Listed here are just a few pieces from a mountain of evidence that the Oklahoma City Bombing was a false flag intelligence operation, not the “domestic terror” hoax that the media attempted to present to the public.
  • Sworn Affidavit by EMS paramedic Tiffany Bible, who responded to the crime scene immediately after the attack.
  • Statement to the press by U.S. Army Personnel Sergeant Arlene Blanchard
  • Report by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stating that 2 additional bombs were found in the building. (eliminating the media hoax story about a truck with a fertilizer bomb)
  • Memo from U.S. Atlantic Command stating that 2 additional bombs were found in the building.
  • Report from U.S. Army noting the 2 additional bombs were found.
  • Statement from retired Vietnam Veteran Joe Harp, who witnessed the 2 additional bombs being removed from the site.
  • Log from Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirming additional bombs were found in the building, causing personnel to be evacuated from the site.
  • 2nd log from Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirming additional bombs were found in the building, causing personnel to be evacuated from the site.
  • 3rd log from Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirming additional bombs were found in the building, causing personnel to be evacuated from the site.
  • Sworn Affidavit from eyewitness Virgil Steele that he saw 2 additional bombs being removed from the site.
  • The Murder of Oklahoma City Police sergeant Terry Yeakey who was working on exposing the false flag.
  • CNN reports of the additional bombs found.
  • The destruction of the evidence by illegal demolition of the site.
  • Statements by retired U.S. Army Captain and Nebraska legislator John Decamp.
  • The statement of retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton K. Partin.
  • The statements of Cody Snodgres, a former CIA contractor who declined an offer of payment from the CIA to install bombs in the building.
Sworn Affidavit by EMS paramedic Tiffany Bible, who responded to the crime scene immediately after the attack: 

Statement to the press by U.S. Army Personnel Sergeant Arlene Blanchard:

Report by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stating that 2 additional bombs were found in the building:

Memo from U.S. Atlantic Command stating that 2 additional bombs were found in the building:

Report from U.S. Army noting the 2 additional bombs were found: 

Statement from retired Vietnam Veteran Joe Harp, who witnessed the 2 additional bombs being removed:

3 logs from Oklahoma Highway Patrol confirming additional bombs were found in the building, causing personnel to be evacuated from the site:

Sworn Affidavit from eyewitness Virgil Steele that he saw 2 additional bombs being removed from the site.

Yeakey had rushed to the blast site and begun pulling survivors from the wreckage. He rescued and likely save the lives of at least 4 people who he pulled from the Murrah building on the day of the attack.  

He worked on the rescue effort continuing to search for survivors for 48 hours without sleep.

His wife Tonia states that Terry had told her immediately upon seeing her after the attack and rescue effort:    


“Tonia, it’s not what theyre saying it is. Theyre not telling the truth they’re lying about what’s going on down there…”


She and Terry had returned to the site at night to look at something Terry thought was highly suspicious, but found the site being guarded by ATF agents, who turned them away and who also recognized Terry.   He began collecting evidence which proved the official story was not true.  Tonia states that Terry had been extremely upset that a 9-page report he had written about what he witnessed, had been “misplaced” after he submitted it to his superiors.


Soon after, Yeakey’s body was  found in a field in El Reno, OK, over a mile away from his abandoned vehicle. An enormous  amount of blood was found in his vehicle, he was found with rope burns on his neck, ligature marks on his wrists, several deep cuts to his arms, his throat slashed twice, and appeared to have been tortured and killed execution-style with a single bullet to the head. The death was ruled a suicide.

CNN reports of the additional bombs found:


Copyright 1995 Cable News Network, Inc. All rights reserved CNN SHOW: NEWS 11:27 am ET April 19, 1995 Transcript # 920-19
TYPE: Live Report SECTION: News; Domestic LENGTH: 2495 words HEADLINE: Oklahoma City Government Buildings Evacuated GUESTS: ALAN CARR, Oklahoma City Businessman (LIVE; PAM WARREN, Assistant Secretary of State (LIVE); >>> NEWS, April 19, 1995



A local businessman compares the courthouse explosion to a sonic boom, while Oklahoma City hospitals say the flood of casualties has caused all medical workers to be on call. Evacuations continue downtown.


LEON HARRIS, Anchor: Leon Harris here at the CNN Center in Atlanta. If you are just joining us or if you’re just tuning into CNN for CNN and Company, we want to advise you that we are preempting the program for the time being to provide you with live coverage of the aftermath of a huge explosion at a federal building in Oklahoma City this morning. There are numbers of- scores of people injured. We have no reports of any dead right now. We also want to advise folks who have been calling the net- the Red Cross numbers there. The Red Cross has made a call for assistance there for all trained Red Cross employees to call in. The number that we have for them is area code 404 232-7121. Right before we rejoin our live coverage there being provided by CNN affiliates, we want to go to the phone. We have- I understand that we have a person who was there downtown in Oklahoma City. Alan Carr, a businessman who happened to be in that area, is joining us now on the telephone. Mr. Carr, can you hear me?

