who trained you?

Zionist revolutionary Susan Rosenberg of the May 19th Movement which bombed several government buildings and advocated the overthrow of the United States.    This is the real face of Black Lives Matter.    Any Black American who has been duped into joining this movement may as well burn their own home to the ground.

In the United States, the plan for a Marxist revolution to finish off the nation is almost complete.
Everything hinges on one factor. 
Convincing enough Black (and Brown as well as White Americans), that White people hate “people of color,” and that they should elect treasonous, anti-American candidates to office. 
The country must voluntarily destroy itself, as the founders made it too difficult to take down using a standard Communist revolution.
It must commit suicide.

To create the anti-White sentiment, thousands of fake hate crimes have been committed over the past century, and they are rapidly being increased in the 21st century.   
Nearly every single one of them is a hoax.
White hatred of Black and Brown people is a hoax.
It has always been a hoax.  
The most common lie used to convince Black Americans that Whites are racist is “slavery.”

The problem with this lie, is that “Whites” were not the slave traders.
The trafficking of slaves was an industry almost entirely Jewish run.  
Slave ownership was also mostly Jewish.
Ownership of slave ships was entirely Jewish.
A tiny fraction of the White U.S. population owned slaves, and the U.S. ended slavery at a time when it existed all over the world. It still exists today. And the people funding the Marxist revolutions are the primary slaveowners.
The second most common lie used to create race hate is to point to hate groups like the KKK.
The KKK and other “hate” groups were created and run by Jewish controlled freemasons and intelligence agents, to create hate and division, to set the stage for the revolution now taking place.   
(While these operations do succeed at times in creating racial division, it is not genuine or culturally based hatred, but simply fear based, by people who are led to believe their lives and livelihoods were under dire threat from other races, which has never been true.   Defensive action is then portrayed as racism. But without the false flag hatred being stirred up, there is no racism to speak of.)
The KKK is simply one of thousands of radicalized “rebel” factions the Zionists have created all over the world.
To restrict or shut down access to this site, the Zionists will use the same tool they use in all situations. Scream racism.
Of course, anyone actually reading it will see, that it is the opposite. It is a counter to racism.


It is about all races uniting, and realizing there is one enemy on this earth, and it involves a very tiny group of men who have discovered methods to loot all nations and control all people. 
Racism around the world will end, when they stop creating it intentionally using propaganda, and when they stop stealing the God-given natural resources of every nation and placing the people under debt slavery.   
The only threat to any modern country has been the encroaching tyranny from these Communist revolutionaries, and their Satanically inspired attempts to establish rule over every nation.  
Once this mass deception can be unraveled, once people involved in all of these global conflicts can discover that they are not actually hated, peace is much easier to find than people may believe.