ALAN CARR, Oklahoma City Businessman: Yes, I can hear you, sir.

LEON HARRIS: Please, Mr. Carr, can you tell us exactly where you were and what happened when the explosion occurred this morning.

ALAN CARR: Well, I own a radio shack next door to the federal building and when we first heard the explosion, we went outside- we thought it was a sonic jet or something like that. The whole side of my building is devastated. And- well, there’s a woman lying- in front me lying on the ground. Her leg is pretty badly damaged. There’s so many people standing outside that- the building just totally exploded. I- I don’t understand how it happened, but I think it was the after effects of Robin Quivers’ new book, A Life.


ALAN CARR: [unintelligible]

LEON HARRIS: We understand that- thank you very much. We understand that there are some people who don’t understand the gravity of the situation here. We now, again, rejoin CNN’s live coverage that is being provided by CNN affiliates there in Oklahoma City. I understand that this video is coming from KFOR.

LEA, Non-CNN Correspondent: -we do have reports of lacerations from glass. That appears to be the majority of the injuries. I have another ambulance pulling in right now- don’t know if you can see it. Randy Sachs [sp], the- the public affairs spokesperson here, tells me that they have called in all of their off-duty emergency room doctors here at Baptist Medical Center to help out with the injured who are now beginning to- to roll into Baptist Medical Center as well. We have had one man here who was brought in with a broken leg. He says he was buried underneath some of the rubble. Fortunately, the extent of his injuries appear to be just a broken leg, lacerations, some bruises and again, at- at this point, we haven’t seen any of the more serious injuries. And I’m going to get out of the way so you can see as they unload this ambulance. As I said, they have had three children brought in here. That- that is our latest count. As many as- as 20-25 adults. We have two being wheeled in right now. Again, I am told the injuries mostly lacerations from broken glass. Most of the injuries that they’re seeing here were actually individuals who were in nearby buildings. Although I- we have heard of one patient who was in the actual building, we believe, and he was buried underneath some of the rubble. Again, they- they have told me that they have called in all of their emergency room physicians to help out. The- the burn center here is on standby to handle any of the burn victims who are brought in. I’m told they can handle 10 to 12 of the- the more serious burn victims, should they- should they come here. Also, up to 30 of the really serious injuries, and we will keep you posted-

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: Let’s talk with Pam Warren right now. Pam joins us on the phone. She is the assistant secretary of state for the state of Oklahoma. Pam, we understand that you all are evacuating the State Capitol Building.

LEA: They have three children at Baptist, 20 to 25 adults at Baptist. We are reporting five children-

PAM WARREN, Assistant Secretary of State: -the Capitol is going to be closed. So, it’s really not evacuation. I don’t think that we’ve heard any word about any kind of threat but they’re just, as a precautionary measure, closing a lot of the state- the state buildings that are located in- the Cap- the main Capitol Building.

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: Pam, when you say the building is closed, does that mean that you’re making people leave the building or that no one’s going to be allowed inside the building?

PAM WARREN: No. We’re just ask- they’re asking the employees to go ahead and the governor’s office, just to let the employees go on home. Because a lot of them have family members that they’re concerned about. There’s been a call for blood. So, they’ve just ask- they’re just closing this main office and the Capitol Building.

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: OK. Assistant Secretary of State Pam Warren. Also, the FBI offices at 50 Penn Place have been evacuated. And Tinker Air Force Base is- is closing down. Don’t go in; don’t go out. No one’s leaving that federal facility.

LEA: All right. We just saw, if you were watching there- there was a white pick-up truck backing a trailer into the scene here. They’re trying to move people out of the way so they can get it in. It appears to be the Oklahoma County Bomb Squad. It’s their bomb disposal unit, essentially, is what it is. And it is what they would use to- if- if the report that we gave you just a few moments ago turns out to be correct, that they have found a second explosive device of some kind inside this building, they’ll back that trailer down there and the bomb squad folks will go in and they will use that- that trailer- you see the bucket on the back there. Sort of- this is how they would transport the explosive device away from this populated area to try to do something with it.

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: If you are outside the metro area- you’d have to be well outside the metro area if you did not feel the blast that occurred.

LEA: This was just a few moments ago.

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: This was just a few moment ago. People running north, away from the Federal Building. You see them-

2nd NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: -several local radio stations were located in that. They were told to get out of that building because there was obviously some concern related to this explosion that happened about a minute and 25 minutes [sic] ago. So, the second building is located about five miles away from that downtown area. So, there again, a concern that there could be more explosions.

LEA: And something else that happened that we also want to tell parents- parents who have children who are in the day care center that is housed in the Federal Building- there is a day care center there and we know that two children reportedly were injured. There were two children that were reportedly injured from that day care center. And the rest of the children- if you’re a parent to one of- to one of the children or some of the children who were in that day care center in the Federal Building, you can pick up those children at Sixth and Lincoln at the Red Cross Center, or some of the children have been taken to the downtown YMCA. That is around, I believe Fifth and Robinson-

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: Fifth and Robinson down there-

LEA: – to the downtown YMCA, just east of the building in the grassy area. Right now, we have Susanne Sealy [sp] who is downtown. Susanne, can you tell us anything new?

SUSANNE SEALY, Correspondent: Yes, LEA [sp], I can. The Oklahoma City police and the FBI have confirmed there is another bomb in the Federal Building. It’s in the east side of the building. They’ve moved everybody back several blocks. They’re trying to- obviously to- to- to unplug it so it won’t go off. They’re moving everybody back several blocks. It- it’s a weird scene because at first everybody was running when they gave the word to get everybody back from the scene, but now people are just standing around, kind of staring. It’s a very surreal, very strange scene. Now, we want to get some information out to people that if people are in the downtown area and they can hear me, you don’t want to stand on the sidewalk. And the reason for that is there are gas mains underneath and they’re worried if there’s a second explosion that those gas mains could blow. But again, we do have there is a in the building. We know it’s on the east side. We’re not sure what floor, what level, but there is definitely danger of a major second explosion. They’re warning everybody to get as far back as they can because this is something that they are- they’re trying to get the- the bomb defused right now. They’re in the process of doing it, but this could take some time. They’re telling people that this is something to take very seriously. Do not try and slip forward to get a- get a look at this because this thing could definitely go off. Lea-

1st NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: All right. Again, we’re broadcasting live, giving you up to date information about the explosion in downtown Oklahoma City that occurred approximately an hour and 40 minutes ago and there is concern of another ex-

KELLY: Non-CNN Correspondent: -information we are getting back here at the station, folks, is coming to us piecemeal. People are still coming out of the building. Some of them are injured; some of them are in shock. There’s a day car center, we are told, on the second floor of this building.

3rd NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: -and it’s on this side, if my memory serves me correctly, Kelly [sp]. It’s on the side where the glass-

KELLY: We are told that there were as many as 30 children there, and a report now that six of the kids were killed in this explosion at 9:00 this morning. Again, six of the children that were in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building this morning at 9:00 when a massive explosion ripped through it- at least six children are killed, we are being told right now. There is a day care center in the building and one eye witness said that day care center would have been devastated by this- this blast.

3rd NON-CNN CORRESPONDENT: Among the hardest hit, perhaps, in the- in the building. This day care center has been there about- oh, gosh, five or six years. Very proudly opened. The employees were very happy about having their kids on site there, where they could feel more comfortable about where they were. Went up there for the opening of it, shot video of the kids some years ago. And they were very happy about having this on-site day care center. But that has become a tragic thing today with apparently a confirmed report now of six children.

KELLY: Tammy [sp], what do you have?

TAMMY, Non-CNN Correspondent: Incredible news. A real shame. Children were in this building. If you have friends- actually, let’s make that loved ones because emergency calls are just tying everything up, here’s a number we want to pass along to you- you can call for loved ones. The number is 820-6801 and they’ve set up a number of lines. What that means is they are 6801, 6802, 6803 through 6806. These are the numbers you can call if you have loved ones downtown. As we look at a live picture, another victim being treated by emergency officials. But if you do have a loved one, please don’t go downtown. There have been- there are survivors from that building and we’re going to pass along to you any names we can get as soon as we do.

KELLEY: That’s a very important point to make, Tammy. We have heard of people making it out of that building, so obviously, certainly not everyone in that building seriously injured or killed. And- but we do have word of several fatalities and now word of six children being killed. I believe this is the area of Robert S. Kerr [sp] and Harvey- an area where they have set up a triage. You can see- EMSA has told us they’ve never seen anything like this. They have set up a triage area where they are sorting out the patients- those who are the most critical- those whose treatment can wait so that the others can be treated first. That’s the area in downtown Oklahoma City. All of downtown Oklahoma City is being evacuated. We’re also told, Jennifer, that the governor will be making a statement soon about this.

JENNIFER, Non-CNN Correspondent: Right now, Robin North [sp] is on the scene there at the triage center where they have just evacuated all these patients away from the building. Robin-

ROBIN NORTH, Non-CNN Correspondent: Jennifer and Kelly, yes, I can hear you. They’re bringing gurneys out here right now, lifting this one woman up. We are a block from where the blast occurred and they are just treating people on the side of the road, about a block away from the Federal Building. I was just talking to this man right here named Ron. Ron- will you come over here? Ron, you were at the YMCA when the blast happened. Tell me what you felt and what you did.

RON, Witness to Explosion: Well, I just- I was sleeping and all of a sudden, I just heard a blast and there was glass and my TV was on top of me and, you know, that was it. It was just- it happened so fast. It happened just like that, within a matter of seconds. And that was it.

ROBIN NORTH: We’re glad you’re all right. They’re ordering us back. I want to tell you one thing. This man without the shirt on. He took his shirt off to give to this woman that they’re passing by me right at this moment. People here acting out of kindness, to help in any way possible. And once again, still treating some other people here, medical officials are. One block- we are one block east from where the blast occurred. Guys-

JENNIFER: -a few minutes ago when we saw them carrying what we weren’t sure at that time was perhaps more victims, people that had been evacuated. They were moving the triage area away from-

DONNA KELLEY, Anchor: Latest report we had there from KWTV, our affiliate, that six children have been killed in this explosion at the Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City and that the FBI is saying that they have found a second explosive device in that building on the east side. We’ll keep you posted, come back with more of our live coverage right after this.

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The Illegal destruction of the crime scene evidence by demolition of the site, and the statements by retired U.S. Army Captain and Nebraska legislator John Decamp:


In his book The Franklin Cover-Up, Decamp states:


“Our investigation revealed that the so-called fertilizer bomb could not, by itself, have caused the destruction of the Federal Building, and in the manner described….

Highly qualified military personnel have observed, that if the explosion were to have been the result of only the fertilizer bomb, then a degree of expertise would have been required for its construction and placement, far beyond the capabilities of either McVeigh or Nichols.  Such a fertilizer bomb would have to be a precisely constructed “shape charge,” all of whose force would have to be directed at the building’s supports, and at precisely the right angle.


In the investigation, I retained the most respected (and expensive) bomb experts in the world, John A. Kennedy and Associates, Inc., out of Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  

I prepared documents to go to court to force the govern­ment to keep the Federal Building standing long enough for experts to examine the building, the soil, and environs, to establish what caused the destruction, in particular what type of explosive was used.

Only hours before I was to file the legal papers for a civil action to keep the building standing, I was contacted by Timothy McVeigh’s attorneys, who presented me with two major requests.

First, they asked that I allow them to file the motions to keep the building standing so that the investigation could be conducted. They had cogent legal arguments for this request: because McVeigh was/is under federal criminal charges, he had the definite legal right to keep the building standing under federal rules of evidence which grant criminal defendants the right to preserve evidence that would significantly impact their defense. It was clear that if McVeigh’s attorneys believed, or even suspected government cover-up, they would definitely want the building examined.

Their second request was that I release from retainer the bomb investigation team I had assembled-John A. Kennedy and Associates-which, they claimed, they wanted to hire.

I granted these requests to Mcveigh’s attorneys.

A few hours later, I watched in horror as CNN and all the national news channels reported that McVeigh’s attorneys had no intent to file any motions to keep the Federal Building standing. They had “just reached agreement with the government,”  the reporters explained, to permit the building to be destroyed almost immediately.  


Angry beyond belief, I called McVeigh’s attorney and asked what they were doing. Since this all occurred on a weekend, I could take no legal action to stop the building’s destruction. Mcveigh’s attorney told me, “Oh yes, we are going to allow the building to be destroyed.” “Why?” I demanded. “Because we could not afford to pay the retainer fee that the Kennedy and Associates firm wanted,”

…”For God’s sake!” I screamed at him. “I will raise the money! I will pay the fee! There is too much at stake for America. How,” I demanded, “can McVeigh go along with wanting that building destroyed, when that building is the one thing that can tell America the story of what really happened? I will get you the money, somehow, but don’t refuse to keep the building up for that reason!”

My protests were futile. Within hours of my call, by mutual agreement between McVeigh’s attorneys and the government prosecutors, the building was destroyed, and any evidence was destroyed with it.




The statement of retired Air Force Brigadier General Benton K. Partin:


“The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. The major factor in its destruction appears to have been detonation of explosives carefully placed at four critical junctures on supporting columns within the building.”




Cody Snodgres, who had done a variety of contract work for the CIA, later comes forward and confirms that Mcveigh’s story about being “the designated patsy” in a much large operation.

He reveals he was first given the task by the CIA to blow up the building and offered $1 million but he refused. Interviews with Snodgres have been aggressively purged from Google search results, and his videos removed from Youtube, but can still be found online.